DKS Chain Stop User manual

DKS  Chain Stop User manual
Chain and Gate Connection Accessory Kit
DoorKing Part Numbers
2600-849, 2600-852
20 ft. #41 Chain
20 ft. #40 Chain
Accessories to connect a slide gate operator to a sliding gate with #40 or #41 chain.
Kit Includes:
1. 20 ft. of chain with (2) master links.
2. (2) Chain stop assemblies.
3. (2) Chain brackets with chain connectors.
Chain stop
at end of gate.
Slides into grove.
Rubber bumper faces towards gate operator.
Master Link
Slides around chain.
Fits between chain links.
Rubber Bumper
Chain stop installed
at opposite end.
Chain Bracket Nut
Adjust the chain by tightening the chain bracket nuts. The chain
should sag no more than one (1) inch per 10 feet of chain travel.
Do not over tighten the chain.
To order extra chain:
10 ft. #41 chain. - P/N 2600-443
10 ft. #40 chain. - P/N 2600-444
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