PAC VS41 Intelligent 4-Camera Switcher Instructions

PAC VS41 Intelligent 4-Camera Switcher Instructions
Vehicle Specific Instructions for select
2016-2017 Nissan Titan
Introduction & Features
The VS41 in an intelligent 4 camera switcher for controlling front, rear, and blind spot cameras. In this application, it is
designed to be used with Best Kits harness BHA7552.
Important Notes
1. These instructions are specifically for adding reverse, blind spot, and front cameras (or any combination of the three) to an
aftermarket radio in the following vehicles:
• 2016-2017 Nissan Titan
2. The VS41 video output will always default to the signal from Input 1 when none of the input triggers are activated. This
Input is ideal for connecting the rear (reverse) camera.
3. The VS41 inputs have priority in descending numerical order. For example: If you have Input 3 or 4 triggered, then you
trigger a lower number input (for example Input 2), Input 2 will take priority over the higher numbered Input.
4. The input triggers can accept either a pulsed or constant input, making them ideal for connecting to a turn signal as a
5. The reverse trigger output will provide a 150 mA 12v (+) trigger while any of the input triggers are activated.
6. Upon deactivation of the last positive or negative trigger, the last video input source and the reverse trigger output will
remain active for an additional 3 seconds. (Not applicable when used with a BCI-, RP4.2-, or RP5.2- interface).
7. If there is poor video quality after installation of this module, please ensure quality connections on any RCA connections.
8. The positive input triggers accept input voltages in the range of 2v to 12v.
Wiring Connection Chart
Video Output
Video 1 Input - Reverse Camera
Any wire present on the VS41 that is not
mentioned here WILL NOT be used in this
Video 2 Input - Front Camera
Video 3 Input - Left Blind Spot
Video 4 Input - Right Blind Spot
Input 1 trigger (+)
Gray / Black
Input 2 trigger (-)
Input 3 trigger (+)
Input 4 trigger (+)
Purple / White
Reverse trigger output (+)
Accessory 12v (+)
Ground (-)
VS41 Wire
Gray / Black
Reverse Trigger Input (+) - Connect to the *Green / White wire in the passenger kick panel. White 100-pin plug, Pin 15
Front Camera Trigger (-) - If you are installing a front camera, hook this wire to a 12v (-) trigger through a toggle switch.
Left Blind Spot Trigger Input (+) - *Green / Black wire at BCM to the right of the steering column. Black 24-pin plug, Pin 13.
Right Blind Spot Trigger Input (+) - *Green / Yellow wire at BCM to the right of the steering column. Black 24-pin plug, Pin 1.
Purple / White Reverse Trigger Output (+) - Connect this wire to the aftermarket radio's reverse trigger input.
Accessory 12v (+) - Connect to the Red accessory output provided by the BHA7552. If you are not using the BHA7552, you must
find a 12v (+) accessory wire that turns on / off with the key.
*Please verify all signals with a multi-meter before connecting the VS41
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