PAC VS41 Intelligent 4-Camera Switcher Tech Brief

PAC VS41 Intelligent 4-Camera Switcher Tech Brief
Technical Bulletin
False Triggering of
Blind Spot Cameras
When engaging the brakes or turning on the parking lights, the VS41 falsely triggers the blind spot cameras.
Wire a resistor with a value between 40k Ω - 60k Ω in series with the analog trigger wire corresponding with the camera having
the false trigger issue. This should be inputs 3 and / or 4 as these are the designated blind spot camera inputs. Follow the wiring
diagram below to correct the issue.
Important Notes:
This only applies to V7 or lower hardware. If you have V8 hardware this problem should not be present as this resistance has
been added to the circuit internally.
Resistors only need to be added to the wires that are being triggered.
40k Ω - 60k Ω Resistor
Input 3 trigger (+)
Green / Black
Input 3 trigger (-)
Input 4 trigger (+)
Purple / Black
Input 4 trigger (-)
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