PAC CAM-NI1 Reverse Camera Harness Instruction Manual

PAC CAM-NI1 Reverse Camera Harness Instruction Manual
Reverse Camera T-Harness
for Select Nissan Vehicles
Introduction & Features
The CAM-NI1 is a reverse camera T-harness that gives the ability to add a reverse camera input for compatible Nissan
radios. Simple plug and play installation.
Adding a reverse camera to an OEM radio:
1. Disassemble dash and remove the radio.
2. Disconnect the 32 pin connector from the back of the factory radio (if equipped) and install the T-harness.
3. Connect the RCA from the aftermarket camera to the female RCA located in the T-harness
3. The OEM radio, when connected to this harness, may provide a +6v power output on the Yellow wire if needed. Most
aftermarket cameras require +12v for power, if your camera requires +12v then you will need to find a reliable source of
+12 volt ACC power. If not being used please insulate the Yellow wire.
4. To function properly the camera must have power before the vehicle is placed into reverse, so using the reverse lamp as a
power source is not recommended for proper functionality.
5. It may be necessary to provide a reverse trigger to the radio. Normally a reverse trigger is provided by the vehicle
manufacturer, as long as the camera has power when the vehicle is placed into reverse, the radio should automatically switch
to the reverse camera. In the event that the radio does not automatically switch to the reverse camera a +12v reverse signal
will need to be added to Pin 30 of the 32 pin connector. To do this, cut the Green / Purple wire in pin 30 in half and apply the
+12v reverse signal to the radio side of the cut wire. See Fig 1 and Fig 2.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
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