Nakamichi NSC 694 User manual

Nakamichi NSC 694 User manual
Dimensions (Unit: mm)
NSC 694
★ Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Thank you for purchasing the
coaxial speakers. For the secure
installation and perfect operation
of your speaker, please read and
understand all instructions before
you use the apparatus.
Product information
NSC 694
Speaker type:
6x9''(163x236mm) 4-way
Mounting depth:
N-Power (Watts):
65 watts
Peak power (Watts):
520 watts
Sensitivity (dB/W/m):
88±3 dB
Frequency response (Hz):
70 Hz- 20k Hz
Impedance (ohms):
4 ohms
Voice coil:
ASV 25.5mm
Magnet mass (Oz):
17.7 Oz (502g)
Net mass (kg):
Approx. 2.58 kg
Box dimensions (mm):
346x279x112 mm (W/D/H)
Gross weight (kg):
Approx. 3.0 kg
7. Strip the speaker wires and connect them to the amplifier.
Read and understand all instructions before you use the apparatus. If damage is caused by failure to follow
instructions, the warranty does not apply.
Use only the supplied mounting hardware for a safe and secure installation.
Do not continuously use the speaker system beyond the peak power handling capacity.
Keep credit cards, watches, recorded tapes etc. with magnetic coding away from the speaker system to
prevent damage caused by the magnets in the speakers.
Clean the apparatus with soft, damp cloth. Never use substances such as alcohol, chemicals or household
cleaners on the apparatus.
★ Consult the diagram below. Be sure to connect corresponding terminals, i.e. ''+'' to ''+'' and ''-'' to ''-''. Connection
with reversed polarity will degrade the quality of production.
★ Connect the provided speaker cord to the speaker terminal while holding the lower portion of the speaker terminal.
Not included
Not included
What’s in the box
Check and identify the contents of your package:
1. Speakers(x2pcs); 2. Grille net + Frame(x2pcs); 3. Installation manual(x1pc); 4. Screw Ø4×25(x8pcs);
5. Shrapnel(x8pcs); 6. Positive Terminal 205 (with cover) & Negative Terminal 110 (with cover)(x2pcs).
8. Mount on the speaker as shown below.
Option 1: Mount on door (front or rear)
You can mount the speakers on the front/rear door of your car.
★ Make sure that nothing obstructs around the mounting location of the door.
★ A hole for mounting may already be cut out of the inner panel of the door(front or rear). In this care, you need to
modify the board only.
★ Ensure that the speaker terminals, frame or magnet do not interfere with any inner parts, such as the window), etc.
Also ensure that the speaker grille does not touch any inner fittings, such as the window cranks, door handles, arm
rests etc.
1. Turn off the car ignition key.
★ If the power is on, the click noise generated by the connection may damage the speakers.
Cut out the mounting template from the packing box.
Paste the template on the location selected for mounting the speaker.
Mark the cut-off hole and the 4 bolt holes. (Fig.1)
Cut out the marked area and drill the bolt holes. (Fig.2)
Remove the grille net. (Fig.3)
9. Press and insert the edges of the grille net.
★ The speaker grille can be mounted without the grille net, if you like.
Option 2: Mount on rear tray
You can also mount the speakers into the surface of the rear tray.
Follow the steps in section “Option 1: Mount on door” to mount the speakers into the rear tray.
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