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Control4 Lighting Guide
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Lighting Guide
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Activating a lighting scene . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
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Note: The information in this guide applies to the latest Control4
system capabilities. Features can vary between customized
installations and Control4 software releases, so contact your
dealer with any questions about available features.
Lighting menu overview
Available settings in this menu depend on the lighting fixures and
settings in your system.
Displays lighting settings
in the selected room,
floor, or all rooms
Displays only
lighting fixtures in
the selected area
Displays only
lighting scenes in
the selected area
Displays all
lighting settings in
the selected area
Dimmable fixtures
Tap the brightness level
you want.
Non-dimmable fixtures
Tap to turn on or off.
Using the Lighting menu
The Lighting menu lets you adjust the lighting in your home. You can view the
lights in all rooms and on all floors without changing the room displayed on
your Navigator. You can also create, edit, and turn on lighting scenes.
1 From the Control4 home page, select Lighting.
2 To change the room being controlled (and the lights that are visible in the
menu), select Room, then select the room you want to control. To view all
lights in the house, select Room, then select All Rooms.
3 To view a light’s status, select Lights at the top. All controllable lights in
the room are displayed.
4 To turn a light on or off, tap the OFF/ON button for a switched light, or
tap and drag the dimmer bar for dimmed lights.
The Lighting menu opens.
5 To turn a lighting scene on or off, Select Scenes at the top to view all
lighting scenes in the selected room, then select the lighting scene to
toggle it on or off.
6 To view all lights and lighting scenes in the selected room, select All at
the top. All controllable lights and lighting scenes are displayed.
Using lighting scenes
Lighting scenes combine lights and their settings so you can easily recall them
later. Use a touch screen or the Control4 app on your computer to create, edit,
and turn on lighting scenes you or your installer created. You can also create
lighting scenes in Composer HE (sold separately).
Activating a lighting scene
1 In the Lighting menu, select Scenes.
2 Select the pencil icon
in the upper-right corner to open Edit mode.
To use lighting scenes, the Lighting Scenes agent must be included in your
home automation project. Ask your installer for details.
Turning on a lighting scene
1 In the Lighting menu, select Scenes. A list of lighting scenes is displayed (if
scenes have been created).
3 Press the + button.
4 Select the rooms to add to the scene, then select Next.
5 Select the lights to add to the scene, then select Next.
6 Change the light level or on/off status for each light, or select Learn to
learn the current light levels.
7 To test the scene’s light settings, select Preview.
2 Select the scene you want to activate.
8 When the light settings look just right, select Next.
9 Use the keyboard to name the new scene, then select Next.
10 Select the rooms that will display this scene in their respective Lighting
menus, then select Save.
Editing a lighting scene
1 On the Lighting screen, select Scenes.
2 Select the pencil icon
in the upper-right corner to open Edit mode.
3 Select the scene to edit, then select Edit.
4 Go to each light and change the light level, or select Learn for the system
to learn the current light levels.
5 Select Next or Add Lights to add or remove lights in other rooms.
6 Select Next or Save.
Using switches, dimmers, and keypads
Use basic controls like switches and dimmers to control lighting, or try out
programmed keypads to control lighting, sound, video, and more. However,
even something as basic as a light switch can be programmed to do multiple
things and run automated tasks. Ask your installer to show you how to use
your system.
You can customize Control4 lighting and keypads for countless scenarios and
navigation. Lighting scenes, for example, are a popular way to use keypads.
Just assign a lighting scene to a button. Your dealer can help you create
lighting scenes, you can create them yourself by using Composer HE, or you
can create your own scenes on a touch screen or with the on-screen Navigator.
You can also use switches, dimmers, and keypads to control lights and lighting
scenes. Wireless switches and dimmers can control the light load directly, just
like a standard light switch or dimmer. But the buttons on all Control4 switches,
dimmers, and keypads can also be programmed to control any combination of
lights, audio/video devices, blinds, gates, and security settings.
For example, you can press a single button to:
• Turn off all lights in the house and lock all doors at bedtime.
• Slowly ramp up the hallway light dimmer in the morning, open the blinds,
and turn the TV on to the news.
• Turn on all lights in the kitchen and tune the radio to your favorite station
while you prepare dinner.
Keypad buttons can even be engraved with their functions, to make it easy to
remember button assignments.
Keypad button programming is usually completed by your installer before
you begin using the system. After you’ve used the system for a while, you
can discuss your changing needs with your installer for new lighting scenes,
programs, and equipment upgrades.
Use the devices
Your installer has already set up your system hardware and programmed
automated tasks, so you can jump in right away and use basic controls like
switches and dimmers to turn on lights.
Use a switch
1 To use a switch to control a light, press and release the top of the switch
for “on,” and press the bottom for “off.” It’s as simple as that.
Use a dimmer
1 To use a dimmer, press and hold the top of the dimmer to slowly brighten
the light, and press and hold the bottom to slowly dim it. That’s all there is
to it!
2 You can also use it like an on/off switch, if you’d like. Press and release the
top of the dimmer to ramp the light up to full brightness. Press and release
the bottom to ramp the light down until it’s off. While the light is dimming,
press the dimmer at any time to stop it at that point. (The dimming rates
and “off” thresholds can be adjusted by your installer.)
Use a keypad
1 To use a keypad, either press and release the button, or press and hold it
(depending on the button’s programming).
Buttons can be associated with a light or lighting scene, audio and video,
climate controls, and more. Ask your dealer for details on your keypad’s
programming. (Engraved labels on keypad buttons may also help.)
Tip: A light switch, dimmer, or keypad can be programmed to
simultaneously turn on the light, bring the room to a comfortable
temperature, and play your favorite music.
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