Wahl 79305-3517 Clipper & Trimmer Complete Grooming Set Instructions

Wahl 79305-3517 Clipper & Trimmer Complete Grooming Set Instructions
Hair Clipper (mains)
Hair clipper (mains)
Hair clipper (mains)
Please read all instructions carefully to familiarise yourself
with your new Wahl Clipper before using.
Save these instructions for further reference.
For any further assistance or information call Customer Services on
T: 01227 740066
or visit
W: www.wahl.co.uk
E: [email protected]
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Hair clipper (mains)
Information about using the operation manual
using the appliance for the first time,
you must read and understand the operation
manual completely.
►►Consider the operation manual as part of the
product and store it in a safe and accessible
►►Include this operation manual if passing the
appliance on to a third party.
►►In the case of conflicts with national safety
specifications or instructions, the national
requirements must be followed.
Explanation of symbols and notes
Danger of electric shock which may result in serious physical injury or death.
Danger of explosion which may result in serious physical injury or death.
Warning of possible physical injury or a health risk.
Information about danger of material damage.
Note with useful information and tips.
Action to be taken by owner.
Carry out these actions in the sequence described.
Hair clipper (mains)
Please retain this leaflet for future reference.
When using this electrical appliance, especially when
children are present, basic safety precautions should
always be observed including the following.
►► This
appliance can be used by children from
aged 14 years and above and persons with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
or lack of experience and knowledge, if they
have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance in a safe way
and understand the hazards involved. Children
shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and
user maintenance shall not be made by children
without supervision.
►►Use this appliance only for its intended purpose.
Hair clipper (mains)
Danger: Electric shock due to
damage to appliance
►►Do not operate the appliance with a broken
cord, plug or charger, or if the appliance
malfunctions, or is dropped or damaged in
►►Any servicing or repair must be performed by
an authorised service representative.
►►The use of attachments that are not supplied
by the manufacturer may cause fire, electric
shock or injury and damage to the appliance.
Danger: Electric shock due to
penetration of liquid.
►►To protect against risk of electrical shock,
never immerse the unit or let it come into
contact with water or any other liquids. Do not
use the unit with wet hands. If the appliance
should become wet, damp or fall in water,
remove plug from mains socket immediately.
Do not put your hands in the water. Do not
take into bathroom.
Danger of explosion
►►Never use the appliance where aerosol (spray)
products are being used or where oxygen is
Hair clipper (mains)
Warning: Injuries due to incorrect
►►Switch off the appliance and unplug from outlet
when not in use, before putting on or taking
off attachments and also before cleaning the
►►Never use your appliance without paying
attention! Unplug this appliance from the
electricity outlet immediately after using.
Caution: Danger of product damage
►►Do not wrap the cord around the appliance.
►►Do not use outdoors or in damp areas.
►►Never carry the unit by its power cord.
►►Do not drop or insert any object into any opening.
►►The A-weighted sound pressure level is below 70dB.
►►The vibration level is below 2,5m/s²
Caution: Injuries due to incorrect
►►Do not use this appliance with damaged or broken
comb or blade set as injury may occur.
Hair clipper (mains)
Before use
Keep the packaging material for safe storage or transport later.
ff Check that the contents are complete.
ff Check all the parts for possible transport damage.
Handle with care! Damage due to incorrect power supply.
ff Only operate the appliance with an alternating current and with
the voltage stated on the nameplate.
Mains operation
1. Oil the blade set.
2. Insert the appliance plug into the mains socket.
3. Switch on the appliance using the on/off switch and, after use, switch it
off again.
Before you cut hair
1. Your clipper should be clean, oiled and in perfect working
2. Place a towel or cape around the neck to cover clothing.
3. Position the person whose hair is to be cut on stool or chair,
or so the top of the head is about even with your eye level.
4. After combing the hair to remove all tangles, hold the clipper
in a relaxed, comfortable grip, with the name plate under the
palm near your index finger. The grip will help you maintain
comfortable, accurate cutting control.
NOTE: To attach guide combs, hold comb with the teeth
up. Snap guide comb attachment firmly to the bottom of the
clipper blade.
Hair clipper (mains)
For Medium to long cuts
The first time you cut the hair, cut only a small amount until you
have become accustomed to how long each guide comb leaves
the hair. Always start by placing the largest guide comb on the
clipper and then use the shorter combs if a shorter length is
Remember, between professional haircuts, the hair grows evenly
all over the head and a light trimming at the lower neck and sides
may be all that is needed to bring back that neat, well groomed
For uniform cutting, allow the clipper to cut its way through the
hair. Do not force it through at a faster rate.
1. Start by combing through the hair so it falls into its natural
2. Place the largest guide comb onto your clipper and start by
trimming the sides from the bottom upwards. Hold the clipper
lightly against the hair, with the teeth of the guide comb
pointing up flat against the head. Slowly lift the clipper up
and outward through the hair, cutting only a small amount at
a time. Repeat around sides and back of head.
If you desire shorter hair, either change to a shorter guide comb,
or apply more pressure and less lift away from head with the
present attachment.
This whole procedure requires practice, and it is always better to
leave too much hair for the first few haircuts.
For Longer hair On top
By not using a guide comb, a longer cut can be achieved. Use
either a barber or regular comb and lift the hair on top of the
head, cutting over the comb, or grasp the hair
between the fingers and cut to desired length. Continue this
procedure from the front to the back of the head, gradually
cutting the hair shorter by reducing the space between the comb
or the fingers and the head. Comb frequently to remove trimmed
hair and check for uneven strands.
Hair clipper (mains)
Tapering around ears
Using left and right ear guide combs. By following the outline of
the ear with the appropriate comb you achieve a gradual taper
and blending without having to use multiple combs.
To taper the area bordering the left ear
Attach the left ear taper comb to your clipper and stand facing
the left ear. While holding the clipper at a slight angle against
the head, position the guide comb just back of the left ear at
the hairline. Then move the clipper in a small half circle pattern
around the left ear toward the front of the head. Depending on
the length of hair you are working with you may need to take
several small strokes as you proceed around the ear. When
doing so, slowly move the clipper upward and outward being
mindful of the ear. This will allow you to guide hair into the comb
towards the clipper blades.
NOTE: You may also achieve a tapering of sideburns by
including the side burn area as you begin to move the clipper
around the ear.
To taper the area bordering the right ear
Attach the right ear guide comb to your clipper. Stand facing the
right ear and repeat the process described above for the left ear.
Finish by outlining the area around the ear as described in the
following section.
No attachments are needed; push the taper lever up to close cut
position. Comb hair into desired style. Starting between the ear
and the sideburns, hold the clipper with the corner edge of the
blade against the hairline. Slowly follow the desired outline of the
hair over, around and behind the ears. For defining the sideburns
and the back of the neck, hold the clipper upside down, against
the skin at the desired length and move down
Comb hair and check that sides are even. Check for uneven
spots throughout the haircut.
Hair clipper (mains)
Crew cuts and short cuts
Starting with the longest guide comb, cut from the back of the
neck to the crown. Hold the guide comb flat against the head and
slowly move the clipper through the hair.
Use the same procedure from the lower side to the upper side
of the head. Then cut the hair against the direction in which it
grows, from the front to the crown.
To give a flat top look, the hair on the top of the head must be
over the top of a flat comb, rather than using the guide comb.
Use closer cutting guide combs to taper the hair down the
neckline, as desired. Comb hair and check for uneven spots.
Outline sideburns and neckline as previously described.
Taper lever (Not included in all Wahl kits)
The taper lever adds versatility to your clipper by allowing you
to gradually change the closeness of your cut without a guide
comb. When the lever is in the uppermost position, the blades
will give you closest cut and leave the hair very short. Pushing
the lever downward gradually increases the cutting length. In its
lowest position, the taper lever will leave the hair approximately
the same length as the 1/8” comb.
The taper lever will also extend the use of your blades since
a different cutting edge is used in each setting. In addition, if
extremely heavy haircutting has jammed the blades, it will help
you remove hair that has become wedged between two blades
without removing the blades.
While the clipper is running, rapidly move the lever from close
cut to longer cut a couple of times. Doing this each time you’ve
finished using your clipper will help keep the blades clear of cut
hair. If your clipper stops cutting and this does not help, your
cutting blades may be dull, either replace them or return to Wahl
for sharpening.
Using Your Trimmer (Not included in all Wahl kits)
Trimming And Edging Your Beard
The following are suggested trimming steps and trimmer
positions. You may find different procedures work better for you.
Hair clipper (mains)
Comb your beard in the direction that it grows to help
reveal stray hairs that may be longer than others.
Attach the 5 position trimming guide to trim and taper
your beard. With the blades pointing toward you, begin
with the trimming guide attachment set at a long trimming
length. For best results, start at each side burn and stroke
down towards the neck. Trim toward your chin in smooth,
overlapping strokes, following the lay of your beard. If you
trim against the way your beard naturally lays, the trimmer
will cut the hair much shorter and the result may be
patchy. Adjust the trimming guide to progressively shorter
settings until you reach the desired length of beard. You
may wish to set the trimming guide attachment to cut
closer near the ear and down under the chin, changing
to a longer setting toward the front of the face and point
of your chin. When the trimming guide is removed, it will
remain at its last length setting until you change it. Always
ensure the trimming guide is snapped solidly into the
desired position before you start to trim.
Remove the trimming guide and cut the outline of your
beard. Rotate the trimmer so that the blades are pointing
toward you. Starting under your chin and working back
toward your jawbone and ears, cut the outer perimeter of
your beard underneath the jawbone. Continue the line all
the way up to the ears and hairline.
Accentuate your beard line by using the trimmer in a
downward motion. Start at the line you have created and
work from the chin back towards the ears, trim the area
right under your beard line.
Define the upper part of your beard using the same
Trimming Your Moustache
1. Comb your moustache.
2. Hold the trimmer in a vertical position with the blade
pointing toward you in order to define the line of your
3. With the attachment set at a fairly long trimming length,
Hair clipper (mains)
begin trimming your moustache, starting at the top and
working down to your upper lip. Use progressively closer
settings to get the look and length you desire.
For the tapering of the moustache, set the 5 position
trimming guide at a medium length. Starting at the middle
of your moustache, follow the lip line and taper
with short upward strokes of the trimmer, working out
toward the corners until a gentle shape is created on the
bottom of your moustache.
As a finishing tip remove the trimming guide and using
only the bare blades make a definitive line at the bottom of
your moustache.
Battery Installation - Trimmer
1. Remove battery cover from trimmer by pushing in and
back on the plastic door in the direction of the arrow.
2. Important: Be sure to insert the negative (-) end of each
battery first, so that it depresses the spring at the bottom
of the battery compartment. Then slide the positive (+) end
into position. Do not allow the negative terminal clips to
bend and cut the casing of the batteries.
3. Replace battery cover to its original position.
4. Move switch to ON position to use.
Using Your Nasal Trimmer (Not Included in all Wahl kits)
1. Before trimming remove the protective cap and turn on the
trimmer by pushing the switch up.
2. To trim hair from nose – make sure the nasal passages
are clean. Slowly move the rotary head in and out of each
nostril, no more than ¼ inch deep. Keep the side of the
cutting head firmly against the skin to prevent a tickling
3. To trim hair from ears – make sure the outer areas of the
ears do not contain any wax. Hold the ear flat with one
hand and carefully insert rotary head no more than ¼ inch
into the outer ear. Caution: Do not insert the rotary head or
any other foreign object into the inner ear. For hair growing
on the outside of the ear, simply move the rotary head
slowly along the edges of the ear.
Hair clipper (mains)
Your Wahl Clipper and Trimmer Blades were oiled and aligned
before leaving our factory; however it is possible for the blades to
get bumped out of alignment. Blades must be re-aligned if they
have been removed for cleaning or replacement. To determine if
realignment is necessary, compare your clipper blades with this
End of top blade teeth should be .025” to .050” (0.64mm to
1.27mm) back from bottom blade. This is important so that
the clipper does not cut too close or allow the moving cutter
to touch the skin.
2. Extreme left hand tooth of top blade must be covering or to
the left of the first small tooth of the bottom blade.
3. Extreme right hand tooth of top blade must be touching the
big tooth on the bottom blade.
If blade alignment is incorrect, add a few drops of oil to the
blades, turn clipper on for a few moments, turn off and unplug.
Loosen screws slightly and adjust.
Tighten screws after blade is aligned.
Periodically after use, turn the trimmer off and rinse the cutting
head under warm, running water. For more thorough cleaning,
remove the attached cutting head by turning it slightly counter
clockwise. Then rinse the entire head under running water. After
cleaning, replace desired head by turning it slightly clockwise
and wipe the entire trimmer dry with a soft cloth. Always replace
the protective cap after use.
Hair clipper (mains)
The blades of your new clipper should be oiled after every
haircut. Simply place a few drops of Wahl Oil on the blades at
points A and B. Switch the trimmer on briefly (approx 10
seconds) to ensure the oil film is evenly distributed. Use only
the Wahl Oil included in the pack. Due to the high speed of your
Wahl Clipper, the correct type of oil must be used. Do not use
hair oil, grease or any oil mixed
with kerosene or any solvent, as
the solvent will evaporate and
leave the thick oil, slowing down
the blades. Wahl Oil is a very thin,
natural oil which will not evaporate
and will not slow down the blades.
Note: Do not over oil! Excessive oiling or application of
liquids will cause damage if allowed to seep back into the
Power screw (not found on all models of Wahl clippers)
Your clipper has a power screw; it
has been adjusted for peak efficiency
before leaving the factory. However,
if voltage in your home is low, you
may need to readjust it.
To adjust power, use the plastic
brush, screwdriver or a thin coin to
turn the power screw in a clockwise
direction until the arm strikes the coil
making a noise. Then slowly turn the
power screw out (counter clockwise), just until noise stops. Then
about a quarter turn more, this is the maximum power setting.
Hair clipper (mains)
Blade set is cutting badly.
Blade set is pulling hair out.
Blade set is dirty.
Blade set is worn out
Clean and oil the blade set
Replace the blade set
Skin injury
Too much pressure on the skin
Cutting angle is too high
Gap between the front edge of the
bottom blade and the front edge
of the top blade is not correctly
Less pressure on the skin
Hold appliance more flatly to the
Align the bottom blade
Appliance is not working
Defective power supply
Make sure that contact between
the appliance plug and the socket
is faultless. Check the mains cable
for possible damage.
Check the power supply
Clipper is making a loud noise
Power screw adjustment may be
Make sure the power screw is
adjusted correctly. (Refer to page
12 for instructions)
Hair clipper (mains)
The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance to the
following code:
Blue Neutral (N)
Brown live (L)
This lead is fitted with a 3 pin plug which has a 3 amp fuse fitted.
If the plug supplied is not suitable for your socket or becomes
damaged, it should be cut off and disposed of, and a suitable plug
fitted as detailed below.
The wire which is coloured BLUE must be connected to the
terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter ‘N’ or coloured
The wire which is coloured BROWN must be connected to the
terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter ‘L’ or coloured
DO NOT connect either wire to the terminal in the plug which is
marked with the letter ‘E’ or has the Earth symbol, or coloured
Handle with care! Environmental damage in the case of
incorrect disposal.
Correct disposal will ensure environmental protection and prevent
any potentially harmful impacts on people and the environment.
Adhere to the relevant legal requirements when disposing of the appliance.
Information on the disposal of electrical and electronic appliances in
the European Community:
Within the European Community, national regulations are
specified for the disposal of electrical appliances, based on
EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive
2002/96/EC (WEEE). In accordance with this, the appliance
can no longer be disposed of with the local or domestic
The appliance will be accepted free of charge by local
collection points or recycling centres.
Hair clipper (mains)
This product is guaranteed against defects in material and
workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of original
purchase or receipt as a gift.
Should this product become defective during the guarantee
period, return it to the store of purchase together with your proof
of purchase for repair or replacement
Alternatively within the guarantee period you can return the
product to Wahl (UK) Ltd who will repair any such defect or elect
to replace the product or any part of it, without charge, provided
that there is proof of purchase. Should a replacement be offered
this will not extend the original guarantee period.
The guarantee becomes invalid in the case of misuse, alteration
or repair by unauthorised persons.
This guarantee does not include blades, cables, shaver heads,
foils and cutters etc., which are consumable parts.
This product is designed for domestic use only and use within a
professional environment will invalidate the guarantee.
This guarantee in no way affects your rights under statutory law in
the United Kingdom.
Hair clipper (mains)
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Rev.2 11-18
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