Midmark 641 Power Procedures Chair Installation guide

Midmark 641 Power Procedures Chair Installation guide
Power Procedures Chair Upholstery Installation
Applies to Models:
641 (all)
Language of origin: English
To install seat / back section upholstery...
A. Raise back section of table to approx. 30°.
B. Position front of seat upholstery against mounting board.
C. Press seat section down firmly, then lay back section
into position and press down firmly.
Raise approx. 30°
To install headrest assembly...
Loosen headrest adjustment knob.
Insert mounting stud into headrest fixture.
Position headrest as desired.
Tighten headrest adjustment knob.
To install foot rest / extension upholstery...
A. Position upholstery section with mounting board.
B. Lay upholstery flat, then press down firmly.
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