Midmark Ultra-series Dental Chairs Installation guide

Midmark Ultra-series Dental Chairs Installation guide
Capacitor Replacement Kit Install [Kit# 002-10356-00]
Special Tools:
Capacitor................. 1
Double-sided Tape.. 1
Use this kit to replace the capacitor on Midmark Ultra-Series Dental Chairs. J-Box component locations vary
depending on model and the options attached.
Remove Existing Capacitor...
Hydraulic Cover
Always disconnect power from the chair
before removing any covers. Failure to do so
may result in personal injury.
A) Rotate chair seat to one side.
B) Remove three screws and the hydraulic cover; locate
the existing capacitor.
Use an insulated handle screwdriver to
jumper across both terminals to discharge
the capacitor before touching it. Failure to do so could
result in an electrical shock.
Kit capacitor
C) Discharge the existing capacitor.
D) Disconnect the two wires from the existing capacitor.
E) Remove existing capacitor (it may be mounted with
a single screw or with double-sided tape).
Install Kit Capacitor...
A) Peel off tape film, rotate the kit capacitor to fit and
press it onto the chair frame near the hydraulic fluid reservoir.
B) Connect the two wires you removed from the existing
capacitor to the kit capacitor terminals. Either wire can be connected to either terminal.
C) Install the hydraulic cover.
D) Reconnect power to the chair.
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Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir
TP200 20-42-FO-00012 Rev A1 C2169
Style G
003-10205-00 Rev. AA1 (7/18)
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