Midmark Gas Supply Systems Installation guide

Midmark Gas Supply Systems Installation guide
Cylinder Mount Manifold
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Manifold Assy.......... 1
Remove all stand components and loose equipment before beginning installation of cylinder mount manifold.
To install (Read before installing)...
Dual Cylinder Mount Manifold
(Reference Only)
1. Place a mark on the post 28 inches up from floor level.
2. Carefully tip stand onto its side. CAUTION: stands with shelves
may weigh as much as 50 pounds, two or more persons may be
needed to tip and lower the stand.
3. Holding onto the post, near the 5-leg base, lift the base off the
floor. While tightly grasping the post slightly twist the base until
it becomes loose. Remove the base.
4. Slide the cylinder mount manifold over the post. Be sure top of
cylinder mount manifold (label side) is facing away from base
end. (Note: the cone point bolt may need to be backed out slightly to
allow the cylinder mount manifold to slide freely over the post).
5. Position the cylinder mount manifold above the mark you placed on
the post in step 1. Align the cylinder mount manifold’s the gauge(s)
face in the desired direction.
6. Using a ¼ inch hex wrench, fully tighten the cone point bolt.
7. Install the 5-leg base.
8. Turn stand upright.
9. Install cylinder(s) onto cylinder mount manifold.
Cone Point Bolt
E-Size Cylinder
5-Leg Base
Note: The five-leg base may have to be turned to allow the cylinder(s) to clear the leg(s).
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