Midmark Stationary Wall Mount Exam Table Installation guide

Midmark Stationary Wall Mount Exam Table Installation guide
Wall Mount Exam Table Setup Manual
Cross braces need to be installed between studs to minimize flexing. Mounting holes for the wall mount exam table
are drilled 16" apart to correspond with standard wall stud placement. If not placing the wall mount table to match up
with existing wall studs, modifications to the wall will be necessary.
1/8" diameter starter holes
for lag bolts (4 places)
Hole placement for the wall mount exam table
measures as shown. Do not pre-drill mounting
holes at this point, but refer to dimensions to insure
that your wall is braced correctly in the location
where you plan to mount the table.
Reinforce wall studs
with 2" x 10" board
secured between studs
23 1/2"
If mounting the table to a masonry wall, appropriate
anchor hardware must be used.
Refer to chase installation manual for mounting hole locations
in chase cabinet. To install table to chase, use hardware
included with chase cabinet. (3/8” bolts, washers and nuts)
Also use required bracket included in 002-10368-00 kit.
16" standard
stud spacing
Bottom holes will be
approximately 10 7/8"
from the floor for 36"
standard counter top
002-10368-00 Service Kit Required
If the wall mount exam table is to be
mounted such that it does not correspond
with the wall studs, secure 2" x 10" boards
between wall studs as a mounting surface.
Secure table properly. The wall mount table
is only as sturdy as its mounting.
Rev. AA2 (1/22/19)
Installing the Wall Mount Exam Table
Check levelness
Angle Brace
Support Bracket
Mount the top support bracket to the wall by drilling
the wall and bolting. Measure from the floor to desired
height. Be sure that the support bracket is mounted
level. (Bracket is shipped loosely bolted to the bottom
of the table top.)
Bolt the angle brace to table bottom with two bolts
included (already threaded into mounting holes). Place
the table top on carpet or something that will protect it
from scratching.
Check levelness
Hold the table against the wall, resting on the
support bracket that you bolted to the wall in
Step 1. Install two bolts to secure the table to
the support bracket.
Raise or lower the front of the table until the
table is level, then mark the wall where bottom
bolt holes need to be drilled into the wall. Drill
holes and install bolts to secure the bottom of
the brace to the wall.
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Drill holes & install bolts
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