Xerox 8855 Installation guide

Xerox 8855 Installation guide
AccXES 9.0 Installation Guide (8855)
Step 1 Determine your Hardware Configuration
There are distinct versions of firmware for each controller hardware platform. Firmware is
available for the hardware platforms as indicated below. Your hardware platform can be
determined by examining the printer configuration test print or serial number (found on the
AccXES controller unit). Note your hardware version.
CPU (from test print)
PPC740 / PPC750
Serial Number
*All 8855 systems were sold with the UP8 controller hardware platform
Step 2 Release Notes
Print and read the AccXES release notes (pdf format). The release notes can be found in the
downloaded zip file, in the documentation section or by using the ‘See Also’ link.
Step 3 Check Disk Size and RAM Requirements
Consult the Recommended Configurations Chart (pdf file) to confirm that your Controller has the
required disk size and RAM needed for the AccXES upgrade. This chart can be found in the
‘Documentation’ section.
Step 4 Job Accounting Migration
Warning: As a precaution, save your Job Accounting Data prior to upgrading.
If you have AccXES 7.5 or newer and are using Job Accounting, use the Account Management
Tool (AMT) to collect existing Job Based Accounting Data from the AccXES Controller / Printer.
If you have AccXES 6.1 or older and are using job accounting, please read the Job Accounting
Migration document found in the ‘Documentation’ section, which describes the migration process
from the legacy accounting system to the new Job Based Accounting system. Legacy Job Log
files are deleted when upgrading to AccXES 7.5 or greater. Use the Web Printer Manager Tool,
Scanner UI or ACT to retrieve/store your legacy data prior to upgrading AccXES.
Step 5 Ensure Proper Upgrade Path
Current AccXES Version:
Necessary Upgrade Path:
AccXES 5.0
Step 1: Upgrade to AccXES 5.99 B107
Step 2: Upgrade to AccXES 9.0
AccXES 6.0 or newer
Step 1: Upgrade to AccXES 9.0
Step 6 Upgrade to AccXES Version 9.0
Download the appropriate AccXES firmware file(s) for your controller hardware type. Follow the
instructions in the AccXES customer release notes to upload the firmware to your system. Upon
successful completion, a Configuration sheet will automatically print from the controller'
designated printer.
Note: Upgrading to AccXES 9.0 will eliminate all existing non­standard AccXES feature
keys (if you have any). Once installation is complete, you will need to reinstall your
feature keys.
Step 7 Obtain Feature Keys & download to AccXES controller
(if necessary)
This step is only necessary if you’ve purchased any optional features such as Job Accounting,
Scan to Net, Scan to Print or PostScript and you need to re­install them or are installing them for
the first time.
Go to the Feature Key web­site ( to “Replace all
keys after a software Upgrade” or “Redeem a Coupon for a feature key” (whichever is appropriate
to your situation). Be sure to enter the KIK from the current Configuration sheet*. Once the key is
created, upload it to AccXES, wait 60 seconds, and then reboot.
For further information on obtaining or installing Feature Keys, download, print, and read the
Feature Key Instructions found in the ‘Documentation’ section or use the Help feature on the
Feature Key web­site.
* Be sure that you are using the current Configuration sheet when entering the KIK. Each time the
system is rebooted, the KIK changes.
Step 8 Download & Install the Web PMT Help File
Download the WebPMT help files from the ‘Utilities and Applications’ section. Once you have the
file, unzip it and follow the Installation Instructions to install the help file for your desired language.
Step 9 Update the Scanner Firmware (if necessary)
NOTE: If your system contains a Synergix scanner, you MUST ensure the scanner firmware
is upgraded to the most current version.
Go to the ‘Synergix or Wide Format Scanner’ section to find the most current Synergix Scanner
Firmware. Install the firmware by sending the downloaded ".bin" file to the controller as if it were a
plot file.
Step 10 Update the Clients and Drivers (if necessary)
Download, print and read the software configuration chart to view the current versions of AccXES
related software including Clients and Drivers. The Software Configuration chart can be found in
the ‘Documentation’ section. The current Client tools can be found in the Utilities and Applications
section. The current drivers can be found in the Drivers section.
Step 11 Finished
You have completed the download process for AccXES.
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