Radial Engineering Space Heater User manual

Radial Engineering Space Heater User manual
Radial± Smart Sheet
Order # R800 7050 00
tube summing mixer
The Space Heater™ is an innovative 8-channel tube drive and summing mixer that lets you
dial in everything from slight transformer saturation to the over-the-top tube distortion. The
Space Heater is set up as four stereo pairs, each equipped with an oversized output transformer for vintage character and a 12AX7 tube drive section. To control the distortion, each
channel features separate Drive and Level controls that adjust the signal going through the
tube as well as the output level. Each stereo pair is equipped with a Heat switch that lets
the user apply 35, 70 or 140 volts to the tube, varying the level of distortion. Inputs include a
choice of 1/4” TRS or DB-25 jacks for convenient connection to most audio interfaces.
The Space Heater can be used to apply warmth and distortion on individual channels, but is also equipped with a clean and powerful mixer for summing tracks in the analog domain. Each stereo pair can be assigned to the mix bus, and multiple units can be linked together to create a larger mixer.
As an added bonus, each channel features balanced insert points for patching additional analog gear. This exceptional feature set makes the Space
Heater ideal for warming up digital tracks, adding grit to bass or vocals and to produce crushing drum tracks. Used live, it delivers a natural sound to
in-ear monitors without having to revert to lackluster compression.
ON - Used to turn on
(or bypass) each of
the four channel sets.
BUS - Sends the
channel set to the
stereo mix bus and
14-GAUGE STEEL - Heavy
duty construction eliminates
stress on the PCB and
provides excellent shielding
against magnetic fields.
LINK - Stereo ¼” TRS link in/out
bus combines 2 or more Space
Heaters together for 16x2, 24x2
or 32x2 tube summing.
POWER - 5-pin locking
XLR connection for the
external power supply.
Software insert
HPF - High pass filter
rolls off low frequencies
below 40Hz to remove
excessive bass.
TUBE DRIVE ON - Activates the
tube drive – may be bypassed
to compare wet versus dry or
revert to the transformer coupled
signal path.
STEREO SUM OUTPUTS Provide left and right summed
outputs for the most luxurious
old school analog character.
GROUND LIFT - Recessed
switch lifts pin-1 on the two XLR
outputs to help reduce hum and
buzz caused by ground loops.
Use the Space Heater™ on eight individual
tracks in your mix to add grit or character. Adjustable LEVEL and DRIVE tailors the level of distortion from subtle to extreme.
DRIVE - Outer control on
each concentric pot sets
the level going to the tube
drive circuit.
LEVEL - Sets the output
from the tube drive - acts
like a master volume on a
tube guitar amp.
HEAT - Sets the B+ voltage
going to the 12AX7 tube
with 35, 70 or 140 volts for
more or less distortion.
SEND - Eight ¼” TRS balanced sends
feed the post tube signal to an external
processor or may be used as additional
outputs for parallel processing.
D-SUB OUTPUT - 25-pin D-sub
is used to send all 8 transformer
isolated channels back to the
mixing console or workstation.
MIX BUS - Used to
adjust the summing
mixer output level.
Complete your final summing out-of-the-box by
sending stereo stem mixes to the Space Heater.
Mix four stereo stems down to a master stereo
output, or link multiple Space Heaters together for
analog summing heaven!
HEADPHONEUsed to adjust the
headphone volume
POWER SWITCH Turn the Space Heater
off to conserve tube
life and reduce power
consumption and heat.
D-SUB INPUT - 25-pin D-Sub
follows the Tascam/ProTools
standard and is wired in parallel
to the ¼” jacks.
RECV - Eight ¼” TRS balanced
receive jacks bring the signal
back to the Space Heater and
routes it to the D-Sub output or
stereo mix bus.
Summing multiple channels to stereo
MIX BUS ONTurns on the
XLR outputs.
INPUTS 1 ~ 8 – Eight ¼”
TRS balanced inputs for
easy connection to the
Space Heater.
With in-ear monitors
Get the natural feel and tone back into your in-ear
monitors by adding the natural compression of
tube distortion into the signal path. It’s like playing in front of your amp without the stage noise!
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