Dell Mobile Computing Cart (Managed) electronics accessory User's Guide

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Dell Mobile Computing Cart (Managed) electronics accessory User's Guide | Manualzz

Custom Solution for Dell ™ by Ergotron




Dell Mobile Computing Cart

The Dell Mobile Computing Cart (MCC)–managed and unmanaged–transports, secures, charges, and manages 30

Notebooks, Netbooks, Ultrabooks, or tablets up to 14" in size.




888-24-232-W-01 rev.B • 10/13


For service, visit or

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Dell Mobile Computing Cart

Exterior Features


Sliding Device Compartment Door


Power Adapter Compartment Door


Ergonomic Handle


Auxiliary Outlets


Cooling Fans (Managed Carts only)


Power Management Compartment


Cord Wrap Bay






8 Upper Compartment




Power/ Fault Status Indicators

(Managed Carts only)









888-24-232-W-01 rev.B • 10/13

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Dell Mobile Computing Cart

Interior Features


Device Shelves


Device Outlets


Adapter Shelves


Optional Outlets (Managed Carts only)


Optional Dell PowerConnect 3548 Ethernet Switch (Managed Carts only)






NOTE: Refer to separate product guides for Mobile Devices and optional

Dell PowerConnect™ 3548 Ethernet Switch.

888-24-232-W-01 rev.B • 10/13

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Set-Up and Go


Open the power adapter compartment.

a b c


Place power adapters into adapter shelves.

a b c x 15

3 a

Route adapter connector into device compartment.


888-24-232-W-01 rev.B • 10/13

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Plug-in adapters.

b a


Insert mobile devices and connect cables.


888-24-232-W-01 rev.B • 10/13 c d

Managed Carts only

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Optional Step for Managed Carts only - Install wireless access point.

NOTE: For Managed Carts, install optional, customer-supplied WAP using the provided Velcro.





ET b c





Verify cart operation

Connect the MCC power cable to a dedicated circuit, (one that is not being shared with other mobile devices).

Verify that the white light on the Power Indicator near the

MCC top surface is lit (Managed Carts only).

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888-24-232-W-01 rev.B • 10/13

First-Time battery charge

NOTE: Before using the mobile devices for the fi rst time or after they have spent some time in storage, ensure that the mobile devices have a full (100%) charge.

Prior to fi rst-time use, allow the mobile devices to charge in the MCC for at least 2-3 hours before removing them for use.

Monitoring mobile device power (Managed Carts only)

T he Power/Fault Status Indicator lights near the MCC top surface communicate the following conditions:

Power/Fault Status Indicator Signal Meaning


White light, solid Power "ON"

White light, slow fl ash Zone is charging

White light, fast fl ash

All Fast Flashing

Amber light, fl ashing

Zone is scanning

Overcurrent. Reset by removing excess devices on aux outlet. Unplug and re-plug the cart.

Maximum temperature has been exceeded *

White light, solid Auxilary outlets in use

* When recommended temperature has been exceeded, power to the mobile devices is terminated. Charging resumes once the temperature falls within an acceptable operating range.

NOTE: Charge status of individual mobile devices can be seen directly on mobile devices.

Notebook Shelf Removal a. Disconnect the Ethernet cable (Managed carts only).

b. Release the shelf by lifting up on the tab.

c. Pull shelf out.

a b c

888-24-232-W-01 rev.B • 10/13

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Service and Warranty

For service, visit or

NOTE: When contacting customer service reference the serial number located above the external cable management bay.

Serial Number is required for warranty entitlement.

Made in China DP/N 020D9K


Service Tag: ABC1234

Rev X00

Specifi cations

Power System

100/110/120V~, 12A 50/60Hz or 220/230/240V~, 8A 50/60Hz depending on region and model of Dell MCC

MCC Physical Dimensions



1,060 mm (41.7-inches)

940.6 mm (37-inches)

Width 640 mm (25.2-inches)

Weight (without Mobile Devices) 92 kg (202.8 lb)

Weight Capacity:

Top Surface


Tip Test/Angle

11.3 kg (25 lb)

2.7 kg (6 lb)

10 degrees

Optional Ethernet Switch

Dell PowerConnect 3548 Ethernet Switch


Temperature range:



Relative humidity (maximum):

0° to 30°C (32° to 86°F)

-29° to 60°C (-20° to 140°F)



Altitude (maximum):

10%–90% (non condensing)

5%–95% (non condensing)

2000 m (6,562 ft)

0 °C

32 °F

30 °C

86 °F




10-90% rH


-29 °C

-20 °F

60 °C

140 °F




5-95% rH


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888-24-232-W-01 rev.B • 10/13

Product and Safety Alerts

Hazard Symbols Review

These symbols alert users of a safety condition that demands attention. All

MCC users should be able to recognize and understand the signifi cance of the following Safety Hazards if encountered on the MCC or within MCC documentation.

Children who are not able to recognize and respond appropriately to Safety Alerts should not use the MCC without adult supervision!




Level of Hazard


A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your MCC.


A CAUTION indicates either potential damage to hardware or loss of data and tells you how to avoid the problem.


A WARNING indicates either potential for property damage, personal injury, or death.


An ELECTRICAL indicates an impending electrical hazard which, if not avoided, may result in personal injury, fi re and/or death.

Equipment Electrical Safety

There are specifi c risks associated with the use of equipment having power cables. You must be aware of, and avoid these risks when the Cart is located in close proximity to children.

WARNING: Failure to observe the following Electrical Safety notices can result in fi re or death by electric shock.

Electrical: Electrical cables can be hazardous. Misuse can result in fi re or death by electrical shock.

• Double Pole / Neutral Fusing

• Inspect power cables thoroughly before each use.

• Do not use cables that are damaged.

• Insert the plug completely into the outlet.

• Grasp the plug to remove from the outlet.

• Do not unplug by pulling on the cable.

• Do not use excessive force to make connections.

• Use only Dell power adapters that come with Dell systems with this cart.

• Do not plug the cable into an extension cable.

• Do not remove, bend or modify any metal prongs or pins of cable.

• Do not drive, drag or place objects over the cable.

• Do not walk on the cable.

• Avoid overheating. Uncoil the cable and do not cover it with any material.

• Do not run cable through doorways, holes in ceilings, walls or fl oors.

Electrical: Keep the Cart away from water.

• Do not use it when wet.

• Do not place the Cart in close proximity to fl ammable liquids or gases.

CAUTION: Observe all the safety precautions related to the Dell MCC operation and maintenance included in this reference guide! Failure to follow the safety precautions may result in injury or damage to equipment.


Risk of Electric Shock

DANGER! Electrical calabes can be hazardous.

Misuse can result in fi re or death by electrical shock.

CAUTION: There is no on/off switch on this equipment; the only power disconnect is the AC power cable.

Therefore, the socket outlet should be easily accessible and should be installed near the equipment.

888-24-232-W-01 rev.B • 10/13

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Cleaning and Maintenance

WARNING: Failure to observe the following safety notices may result in serious personal injury or equipment damage.

Inspect for damage, dirt and debris on a regular basis. All paint and plastic components used in the Cart will withstand cleaning by most commonly used, diluted, non-abrasive solutions such as quaternary ammonia compounds, ammonia enzyme cleaners, bleach, or alcohol solutions. It is recommended that any cleaning solution be tested on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure it does not harm the surface of the Cart.

• Marks from permanent marker, dry-erase marker, and pens can be removed with 91% isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth.

• Iodine stains can be removed with commonly used cleaners and a soft cloth.

• Do not use steel wool or other abrasive materials that may damage the surface fi nish.

Electrical: To avoid risk of electric shock, do not expose electrical components to water, cleaning solutions or other potentially corrosive liquids or substances.

Electrical: Do not immerse Cart or Cart components in liquid or allow liquids to fl ow into the Cart. Wipe all cleaners off surface immediately using a damp cloth. Dry the surface thoroughly after cleaning.

Electrical: Do not use fl ammable cleaners on Cart surfaces.

CAUTION: Adjustment, Service, Replacement - DO NOT attempt to adjust, service or replace any part of the Cart unless directed to do so through Ergotron-approved documentation (i.e. installation instructions). Only Ergotron, Inc. or an Ergotroncertifi ed entity may adjust, service or replace Cart components. If any component on the Cart is missing or damaged, the Cart must not be used. Contact Ergotron immediately to request a replacement part.

CAUTION: Casters - Check casters periodically to make sure they are clean and free of debris that would prevent smooth travel. Avoid moving Cart across uneven, dirty, or damaged surfaces.

CAUTION: Customer Equipment- Make sure equipment is balanced and installed securely to Cart. Contact Ergotron for information about moving Cart components.

CAUTION: Changes or Modifi cations not expressly approved by Ergotron could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

888-24-232-W-01 rev.B • 10/13

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Safe Use Recommendations

There are specifi c risks associated with the use of Cart when moving or stationary (for charging or storage). You must be aware of, and avoid these risks when the Cart is located in close proximity to children.

WARNING: Failure to observe the following Cart Use Safety notices may result in serious personal injury or equipment damage.

Only Adults should move this cart.

• Do not allow anyone to sit, stand, or climb on the Cart.

• Do not lift the Cart from the bottom.

• Do not block the fans and vent openings. To prevent overheating, leave at least 127 mm (5-inch) clearance around fans and vents.

The Cart is designed to be used indoors only.

• Do not use the Cart to transport or store equipment other than what has been noted in this guide.

• Do not use the Cart to store liquids or cleaning supplies.

• Do not place heavy objects on the Cart surface or shelf.

– The maximum weight capacity of the top surface is 11.4 kg (25 lb).

– The maximum weight capacity of the shelf is 22.5 kg (49.5 lb).

Moving the Cart

• Before moving the Cart:

1. Disconnect the power cable from the wall.

2. Make sure the cable is wrapped and secure.

3. Close and lock the doors.

4. Remove items from the top work surface.

5. Unlock the casters.

• Push (do not pull) the Cart for optimum maneuverability and to prevent muscle strain.

• Do not move the Cart across rough, uneven or irregular surfaces such as gravel.

Parking the Cart

Observe these safety alerts for times when the cart is stationary:

• Do not run cables through doorways, holes in ceilings, walls, or fl oors.

• Do not run cables across hallways, classrooms, or other areas where they will be walked on.

• Do not leave Cart unattended in areas where children have access.

• Keep Cart doors closed and locked whenever it is unattended or parked for charging or storage.

• Keep Cart casters locked whenever it is unattended.

888-24-232-W-01 rev.B • 10/13

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Safety, Environmental, and Regulatory Information

Recycling Information

Dell recommends that customers dispose of their used computer hardware, monitors, printers, and other peripherals in an environmentally sound manner. Potential methods include reuse of parts or whole products and recycling of p r o d u c t s , c o m p o n e n t s , a n d / o r m a t e r i a l s .

For specific information on Dell’s worldwide recycling programs, see w w w .

d e l l .

c o m / r e c y c l i n g w o r l d w i d e .

Regulatory Notices

For Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), regulatory information and

Safety Best Practices information, see the Regulatory Compliance home page on w w w .

d e l l .

c o m at the following location: w w w .

d e l l .

c o m / r e g u l a t o r y _ c o m p l i a n c e

Dell has determined that this product is a Class A harmonized product.

In the European Union, this label indicates that this product should not be disposed of with household waste. It should be deposited at an appropriate facility to enable recovery and recycling. For information on how to recycle this product in your country, please visit: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Richtlijn WEEE, Waste Electrical and

Electronic Equipment (afdanken van elektrische en elektronische apparaten)

In de Europese Unie geeft dit label aan dat dit product niet via huishoudelijk afval mag worden afgedankt. Het moet gedeponeerd worden bij een daarvoor geschikte voorziening zodat herstel en recycling mogelijk zijn. Raadpleeg voor meer informatie over verantwoorde recycling van dit product in uw land de website www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Richtlinine für Abfall von elektrischen und elektronischen Geräten (WEEE)

In der Europäischen Union wird mit diesem Etikett darauf hingewiesen, dass dieses Produkt nicht mit dem Hausmüll entsorgt werden sollte. Es sollte an einer entsprechenden Einrichtung abgegeben werden, um Wiedergewinnung und Recycling zu ermöglichen. Weitere Informationen über das Recyceln dieses Produkts erhalten Sie unter: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

ȼ ȿɜɪɨɩɟɣɫɤɢɹ ɫɴɸɡ ɬɨɡɢ ɟɬɢɤɟɬ ɨɡɧɚɱɚɜɚ , ɱɟ ɬɨɡɢ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬ ɧɟ ɛɢɜɚ ɞɚ ɫɟ ɢɡɯɜɴɪɥɹ ɡɚɟɞɧɨ ɫ ɞɨɦɚɤɢɧɫɤɢɬɟ ɨɬɩɚɞɴɰɢ . Ɍɨɣ ɬɪɹɛɜɚ ɞɚ ɛɴɞɟ ɢɡɯɜɴɪɥɟɧ ɧɚ ɩɨɞɯɨɞɹɳɨ ɦɹɫɬɨ , ɡɚ ɞɚ ɫɟ ɩɨɡɜɨɥɢ ɜɴɡɫɬɚɧɨɜɹɜɚɧɟɬɨ ɢɥɢ ɪɟɰɢɤɥɢɪɚɧɟɬɨ ɦɭ . Ɂɚ ɢɧɮɨɪɦɚɰɢɹ ɨɬɧɨɫɧɨ ɨɬɝɨɜɨɪɧɨɫɬɬɚ ɡɚ ɪɟɰɢɤɥɢɪɚɧɟ ɧɚ ɬɨɡɢ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬ ɜɴɜ ɜɚɲɚɬɚ ɫɬɪɚɧɚ , ɦɨɥɹɩɨɫɟɬɟɬɟ : www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Elektriliste ja elektrooniliste seadmete kasutusjärgne töötlemine (direktiiv WEEE)

Euroopa Liidu riikides tähistab selline silt toodet, mida ei tohi kasutusjärgselt olmejäätmete hulka visata. Taoline toode tuleb viia jäätmekäitlusettevõttesse, kus seda nõuetekohaselt töödeldakse. Toote käitlemise kohta oma kodumaal leiate teavet aadressilt www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .






IJȠȣ ʌȡȠȧȩȞIJȠȢ ıIJȘ ȤȫȡĮ ıĮȢ , İʌȚıțİijșİȓIJİ IJȘ įȚİȪșȣȞıȘ : www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Direkt Ưva par elektriskajiem un elektroniskajiem atkritumiem

Eiropas Savien Ư b Ɨ šis apz Ư m Ɲ jums nor Ɨ da, ka produktu nedr Ư kst izmest kop Ɨ ar sadz Ư ves atkritumiem. Tas ir j Ɨ nodod atbilstoš Ɨ sav Ɨ kšanas punkt Ɨ , lai pareizi atjaunotu vai p Ɨ rstr Ɨ d Ɨ tu. Inform Ɨ ciju par š Ư produkta p Ɨ rstr Ɨ des iesp Ɲ j Ɨ m j nj su valst Ư skatiet: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Direktivet for kassert elektrisk og elektronisk utstyr (WEEE)

I den Europeiske Unionen angir dette merket at produktet ikke skal kastes sammen med husholdningsavfall. Det skal leveres til et mottak for spesialavfall for gjenvinning og resirkulering. For informasjon om hvordan du resirkulerer dette produktet i ditt land, vennligst besøk: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Direktyva d ơl elektros ir elektroninơs Ƴrangos atliek ǐ (Waste Electrical and Electronic

Equipment, WEEE)

Šis ženklas rodo, kad Europos S ą jungoje šio gaminio negalima išmesti kartu su buitin ơ mis atliekomis. Nebenaudojam ą gamin Ƴ reikia atiduoti Ƴ tam skirt ą punkt ą atnaujinti arba perdirbti. Informacijos apie tinkam ą šio gaminio perdirbim ą j nj s ǐ šalyje rasite interneto svetain ơ je: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Dyrektywa dotycz ąca odpadów urządzeĔ elektrycznych i elektronicznych (WEEE)

W Unii Europejskiej etykieta ta oznacza, Ī e tego produktu nie nale Ī y wyrzuca ü razem z odpadami z gospodarstwa domowego.

Nale Ī y go przekaza ü do odpowiedniego zak á adu, gdzie zostanie poddany odzyskowi i recyklingowi. Informacje o sposobie recyklingu tego produktu w poszczególnych krajach mo Ī na znale Ĩü pod adresem: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Ⱦɢɪɟɤɬɢɜɚ ɨɛ ɭɬɢɥɢɡɚɰɢɢ ɷɥɟɤɬɪɢɱɟɫɤɨɝɨ ɢ ɷɥɟɤɬɪɨɧɧɨɝɨ ɨɛɨɪɭɞɨɜɚɧɢɹ (WEEE) ȼ ȿɜɪɨɩɟɣɫɤɨɦ ɫɨɸɡɟ ɷɬɚ ɦɚɪɤɢɪɨɜɤɚ ɨɡɧɚɱɚɟɬ , ɱɬɨ ɞɚɧɧɵɣ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬ ɧɟ ɫɥɟɞɭɟɬ ɭɬɢɥɢɡɢɪɨɜɚɬɶ ɜɦɟɫɬɟ ɫ ɛɵɬɨɜɵɦ ɦɭɫɨɪɨɦ . ɉɪɨɞɭɤɬ ɫɥɟɞɭɟɬ ɭɬɢɥɢɡɢɪɨɜɚɬɶ ɧɚ ɫɩɟɰɢɚɥɢɡɢɪɨɜɚɧɧɨɦ ɩɪɟɞɩɪɢɹɬɢɢ , ɱɬɨɛɵ ɜ ɞɚɥɶɧɟɣɲɟɦ ɟɝɨ ɦɨɠɧɨ ɛɵɥɨ ɩɟɪɟɪɚɛɨɬɚɬɶ . ɂɧɮɨɪɦɚɰɢɸ ɨ ɩɪɚɜɢɥɚɯ ɭɬɢɥɢɡɚɰɢɢ ɢɡɞɟɥɢɹ ɜ ɜɚɲɟɣ ɫɬɪɚɧɟ ɦɨɠɧɨ ɩɨɥɭɱɢɬɶ ɧɚ ɜɟɛ ɭɡɥɟ : www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Direktiv för kassering av elektrisk och elektronisk utrustning (WEEE - Waste

Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

Inom EU betyder den här etiketten att produkten inte får slängas i hushållsavfallet.

Den ska lämnas in på en återvinningsstation.

Information om hur produkten

återvinns i ditt land finns på adressen www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Smernica o odpadoch z elektrických a elektronických zariadení (WEEE)

V Európskej únii tento štítok znamená, že sa výrobok nesmie likvidova Ģ ako komunálny odpad. Musí sa odovzda Ģ na príslušnom mieste na obnovu alebo recykláciu.

Informácie o správnej recyklácii tohto produktu vo vašej krajine nájdete na stránke: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

(WEEE) Yönergeleri

Avrupa Birli ÷ i’nde bu etiket, ürünün ev elektroni ÷ i aletleri at Õ klar Õ ile imha edilemeyece ÷ ini gösterir. Kurtarmak ve geri dönü ú ümünü sa ÷ lamak için uygun

ú artlarda saklanmas Õ gerekir. Bu ürünün geri dö ú ünümünün nas Õ l sa ÷ lanaca ÷ Õ konusunda bilgi için lütfen ú u adresi ziyaret edin: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

EEE Yönetmeli ÷ ine Uygundur Ve

Elektronik E ú yalarda Bazi Zararli

Maddelerin Kullaniminin Sinirlandirilmasina

Dair Yönetmelik.

Tento štítek ozna þ uje v Evropské unii, že tento produkt nesmí být likvidován s domovním odpadem. Musí být p Ĝ edán specializované sb Č rn Č pro recyklaci a další využití. Pokyny o recyklaci tohoto produktu ve vaší zemi viz: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

˄̡̬̟̦̌̌ RoHS

˄̡̛̬̟̦̌ ˃ʫˈʻʳˋʻʰʱ ˀʫʧʸʤʺʫʻ˃ ̨̥̖̙̖̦̦̍́ ̡̨̛̛̬̭̯̦̦̏̌́

̵̡̛̖̔́ ̸̵̛̦̖̖̪̖̦̍̚ ̸̨̛̬̖̦̏ ̏ ̸̡̨̛̖̣̖̯̬̦̥̱ ̯̌

̡̨̨̖̣̖̯̬̦̦̥̱ ̨̣̦̦̦̞̍̌̔̌ ( ̞̏̔ 3 ̬̱̦̐̔́ 2008 ̬ . N 1057):

ʽ̣̦̦̦̍̌̔̌́ ̨̞̪̞̏̔̏̔̌̿ ̨̛̥̥̏̐̌ ˃̵̸̨̨̖̦̞̦̐ ̬̖̣̥̖̦̯̱̐̌

̨̥̖̙̖̦̦̍́ ̡̨̛̛̬̭̯̦̦̏̌́ ̵̡̛̖̔́ ̸̵̛̦̖̖̪̖̦̍̚ ̸̨̛̬̖̦̏ ̏

̸̡̨̛̖̣̖̯̬̦̥̱ ̯̌ ̡̨̨̖̣̖̯̬̦̦̥̱ ̨̣̦̦̦̞̍̌̔̌

I den Europæiske Union indikerer denne etiket, at dette produkt ikke bør kasseres sammen med husholdningsaffald. Det bør bortskaffes ved en egnet facilitet for at muliggøre genbrug. For information om hvordan dette produkt genbruges i dit land, bedes du gå til: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Direktiivi sähkö- ja elektroniikkalaiteromusta


Euroopan unionissa tämä tarra tarkoittaa, että tuotetta ei tule hävittää kotitalousjätteen joukossa. Se tulee toimittaa asianmukaiseen paikkaan uudelleenkäyttöä tai kierrätystä varten. Tietoja tämän tuotteen kierrättämisestä eri maissa saat seuraavasta osoitteesta: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

(WEEE), azaz az elektromos és elektronikus berendezések hulladékaira vonatkozó irányelv

Az Európai Unióban az ilyen címkével jelölt terméket tilos háztartási hulladékként kezelni.

Az ilyen hulladékot a helyreállíthatóság és az

újrahasznosíthatóság érdekében a megfelel Ę elfogadóhelyre kell szállítani. A termék saját országán belül érvényes újrahasznosításával kapcsolatban információt a következ Ę weboldalon talál: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Direttiva dwar Skart mag ƫmul minn Tagƫmir

Elettroniku u Elettriku (Waste Electrical and

Electronic Equipment - WEEE)

Fl-Unjoni Ewropea, din it-tikketta tindika li dan il-prodott m’g ƫ andux jintrema ma’ l-iskart domestiku.

G ƫ andu jintrema f’fa ƛ ilità adattata fejn ikun jista’ ji ƥ i rkuprat u ri ƛ iklat. G ƫ al aktar tag ƫ rif dwar kif g ƫ andek tirri ƛ ikla dan il-prodott fil-pajji Ī tieg ƫ ek, jekk jog ƫƥ bok Ī ur: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Directiva WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic


Na União Europeia, esta etiqueta indica que esse produto não deve ser eliminado juntamente com o lixo normal. Deve ser depositado numa instalação apropriada para recolha e reciclagem.

Para obter informações sobre como reciclar este produto de forma responsável no seu país, visite: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Directive sur la mise au rebut des appareils

électriques et électroniques (Waste

Electrical and Electronic Equipment - WEEE)

En Union européenne, cette étiquette indique que ce produit ne doit pas être jeté avec les déchets ménagers. Il doit

être mis au rebut dans un centre de dépôt spécialisé pour un recyclage approprié.

Pour obtenir davantage d’informations sur le recyclage approprié de ce produit dans votre pays, veuillez vous rendre sur le site : www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Direttiva Rifiuti di apparecchiature elettriche ed elettroniche (RAEE)

Nell’Unione Europea, questa etichetta indica che questo prodotto non deve essere smaltito insieme ai rifiuti domestici. Deve essere depositato in un impianto adeguato che sia in grado di eseguire operazioni di recupero e riciclaggio. Per informazioni sulle procedure di riciclaggio di questo prodotto nel proprio Paese, visitare: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Residuos de Aparatos Eléctricos y

Electrónicos (RAEE)

En la Unión Europea, esta etiqueta indica que la eliminación de este producto no se puede hacer junto con el deshecho doméstico. Se debe depositar en una instalación apropiada que facilite la recuperación y el reciclado. Para obtener más información sobre cómo reciclar este producto en su país, visite el sitio web: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Directiva privind de úeurile provenite din echipamentele electrice úi electronice


În Uniunea European ă , aceast ă etichet ă indic ă faptul c ă acest produs nu trebuie aruncat laolat ă cu gunoiul menajer. El trebuie depozitat

într-un loc special amenajat pentru a permite recuperarea ú i reciclarea. Pentru informa Ġ ii privitoare la reciclarea în mod reponsabil a acestui produs în Ġ ara dvs., vizita Ġ i: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

Direktiva o odlaganju elektri þne in elektronske opreme (WEEE)

V Evropski uniji ta znak ozna þ uje, da izdelek ni primeren za odlaganje skupaj z obi þ ajnimi gospodinjskimi odpadki. Odložiti ga je treba na ustreznem mestu za odlaganje in reciklažo. Za informacije o reciklaži tega izdelka v vaši državi obiš þ ite: www. euro. dell. com/ recycling .

888-24-232-W-01 rev.B • 10/13

12 / 13

Safety, Environmental, and Regulatory Information

FCC Compliance Statement

This MCC has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used according to the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference in which case the user will be required to correct the interference at their own expense.

Operation of this equipment is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

FCC Caution: Changes or Modifi cations not expressly approved by Ergotron could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

This Class A digital apparatus complies with Canadian CAN ICES-3(A)/NMB-3(A). / Cet appareil numérique de la classe A est conforme à la norme CAN ICES-3(A)/NMB-3(A) du


Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of

Chemicals (REACH)

REACH is the European Union (EU) chemical substances regulatory framework. Information on substances of very high concern contained in Dell products in a concentration a b o v e 0 .

1 % w e i g h t b y w e i g h t ( w / w ) c a n b e f o u n d a t w w w .

d e l l .

c o m / R E A C H .

Enregistrement, évaluation, autorisation des produits chimiques (REACH)

REACH est le programme de réglementation des produits chimiques dans l’Union européenne (UE). Vous trouverez des informations sur les substances très préoccupantes que contiennent les produits Dell en concentration supérieure à 0,1 % e n p o i d s ( m / m ) s u r w w w .

d e l l .

c o m / R E A C H .

Registro, evaluación y autorización de productos químicos (Registration, Evaluation,

Authorization of Chemicals - REACH)

REACH es el organismo de regulación de sustancias químicas de la Unión Europea (UE). La información sobre sustancias de alto riesgo contenidas en productos Dell en una concentración superior al 0,1% peso por peso (p/p) se puede encontrar en

Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of

Chemicals (REACH)

REACH is het regelgevingskader van de Europese Unie (EU) op het gebied van chemische stoffen. Informatie over zeer gevaarlijke stoffen in Dell-producten in een concentratie van boven de 0,1 % gewicht per gewicht (w/w) is te vinden op

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals - Registo, avaliação e autorização de substâncias químicas)

O REACH é o sistema regulador de substâncias químicas da

União Europeia (UE). As informações sobre substâncias que são motivo de grande preocupação existentes nos produtos Dell numa concentração acima de 0,1 % peso por peso (p/p) podem ser encontradas em ѣളཝ䱼 RoHS ṯᦤѣളཝ䱼Ʌ⭫ᆆؗᚥӝ૷⊗ḉ᧝࡬㇗⨼ࣔ⌋Ɇδҕ〦Ѱѣളཝ䱼 RoHS εԛс䜞࠼ࡍ࠰Ҽӝ૷ѣਥ㜳ऻ੡


D E L L I / O 䇴༽δ䭤ⴎθ啖ḽㅿε

EIP δ RMSD θԁ䍞θ⭫Ⓠ䇴༽਀ᡶᴿެԌ⭫ᆆؗᚥӝ૷ε

Registrierung, Beurteilung und Zulassung von Chemikalien (REACH, Registration,

Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals)

Die EU-Richtlinie REACH ist das Regelwerk der Europäischen

Union für chemische Substanzen. Informationen zu bedenklichen

Substanzen, die in Dell-Produkten in einer Konzentration von m e h r a l s 0 , 1 G e w i c h t s p r o z e n t ( w / w , W e i g h t b y W e i g h ) e n t h a l t e n sind, finden Sie unter w w w .

d e l l .

c o m / R E A C H .


䫻δ Pb ε ⊔δ Hg ε 䭿δ ᴿ∈ᡌᴿᇩ⢟䍞਀ݹ㍖

Cd ε


δ Cr VI ε


δ PBB ε


δ PBDE ε

EIP ԁ䍞 / 䖥Ԭ x x o o o o o o o o o o

দ࡭⭫䐥䜞Ԭऻᤢᡶᴿদ࡭⭫䐥ᶵ (PCB) ਀ެ਺㠠Ⲻ⿱ᮙ㓺ԬȽ IC ਀䘔᧛ಞȾ ćɂĈ㺞᱄䈛䜞Ԭᡶ੡ᴿ∈ૂᴿᇩ⢟䍞੡䠅քӄ MCV ḽ߼ ć;Ĉ㺞᱄䈛䜞Ԭᡶ੡ᴿ∈ૂᴿᇩ⢟䍞੡䠅儎ӄ MCV ḽ߼ (SJ/T11363-2006)

߫θᱥ᤿➝⅝ⴕ RoHS

൞ѣളཝ䱼䬶୤Ⲻ⴮ᓊ⭫ᆆؗᚥӝ૷ (EIP 䜳ᗻ亱䚫➝ѣളཝ䱼Ʌ⭫ᆆؗᚥӝ૷⊗ḉ᧝࡬ḽ䇼㾷≸Ɇḽ߼

(SJ/T11363-2006) 䍪р⧥ֵؓ⭞ᵕ䲆 (EPUP) ḽㆴȾ䈛ӝ૷ᡶ䟽⭞Ⲻ(383ḽㆴᱥะӄѣളཝ䱼ⲺɅ⭫ᆆؗ



3 years for mechanical components and functions and 1 year for electrical components and functions.

All third-party components (AC Power Adapter and optional Ethernet Switch) will follow the warranty as defi ned by the manufacturer.


For service, visit or

888-24-232-W-01 rev.B • 10/13

13 / 13


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Key Features

  • Portable device management cabinet
  • Placement: Floor
  • Housing material: Aluminium
  • Number of devices supported: 30
  • Supported portable devices: Laptop, Tablet
  • Maximum screen size: 35.6 cm (14")
  • Black, Silver

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