i-Joy i-Call 450 User manual

i-Joy i-Call 450 User manual
User Manual
i-Call 450
-Please read carefully before use.-
1. Introduction
Volume+, Volumeearphone interface
Charging Indication Light
Sound Input
Light sensor
Front Camera
Setup Menu
Return Key
micro USB interface
Power Key
Shining Light
Rear Camera
2. Basic functions
2.1 Device Lock or unlock
You can use the Lock key and the touch screen to prevent
unexpected operations.
2.2 Informing panel
The system status bar will display received text, reminder
or activity information and so on. Use your finger to press
the status bar on the top of the pull-down screen, you can
open the informing panel to quickly boot or close the
functions of WLAN, Bluetooth, Mobile network and so
2.3 Forbid the WLAN function
Long press the Power Key, in the Power Option menu,
choose Fly Mode.
Forbid the WLAN, then you can enjoy the non-internet
service at some places such as the plane or the hospital,
where WLAN devices cannot be used.
2.4 Close current mobile network
1. Click Menu Key →Setup→SIM card management
2. Cancel the chosen mobile network.
2.5 Main Screen
2.5.1 add an item the main screen
Click to enter the APP interface, long press the wanted
APP icon until the phone vibrates. Keep your finger
pressing, drag the icon to where you want, then release.
The APP is added by this way.
2.5.2 Move the item on the main screen
On the main screen, long press an APP icon, drag it to a
blank place and release, then it’s done.
2.5.3 Delete an item on the main screen
1. Long press the wanted project.
2. Drag the project to the place where you can see the
Delete Icon on the screen.
3. When the project icon becomes red, release it.
2.6 Input text
In the “setup”, enter “Language and input method”, you
can choose or switch the input method.
2.7 Edit text
You can choose copy, cut, and paste the texts which are
input by using the screen keyboard.
2.7.1 Choose text
1. Long press the wanted text bar until the choosing cursor
shows up.
2. Move the cursor to the front of the wanted texts. When
the finger leaves the screen, text selection menu boots up.
3. Click “choose the text”, drag the cursor to choose.
2.7.2 Copy and paste text
1. Choose the text, click Copy or Cut icon.
2. Move the cursor to where the texts are needed, click
2.8 Restore the factory setup
Menu key→setup→backup and restore→ restore the
factory setup.
* Warning:
Restoring the factory setup will restore the mobile phone
to the initial status, meaning that the downloaded APP and
the data and setting of current system software and preset
APP will be deleted. The current system software 、
preset APP and the files in the memory card will not be
deleted because of this operation.
3. Personal setting
3.1 Change wallpaper
Use the preset wallpaper or self-defined photos to
personalize the wallpaper
1. Click the menu key → wallpaper, choose the source
of wallpaper.
2. Choose the source of wallpaper, and set the relevant
3.2 Use the Widget
Widget is out-zoomed APP view, can be inserted into the
desk and receive periodic update.
4. Communication
4.1 Calling
You can call on the Phone interface; On the incoming call
screen, you can right-slide the Receive icon to receive the
call, and left-slide the Refuse icon to refuse the call.
Note: if you want to turn off the ring of the current
incoming call and not to refuse the call, you can do one of
the followings:
 Press the Volume key on the right side of the phone
 Press the Power key once.
4.2 Message
4.2.1 Send text message
1. Click message icon
2. Click message icon to write a new text
3. Input the receiver’s number, or choose the contact from
the contact list.
4. Input the content into the message content frame, then
4.2.2 Send multi-media message
In the Create Message page, click menu→add theme,
click Attachment Icon to choose photo, video, audio and
so on, click Send.
4.3 Email
4.3.1 Account Setup
1. Choose Email, input the rights address information.
2. Click Manual Setup or Next
3. Set up the server according to your mailbox type.
5. Input the account name; click Complete, then log in
4.3.2 Send email
1. Click menu key, pop up the mail menu bar, click Edit
icon, and enter the mail edit interface.
2. Input one or many addresses in the receiver bar, press
function key, you can add copy or cc receivers.
3. Input the title and content. If attachments are needed,
you can press function key to add some.
4. Click Send.
4.4 Bluetooth
4.4.1 Open Bluetooth function
1. Click menu key →setup→WLAN
2. Choose Bluetooth option, then the Bluetooth is opened.
3. Click Bluetooth setup option, if you want the device to
be found and connected to other devices, choose
Testability. Once this function is open, the Bluetooth can
be found by other Bluetooth devices.
4.4.2 Search and connect Bluetooth device
1. Click menu key →setup→WLAN
2. Choose Bluetooth option, Click Bluetooth setup option,
click Scan Bluetooth device
3. The phone will search and display the Bluetooth device
list, click and match the wanted.
4.4.3 Receive and send data by Bluetooth
1. Open Bluetooth WLAN function, click the device
name, set up the Bluetooth as Detectable.
2. When the screen displays the Bluetooth authorization
request, click “Receive”
3. Open informing panel, click the Bluetooth transmission
informing, click “Receive file”
You can transmit music、recording、video、contact and so
on, by Bluetooth WLAN.
4.5 WI-FI connection
1. First find the “setting” in the main menu, then open
and click “Wireless and network”
2. Click and enter “Wireless and network”.
Open WLAN, it will auto search the wirelessly connected
3. The encrypted signal needs inputting password to be
GPS positioning and navigation
Open GPS satellite positioning, you can locate positions
and navigate by map and so on.
1. Use your finger to press the status bar on the top of the
pull-down screen, click GPS, you can open/close GPS
function. Or you can choose “GPS satellite” in the
“setting” >“Position service” to open the GPS positioning
2.In the “setting” >“Position service”, choose “Position
service of Google”, you can locate a position by WLAN
or mobile net data.
3. You can use the map navigation function once the GPS
function is opened.
* Mobile phone APP service Disclaimer
Our company highly values the relevant law policy. All
APP services are provided by the service provider.
Our company itself will not store 、control or change
the preset or updated third-part instruction orders or
web information, so we don’t
contradiction and law responsibility caused by the
legal or healthy problems of the content. Any questions,
please consult the service providers or communication
5. Trouble shooting
When operating the mobile phone, if problems occur,
please refer to the solutions as follow. If problems still
remain, please contact the salesman or service providers.
Root cause
SIM card damaged
SIM card not
installed correctly
SIM card metal
surface dirty
used in the area
where the signal
cannot be received
well. The wireless
e-wave cannot be
cannot boot
cannot call
the battery charge
is exhausted
function is used
SIM card not
Check SIM
sweep with clean
Receive the call at
places where the
signal is good,
basements or high
avoid using when
communication is
highly dense.
replace a new one
cancel this setting
network provider
not at the GSM
service area
signal weak
Please move to the
area where the
network service is
please retry after
strong-signal area
the voltage is not
matching with the
please use the
voltage consistent
with the charger
Please use the
special charger for
this device
Check the socket
bad contact
Conditions of Guarantee
For the guarantee to be carried out, all products must be delivered
to IJOY perfectly packed, preferably in its own original packing, with all accessories,
user manuals and drivers that the packaging would originally contain. Otherwise, IJOY
will not be held responsible for damages that might occur during transportation.
To be able to carry out the guarantee it will necessary to have a
copy of the proof of purchase, preferably with a copy of the original bill.
The repair of the products will be carried out according to the
problem reported by the client; therefore it is essential that the client indicates in a clear
form and in the most specific way possible where the problem lies, to be able to solve it
in the correct manner. In the case that there is not problem with the product a diagnosis
and transportation charge can be applied.
The client must have carried out a security copy of the data as
during the reparation process there exists the possibility that such data may be lost
and/or erased. In any case IJOY will not be held responsible for the loss of data
contained in hard drives, as well as any other non –original accessory, might there be
batteries , memory cards, CD´s DVD´s, etc.
In the case that there is no possibility of repair of the product, it
can be replaced by another one of similar or superior characteristics, taking into
consideration the state in which the product is received, such as usage marks ,
scratches, etc. In any case the product returned to the customer will have been
tested to be functioning correctly.
The Guarantee will only cover errors caused by deficiencies in
manufacturing, and does not therefore cover damage caused by mis-use, modifications or
damages caused by accidents of any nature of caused by the client. The guarantee does
not cover: Accessories, pieces exposed to normal wear and tea. The Guarantee will not be
valid when the product is not used for the purpose for which it was originally conceived.
In the case of TFT, there exists what are known as dead pixels or
bright dots (due to the complexity of the manufacturing process), in such cases, there
exists a maximum limit permitted by law (ISO 13406/02) that allows this not to be
considered defective.
The power supplies or chargers and batteries will have a
guarantee limited to six months as long as they used within the established operating
conditions for the correct usage have not been exposed to power surges.
It will be necessary that the equipment has a legible serial number,
that the guarantee seal has not been manipulated and in perfect state; that the
equipment has all original seals in all components so that the guarantee is valid.
The guarantee period starts in the moment of first purchase of the
product. The reparation or substitution of the product will not imply an extension of
the guarantee period.
In the case that the product is not covered by the guarantee, a
budget will be drawn up which has to be approved by the client. In the case that the
budget is not approved by the client, the client must pay for the cost incurred in the
transportation, manipulation and diagnosis of the product.
Once the product is repaired after notifying the client, the client will
have a period of ten working days to pick up the product. After this period of time, a
daily storage charge will be applicable depending on the volume of the product.
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Tel. +34 902 55 55 60
E-mail: [email protected] (Under warranty) | [email protected] (Technical doubts)
Web: www.i-joy.es
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