Matrix MG-PL34 Owner's manual

Matrix MG-PL34 Owner's manual
MG-PL34 Seated Row
Diverging independent arms provide a natural path of motion
Dual-grip positions offer greater training variety
Two different foot positions accommodate a greater variety
of user heights
Ratcheting seat for easy adjustment
Integrated weight-storage horn
Frame Finish
Proprietary two-coat powder process
Max. User Weight
Max. Training Weight
Product Weight
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)
Starting Resistance
Shipping Weight
Weight Horn Diameter (Storage)
Weight Horn Diameter (Working Arms)
159 kg / 350 lbs.
245 kg / 540 lbs.
118 kg / 260 lbs.
152.4 x 139.7 x 106.7 cm / 60” x 55” x 42”
11.3 kg / 25 lbs.
134 kg / 296 lbs.
3.8 cm / 1.5”
5 cm / 1.97”
Fits Users of All Sizes
Range of motion adjustments and multiple footrest
positions make the seated row accessible to users of
all sizes and shapes.
Multiple Grip Positions
Enhanced ergonomics with multiple grip positions
add exercise variety and improve comfort under the
heaviest of loads.
Color-coded Adjustment Points
Conveniently located adjustment points are clearly
marked for ease of use.
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2/15 | Rev 1.1
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