Canon Pixma IP3000 Instructions

Canon Pixma IP3000 Instructions
Start Here
Photo Printer
Easy Setup Instructions
1 Unpack the Printer
1 Carefully remove all items from the box.
2 Prepare the Printer
3 Install the Print Head
1 Remove the print head from its package.
1 Remove the shipping tape from the
4 Install the Ink Tanks
the Printer
5 Connect
and Load Paper
1 Peel back the orange tab and completely
IMPORTANT: Be sure the printer is
off before continuing, or the computer
will attempt to install the printer
driver before the printer is ready.
remove the plastic wrapper from the Yellow
Ink Tank (BCI-6Y).
front and back of the printer.
2 Plug the power cord into the back of the
printer and connect the other end to a
power outlet. Press the POWER button.
The printer will initialize.
2 Twist off and discard the orange protective cap.
Tear at notch to open
2 Remove the orange protective cap
NOTE: To avoid spilling ink, never press on the
sides of an ink tank.
to the computer, the other to the printer.
from the print head.
PIXMA iP3000 Series
Photo Printer
2 Connect one end of the USB cable
Protective Cap
NOTE: Do not touch the print head nozzles
and the electrical contacts.
3 Insert the ink tank into the correct slot.
(Refer to the color guide on the print head holder).
Press down until the ink tank clicks into place.
3 Lower the front cover. Raise the top cover.
and Software Kit
Print Head Nozzles
Remove the shipping tape and lower the
inner cover.
Electrical Contacts
Top Cover
Inner Cover
4 Insert the remaining three ink tanks into
their assigned slots.
3 Raise the print head lock lever.
3 Remove the shipping tape from the paper
guide. Pinch the paper guide and slide it to
the left. Load a few sheets of blank paper
into the auto sheet feeder, then slide the
paper guide toward the left edge of the paper.
PIXMA iP3000 Series
Print Head
Front Cover
5 Close the inner cover, then the top cover.
Auto Sheet
Lift open the paper support and extend the
paper output tray.
4 The print head holder automatically moves
to the center. Remove the protective tape.
Protective Tape
Paper Support
4 Slide the print head into the holder.
The print head will rest at a slight angle.
Top Cover
Serial Number
Power Cord
5 Write down the serial number located to
the right of the print head holder . You will
need this later to register the product.
5 Lower the print head lock lever and press
Paper Output Tray
it down until it clicks into place.
Inner Cover
Ink Tanks
BCI-6C Cyan
BCI-6M Magenta
BCI-3eBK Black
BCI-6Y Yellow
NOTE: The printer will perform a print head
cleaning. Wait until the POWER lamp displays
a steady green light before proceeding.
Serial Number
Continue with Step 6
on side two.
6 Cassette Loading
NOTE: Loading paper in the cassette provides additional
paper handling flexibility. For additional information
visit the electronic User's Guide.
2 Remove the top cover of the cassette.
3 Slide the long edge paper guide to the left and
5 Replace the top cover of the cassette.
the short edge paper guide toward you.
7 Ensure that the auto sheet feeder lamp
is lit. If not, press the paper feed switch.
Top Cover
Top Cover
Long Edge
1 Pull out the cassette from the bottom of
Sheet Feeder
Short Edge
the printer.
NOTE: For letter-size
(8.5" x 11") paper, push
the cassette release lever
and extend the tray.
4 Load paper so that the top right corner touches
the inside corner of the cassette. Adjust paper
guides to the edges of paper.
6 Insert cassette completely into the printer
until it clicks into place.
Release Lever
Top Right
7 Windows Printer Driver Installation and Print Head Alignment
before continuing.
When the "Printer Connection" window appears,
TURN THE PRINTER ON. The software will begin
identifying the printer port being used.
NOTE: For Windows® XP or Windows
2000, log on to Windows as a member
of the Administrators group before
IMPORTANT: To successfully
complete the next step, Software
Installation, ensure 8.5" x 11"
paper is loaded in the Auto Sheet
Feeder (top paper feeder).
NOTE: For letter-size (8.5" x 11")
paper, the front edge of the cassette
will extend beyond the bottom
of the printer.
Macintosh® Printer Driver Installation and Print Head Alignment
Paper Feed
NOTE: For Mac OS 9.x printer driver instructions,
refer to the "Appendix" of the Quick Start Guide.
1 Turn on your Mac and your printer and insert the
6 Start the print head alignment procedure.
“Setup Software & User's Guide” CD-ROM.
NOTE: Log on as an Administrator
before continuing.
a. Double-click the Macintosh HD icon, then
Applications folder. Double-click the Utilities
folder, then the Printer Setup Utility icon.
7 Click Quit to exit the BJ Printer Utility. Print head
alignment is now complete.
8 Access your CD-ROM again. From the
2 Double-click the CD-ROM icon, then the
IMPORTANT: If you see the Found New
Hardware Wizard, click Cancel.
Mac OS X folder, then the Printer Driver folder.
b. When the Printer List screen appears, select
PIXMA iP3000, then click the Utility icon.
Application folder on the CD-ROM, doubleclick on the software to be installed.
IMPORTANT: If your computer cannot
detect a printer port, click Help and
refer to the online instructions.
c. Select PIXMA iP3000 and click Maintenance.
5 Follow the on-screen instructions to install the
remaining software. When the "Installation
Results" window appears, click OK.
2 Close any open software applications
including anti-virus, computer security
and other software. Then insert the Setup
Software & User’s Guide CD-ROM. The
setup program should run automatically.
NOTE: If the setup program does not
run, click Start, then Run, then type
D:\msetup.exe, where D is your
CD-ROM drive.
6 Follow the on-screen instructions to register
3 Double-click the iP3000 260.pkg icon,
9 Follow the on-screen instructions. When the
then follow the on-screen instructions.
“Installation has finished” screen appears,
click OK.
your product.
7 When the "Print Head Alignment" screen
10 Double-click on the Product Registration
appears, ensure that letter size paper is loaded
in the auto sheet feeder (top paper feeder). Click
Execute and follow on-screen instructions.
d. Ensure that letter size paper is loaded in the
auto sheet feeder (top paper feeder).
NOTE: When the "Authenticate" screen appears,
enter your administrator name and password.
If you do not know your administrator name
or password, click
, then follow the
on-screen instructions.
3 When the main menu appears,
click Easy Install.
e. Click the down-arrow to select Test Print.
Click the Print Head Alignment icon and
follow the on-screen instructions.
4 When the message "The software was
successfully installed" appears, click Restart.
NOTE: Print head alignment will take
several minutes to complete.
8 When the "Installation completed successfully"
NOTE: Select Easy Install in order to install
all of the application software, electronic
manual and printer driver. Select Custom
Install in order to choose the options you
would like to install.
screen appears, click Restart.
5 When a message asking you to align the print
head appears, click OK.
NOTE: Print head alignment will take
several minutes to complete.
Part no. QA7-3222-V01 © 2004 Canon U.S.A., Inc. Canon is a Registered Trademark of Canon Inc. All other products and brand names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners. Specifications subject to change without notice. P-iP3000-ESI-0304 Printed in Thailand.
icon, found in the Mac OS X folder, to
register your product.
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