Multiplex Beermaster Wine Kit Installation Guide

Multiplex Beermaster Wine Kit Installation Guide
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Multiplex Beverage Equipment Installation Instructions for
Beermaster™ Wine Dispensing Kit
Caution: To Avoid Serious Injury
Important: Read the following warnings before beginning an
installation. Failure to do so may result in possible death or
serious injury.
To dispense chilled wine through the Beermaster™ system,
the following components are required:
DO Adhere to all National and Local Plumbing and Electrical Safety Codes.
DO Turn “off” incoming electrical service switches
when servicing, installing, or repairing equipment.
DO Check that all flare fittings on the carbonation
tank(s) are tight. This check should be performed
with a wrench to ensure a quality seal.
DO Inspect pressure on Regulators before starting up
Š Wine Dispensing Kit (P.N. 00211504)
Š Nitrogen Regulator (P.N. 00219381)
Š Wine Tank, Stainless Steel with general disconnects
Installing the wine dispensing kit
Single faucet
1. Select faucet on beer tower for wine and remove metal
beer faucet. Replace metal beer faucet with plastic wine
Locate product line connected to this faucet at walk-in
cooler. If connected to beer wall bracket, disconnect and
remove beer nut, tail piece, and John Guest tube connector.
Assemble 1/2" x 3/8" John Guest tube connector, appropriate length of 3/8" OD poly, to reach location of wine tank,
/8" x 1/4" FF John Guest connector, and liquid disconnect.
Connect nitrogen regulator to nitrogen tank and connect
gas line to regulator outlet.
Connect empty wine tank and turn on nitrogen tank. Adjust to 30 psi and pressurize system to check for leaks.
Turn “off” nitrogen and depressurize system. Determine
system pressure resistance and reset regulator for desired
DO Protect eyes when working around refrigerants.
DO Use caution when handling metal surface edges of
all equipment.
DO Handle CO2 cylinders and gauges with care. Secure
cylinders properly against abrasion.
DO Store CO2 cylinder(s) in well ventilated areas.
Throw or drop a CO2 cylinder. Secure the cylinder(s)
in an upright position with a chain.
Connect the CO2 cylinder(s) directly to the product
container. Doing so will result in an explosion causing possible death or injury. Best to connect the
CO2 cylinder(s) to a regulator(s).
Store CO2 cylinders in temperature above 125°F
(51.7°C) near furnaces, radiator or sources of heat.
Release CO2 gas from old cylinder.
Touch Refrigeration lines inside units, some may
exceed temperatures of 200°F (93.3°C).
Notice: Water pipe connections and fixtures directly connected
to a potable water supply shall be sized, installed and
maintained in accordance with Federal, State, and Local codes.
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Multiple faucets from same tank
In addition to component required for single faucet installation, each additional faucet requires:
Š Faucet (P.N. 00211885)
Š Tee (P.N. 00210862)
Install faucets at desired locations.
Install tees at appropriate places in 1/2" OD poly wine line.
In accordance with our policy of continuous product development and improvement,
this information is subject to change at any time without notice.
EI211504 Revision B (JMT/KAK) 7 May, 2001
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