Multiplex McCann's Carbonators Installation Guide

Multiplex McCann's Carbonators Installation Guide
McCann's Carbonators
1. If the flexible electrical supply cord on this carbonator assembly is used, a flexible water line connector must also be used.
Connect a water line, equal to 3/8" pipe or larger. If the water connection is 12' or more from the carbonator a 1/2" water line should be used. A shutoff
valve, pressure regulator and water filter may be installed in pump line. The pressure coming to the carbonator pump should never be above the CO2
pressure setting. Normal water pressure entering the pumps should be around 50 psi. If a water hammer noise later develops when carbonator shuts on
and off, a 6" to 10" flexible water line may be installed to the water pump inlet.
2. Connect CO2 pressure supply to CO2 inlet on carbonator tank. Normal operating pressure should be 100 psi. Maximum operating
pressure should not exceed 120 psi. If carbonator drinks show too much foam, set CO2 pressure at 80 to 90 psi.
3. Connect carbonator water outlet line to dispenser system. To avoid contamination of potable liquids, do not connect copper tubing or fitting between the
discharge fitting of the carbonator tank and the dispensing faucet.
4. Open pressure relief valve (red arm should be in vertical position).
5. Turn water supply on and fill tank until water can be seen coming out of the pressure relief valve.
6. Close pressure relief valve (red arm should be in horizontal position).
7. Turn on CO2 and adjust to correct pressure (see step 2).
8. The motor cord is equipped with a 3 prong electrical plug. To insure both the safety and proper operation of this equipment, be certain that the electrical
receptacle is a proper design so as to accept this plug assuring that the carbonator assembly is properly grounded.
If the carbonator assembly is to be installed in an area, or community whose local codes require permanent wiring, the following procedure should be
a. Remove knock out cover disc from top of motor and the cover plate on rear of motor. Replace it with a conduit connector that should be firmly
screwed into the motor. The three wires (white, black, and green) should be fed through the conduit connector and brought into the wiring
compartment of the motor. The conduit may now be inserted into the connector and secured.
b. The green wire from the conduit should be connected to the green screw that holds down the cover plate. Be sure to use a ring torque terminal
for connecting the wire to the screw.
c. The white wire from the conduit and the white wire from the flexible cord going to the carbonator tank should be joined together by a suitable
U.L. Listed insulated twisted on pressure cable connector.
d. There are two threaded electrical studs in the wiring compartment of the motor. One post has the black lead from the electrical cord to the
carbonator tank connected to it. The post will be used to connect the black wire from the conduit. Here again, use a ring torque terminal and
secure it to the stud with a hex nut.
If above conditions have been met, the power may be turned on (if electric cord operated, then insert plug in receptacle - if permanent wiring installation
power switch or breaker may be thrown to the ON position).
9. Check system for water leaks and CO2 leaks.
10. Open dispensing faucet and let carbonator and motor assembly cycle several times to flush system.
17-0327 Rev. E
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