Philips BM50 Owner Manual

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Philips BM50 Owner Manual | Manualzz

Firmware upgrade instructions for BM50

1. Download the firmware.

2. Unzip the downloaded file. There are 3 files:




3. Save all these files to the root directory of an empty USB stick.

4. Power on the device.

5. Select USB source.

6. Plug the USB stick into the USB socket (on the right side of the device).


DO NOT press any button, or unplug the USB stick, or interfere with the power supply until the upgrade is completed. Otherwise, the device would be damaged.

7. The device starts reading the USB stick. It displays “READING”. When it finishes reading, upgrade begins. “UPGRADE” would be displayed.

8. DO NOT remove the USB stick. Wait for a few minutes. At completion of firmware upgrade, ‘SUCCESS’ would be displayed.

9. Disconnect the AC power of the speaker.

10. Unplug the USB stick.

11. Connect AC power again and turn on the speaker.

To check the firmware versions of the device:

1. Power on the device.

2. Select AUDIO IN source.

3. Short press ”Next” button.

4. Long press (Press and hold) “Play” button.

5. The display will show MCU version, the Wi-Fi FW version and finally the CD

FW version.

6. Power off the device.


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