Promate MasterHub-2 Datasheet

Promate MasterHub-2 Datasheet
 7 promate' [ MasterHub-2)
Incredible knowhow
7 Port High Speed USB 3.0 Hub with External Power Support
Universal Compatibility » Individual Power Switches + Ultra-Fast Data Transfer
he Complete
Data Transfer &
Charging Solution
USB 3.0 I Fast Data Available Plug Types
Cable Iransfer & Charge
Ua Pig
USB Ports
Iu Py As Piar
Individua .
Power Contro
External Power
rire resistant
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MasterHub-7 5 a next-reneration high-performance LSE hub that takes full advantage of the USE 30 standard, offering seven USE 3.0 ports capable of delivering transter
19 E... EN | Ш Л. Ё
LSE Voltage: 5¥ a Power Adapter: SWR
speeds up to 5 Gbps. It's the last USB hub you will ever need
Interface: SH 51 Iranster Mate: hihhos
Power Ampere: 24 - 0% Support: AN Windows £ MAC 5 Androld system
Power Comeumo! na: 0 Sm
Available Color
» Matti?» Ui Guide Ur EU AU CE EZ
AN USE Charging Enabled Devices
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Тот Ea Tage A maple
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Model Kame: Masterbinb-2 Barcode 469744097573 Prosiabe Technslogies Li www prostate mel IN голу sales omite nel markbé[email protected]é net
CASE TTD 4 Fea ened Drademank ol Proms Technologies. AB OOREr NIE AA TES e DA ре СНЕС СИ Dr TE Qu TETS
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