Clear-Com FreeSpeak Edge Beltpack Quick start guide

Clear-Com FreeSpeak Edge Beltpack Quick start guide
FreeSpeak Edge™ wireless beltpack
FreeSpeak Edge™ is a member of Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak™ family of digital wireless intercom
solutions. A FreeSpeak Edge wireless beltpack gives you simultaneous access to up to 8 channels of
talk/listen communication, with the ability to switch among them as desired. It communicates with the
following components:
• An Eclipse-HX matrix with one or more E-IPA-HX interface cards.
• FS Edge 5 GHz transceiver/antennas (FSE-TCVR-50-IP-US, FSE-TCVR-50-IP-EU). These provide
custom coverage zones in which the beltpacks operate.
Charging the beltpack
To remove the battery, open the battery release latch and
push in the direction indicated on the device.
The beltpack uses a rechargeable Li-Ion battery.
A dedicated drop-in battery charger can charge up to four LiIon batteries simultaneously.
You can also charge the batteries using a USB C cable to any
USB charger.
Ensure the beltpack has a charged battery and press the
power button (quick tap).
The beltpack menu
Using the menu system
• Configure volume and display settings for the beltpack
Read information, such as software version
Connect to the system
Perform a site survey and a local RF channel scan
Switch to speaker mode (no headset)
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Quick Start Guide | FreeSpeak Edge ™ wireless beltpack (FSE-BP50)
Configure EHX
Assuming a matrix with at least 1 E-IPA-HX card:
1. EHX: Cards and Ports > IPA > Add Ports > wireless beltpacks (for each physical beltpack
as required)
2. EHX: Hardware > transceivers > add Edge tcvrs
3. EHX: Configuration > Beltpack roles > add Edge roles and Panels > role(s) configure
Beltpack roles
Audio configuration on your beltpack is controlled by a role.
Before connecting the beltpack to a transceiver, a role for it
must be created in the EHX software.
In the EHX software navigate to:
Matrix>Configuration>Beltpack Roles
For more information please refer to the EHX Software
Configuration Guide.
Register beltpacks
Beltpacks must be registered before use. At least one transceiver must be connected to the system
before registration is possible.
Register beltpack(s) Over the Air:
a. EHX: Hardware > Beltpacks > Start OTA registration
b. Beltpack: Menu > System > System Connect > Select matrix (press D)
c. Beltpack: Select role (press D)
d. EHX: Hardware > Beltpacks > Fetch registered beltpacks from Matrix
e. Apply Map to Matrix.
On connection you will select a role for your beltpack. Once the beltpack is registered and connected it
is ready for use.
The beltpacks can also be registered to the system using a USB C cable directly to the PC
hosting the EHX software. EHX: Hardware>Beltpacks>Register via USB.
The role can be fixed to the beltpack in the EHX software. In this case, the beltpack will
automatically take the fixed role.
Base connectors
For additional information on system and set up scan QR code.
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