Detecto 6500 Operating instructions

Detecto 6500 Operating instructions
6500 Portable
Wheelchair Scale
Operating Instructions
Scale Preparation
1. Install six (6) “C” size batteries or if ordered with scale, plug the small connector end of the
AC power adapter cord into the power jack located on the back of the MV1 and then plug
the AC power adapter into the proper electrical outlet. IMPORTANT! DO NOT connect an
AC power adapter to the indicator if alkaline batteries are installed.
2. Install the indicator on the scale bracket and then connect the load cell cable.
3. Place the scale on any hard, level, flat surface or low-cut carpet.
CAUTION! This scale weighs approximately
90 pounds. If you think it is too heavy for you
to lower or lift safely, ask someone to help
you. Damage to the Load Cells can occur if
the scale is dropped or allowed to fall from the
transport position. If damage to the scale is
determined to have been caused by falling or
dropping scale, the warranty will be voided.
4. The scale is now ready for operation.
NOTE: For more information on installing the batteries (or the AC power adapter),
mounting the indicator on the scale bracket, connecting the load cell cable, and setup
and operation, refer to the MedVue Model MV1 Medical Weight Analyzer Owner’s
Manual, 8555-M512-O1.
Basic Operation
Lowering Scale from
Transport Position to Floor
WARNING! Only the attendant may move the wheelchair on and off the
scale platform. Attendant must assist patient onto and off the scale
platform. NEVER leave a patient unattended while they are on the
1. From transport position, stand close to scale with your
feet 8 to 12 inches apart.
scale platform. Failure to maintain control of the patient at all times
can result in serious injury to you and/or the patient.
2. Firmly grasp handles on scale.
3. While stepping back, lower scale to floor, keeping your
back straight and bending your knees until you're in a
squatting position.
Always keep your back straight, and bend
at the knees, until in a squatting position!
To Weigh
1. Press the ON/OFF key to turn the indicator on.
2. Press the ZERO key to zero weight display. The ZERO, GROSS and lb or kg
annunciator will turn on to show that the scale is ready for use.
Lifting Scale from
Floor to Transport Position
1. Stand close to scale with your feet 8 to 12 inches apart.
2. Keeping your back straight, bend your knees until you're
in a squatting position.
3. Assist patient onto scale and read weight display.
4. If a printer is connected to scale, press the PRINT/ENTER key to print a ticket.
5. Assist patient off scale.
Zero Weight Display
1. If the indicator is not showing zero weight on the display, press the ZERO key.
2. Weight display will return to zero. The ZERO and STABLE [\ annunciators will turn
on to show a stable, center-of-zero gross weight condition.
IMPORTANT! For storage,
lay scale flat for maximum
protection against damage.
Zero Weight Display with Item on Scale (Push Button Tare)
1. Place item (wheelchair, walker, etc.) on scale, and then press the TARE key.
2. Display will change to show ENTER TARE WT, and the weight of item on scale.
3. Press PRINT/ENTER key.
4. Display will return to zero with the NET annunciator turned on, to show that net weight is
being displayed. The item's weight has been entered as "tare weight".
5. Proceed with weighing operation.
Metric Conversion
Press the UNITS key to toggle between pounds and kilograms. The lb or kg annunciator
will turn on to show the weighing unit selected.
Always keep your back straight, and bend
at the knees, until in a squatting position!
203 E. Daugherty, Webb City, MO 64870 USA
Ph: 417-673-4631 or 1-800-641-2008
Fax: 417-673-2153
3. Firmly grasp handles on scale and lift straight up. Don't twist to either side. Keep the
scale close to you, not at arm's length.
4. Use your leg muscles as you lift. Keep your back upright and in its natural posture. Lift
steadily and smoothly without jerking.
Printed in USA
0065-M509-O1 Rev C 02/18
Technical Support: 1-866-254-8261
E-mail: [email protected]
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