OptimAir TL PAPR Owner's Manual

OptimAir TL PAPR Owner's Manual
(Package of 5)
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10091958 Yellow HD Cover
Protective Cover
For use with the OptimAir® TL Powered Air
Purifying Respirator
1. In a clean area, remove belt and cartridges.
2. Slide protective cover over breathing tube and motor
blower unit. (It may be helpful to turn on the motor
blower during this step.)
DO NOT allow the protective cover, or any object, to
interfere with the cartridge o-ring and receptacle sealing surface or an airtight seal will not be achieved.
Failure to follow this warning could result in serious
personal injury or death.
6. Cut protective cover tube to desired length and seal to
breathing tube connector with tape.
7. Replace belt through apertures in cover loops on
8. Lay the unit flat while folding and taping bottom of
3. Push cover openings
over cartridge receptacles.
4. Attach cartridges.
5. Lift edges of protective
cover openings over
cartridge bases and
seal with tape.
MSA 802 (L) Rev. 0
© MSA 2008
Prnt. Spec. 10000005196 (A) Mat. 10092063
Doc. 10092063
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