Genius NX-7000 User manual

Genius NX-7000 User manual
Hardware Installation
1. You can connect the receiver to a USB port of a PC.
2. Install one AA battery in the mouse as instructed.
3. Make sure that you have switched on the power switch underneath the mouse.
Factory Settings
1. Left Button: Provides traditional mouse functions like click, double click and
2. Magic-Roller: Press the “Magic-Roller” to surf the Internet and Windows
3. Right Button: Provides traditional mouse click functions.
Warning: (Troubleshooting)
1. Do not use the wireless optical/laser mouse on a desk which is made of glass or
2. The connection of the wireless device and the receiver is factory preset, so when
you plug the USB receiver into any USB port, the connection between the micro
receiver and the mouse will be established automatically.
3. In case your PC did not install the hardware successfully, remove the micro
receiver from the USB port and go Human Interface Devices under Device
Manager to remove the mouse then plug in the micro receiver to a USB port
4. If you feel the mouse does not move smooth as usual, it is possible the batteries
have lost their charge so you need to replace them. Remember to put the batteries
in the correct direction.
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