LYYT LR15X User manual

LYYT LR15X User manual
Outdoor RGB
Item ref: 154.124UK
User Manual
Caution: Please read this manual carefully before operating
Damage caused by misuse is not covered by the warranty
The LR15X is an IP65 signal repeater designed to allow expanded arrays of outdoor 12V or
24V RGB LED lighting products. Any RGB LED controller has a limited amount of current
capacity, which means that it can only control a limited number of lamps or luminaires. The
LR15X acts as a signal repeater or amplifier so that further RGB LED units can be added to
existing controlled luminaires and the colour control will be repeated across both units. Typical
RGB luminaires may be underwater, deck lights, spot lights or LED strips.
Signal in
DC 24V/12V power in
Signal out
IP65 4-pin connector for R, G, B, V+ input
IP65 2-pin 12Vdc or 24Vdc power supply connection
IP65 4-pin connector for R, G, B, V+ output
Setting up
Connect the RGB output connector from an outdoor RGB LED luminaire that is being
colour controlled to the “Signal in” lead (1) of the LR15X
Connect the RGB input connector to another outdoor RGB LED luminaire that is follow
the same colour control to the “Signal out” lead (3) of the LR15X
Connect an appropriate DC power supply for the LED lighting units (either 12V or
24V) to the 2-pin connector labeled “DC 24V/12V power in” (2)
154.124UK User Manual
Example of connection with RGB LED washers
154.124UK User Manual
Working temperature
Max current per channel
IP rating
-20°C - 65°C
IP65 RGB in, RGB out, DC12/24V in
98 x 68 x 28mm (ex leads)
Disposal: The “Crossed Wheelie Bin” symbol on the product means that the product is classed as Electrical or
Electronic equipment and should not be disposed with other household or commercial waste at the end of its useful life.
The goods must be disposed of according to your local council guidelines.
Errors and omissions excepted.
Copyright© 2014. AVSL Group Ltd.
154.124UK User Manual
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