2009 - Austin Al-Anon

2009 - Austin Al-Anon

District 6 Newsletter

District 6 Newsletter

Fall 2009

Volume 22 Issue 4

District 6 Newsletter

District Meeting

October 17th

Hosted by:

Living Gratitude AFG

Unity Church of Austin

5501 W. Highway 290

Austin, TX 78735

Contact: Liz L.


Via I-35:

Take I-35 toward Austin. Take exit for Highway 290/Highway 71/Ben

White West. Stay on Highway

290/Highway 71 and proceed about 6 miles. Take the exit toward Monterrey

Oaks/Industrial Oaks Boulevard. Turn left on Monterrey Oaks Boulevard and cross over the highway. The entrance for Unity Church of Austin will be about 400 feet on your right opposite

Sagebrush Road to your left.

Via Mopac:

Take Loop 1 (Mopac) south to

Highway 290/Highway 71. Take

Highway 290/Highway 71 west and proceed about 1 mile. Take the exit toward Monterrey Oaks/Industrial

Oaks Boulevard. Turn left on

Monterrey Oaks Boulevard and cross over the highway. The entrance for

Unity Church of Austin will be about

400 feet on your right opposite

Sagebrush Road to your left.

Newsletter Highlights:

Officer Reports

Coordinator Reports

Group Reports

Information Centers

Traducción al español

Service Committee

Meeting Schedule









I grew up in a beautiful 7,000 island country called the Philippines. I am one of nine children of a very bright woman and a very wonderful man. I am the third from the eldest. The first seven years of my life were spent with my grandparents. My whole family lived with my grandparents in a compound. We basically had our own small house but spent more time in my grandparents’ house. I was basically raised by my grandparents, several “yayas” or nannies and various relatives. There were no day care centers in my country. My memories with my grandparents were great, and I had minimal memories of great times with my parents.

During these seven years, my mother worked most of the time while my father worked on and off. I did not notice anything unusual. I also lived in a neighborhood where drinking alcohol was quite common. That was my normal.

I would be asked to go buy something from the store and meet a drunk on the street or see fights between drunks in a small store. That was my normal.

When I turned 8 years old, my grandparents gently explained to the children that we were going to have to move somewhere else. I found out later that my parents were basically kicked out of my grandparents home because of the fact that my parents were dependent on my grandparents, my father did not have a steady job, Ma made minimal amount of money and most of the expenses were shouldered by my grandparents. I did not recall my father being drunk at that time. What I remembered was that there were nights when I and my brothers and sisters had to stay at my grandparents’ house for the night. That was my normal.

So we lived in my father’s former office (his company went bankrupt) for two years through the kindness of relatives. During those two years, my Ma had a nervous breakdown and had to be sent to a psychiatrist, I witnessed the fights between my parents that were shielded from us before, I tasted beer when I was probably nine or ten offered by a drunk Uncle who was supposed to be taking of us, and I witnessed the drinking sessions of my father with his friends and relatives on a regular basis. I basically tried to get out of my father’s way and most of the time (when I had a chance), I would visit my grandmother and would asked her if I could stay in her house. I rarely would get a yes as an answer.

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Future Events

October 17

October 19

October 24

Oct 30 – Nov 1

District 6 Meeting

Austin Information Center Board meeting

Fall Face to Face, Pearland

ETAAA Fall Assembly, Kerrville

December 15

Jan 16, 2010

Austin Information Center Board meeting

District Meeting, Kileen AFG

Feb 5-7, 2010 2010 All Texas Al-Anon/Alateen Conference, Houston

Mar 19-21, 2010 POSSE, Gonzales

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District 6 Newsletter

Alternate District


What a lot of great groups there are in our district! I thank all who have welcomed me as I have visited with the different groups since the last district meeting. I have enjoyed hearing the sharings of the wonderful experience, strength, and hope of the members of our district. As I have visited each group, I have tried to leave helpful information. I have been giving each group the “Useful

Information for Group

Representatives” sheet, contact information for the district officers and coordinators, and any guidelines and other publications that the groups might find useful. If the groups can think of anything else they might find useful, please let me know.

Thanks to the Elgin group who presented the marvelous workshop on using the Al-Anon/Alateen Service

Manual, I have been becoming more familiar with the service manual. It has been very helpful when groups or members have questions regarding anything pertaining to Al-Anon or

Alateen. If you don’t have one, it’s a bargain—less than $5!

Our Spanish groups have been growing, and I hope that maybe soon a new service position, such as a

Spanish District Coordinator might be considered. I have been averaging between one and three phone calls a week from people looking for Spanishspeaking Al-Anon meetings.

Please let me know if there is anything

I can do to assist your groups.

In Al-Anon love and service,

Paula H.

Officer Reports




April 18, 2009

Hosted by Paths to Serenity AFG

Pflugerville, Texas

Shelley S. opened the meeting at 9:11 with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. The Opening,

Preamble, 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, 12

Concepts, and Warranties were read.

Announcements were made. New

GR’s and those attending their first district meeting were recognized.

Introductions were made and the Ask-

It-Basket was passed. Rosie M., our

Delegate, gave her report from the

World Service Conference. This report took the place of the usual workshop. Rosie also announced that she had a mini-stroke on June 29th and is now doing her rehab and physical therapy. A skit on relationships taken from our newest Al-Anon book

Discovering Choices was presented.

Shelley announced that our World

Service Office has a new survey online titled “Are you one of Al-Anon’s

Abundant Resources?” To find this survey, go to the Member’s websitewww.al-anon.alateen.org/membersand click on the “Survey for

Members” tab on the left sidebar to complete the questionnaire. An article on this was also in the May 2009

Forum. Shelley then talked more about KBDM (Knowledge Based

Decision Making). Alternate DR,

Paula, passed out copies of “Useful

Information for GR’s.” She said she can email this to anyone that needs it.

She said she has also been visiting groups in the district. The minutes from the April 8 meeting were accepted as written. Shelley gave the

Treasurer’s report for Kay. She explained the Kristy Fund.

She also formed a thoughtforce

(TEAM) to discuss the what to do with the money in the budget for the line item “RSS Reserve” since there are no more RSS’s (Regional Service

Seminars). The members of that

TEAM are Tom B., Pat E., and Kay C.

The donation basket was passed.

Coordinators gave their reports.

Rebecca gave a report on TEAC.

Archives, Delores, gave her email address. She is putting a picture of our co-founders Lois and Anne in the archives. Tom B., newsletter editor, said the deadline for reports for the fall newsletter is Sept. 4. Sissy S. asked if

Al-Anon has a book that is considered the Big Book of Al-Anon. The answer is that WSO has no statement on this.

Pat E. gave a report for the Austin

AIS/LDC. Cindy C. gave one for the

Waco AIS.

The morning session broke for lunch at 11:55 AM.

During lunch, Rosie gave her report in

Spanish to the Spanish speaking groups.

Afternoon business resumed at 1:12.

Shelley thanked the Paths to Serenity

AFG for hosting our meeting.

Ask-It-Basket Questions:

1. “Suggestions on being a sponsor.”

Cindy C.: Meet for lunch/ dinner initially to get to know each other better, communicate by phone, email, get together after meetings to talk, encourage sponsee to read CAL

(daily readers, new books, etc.), encourage them to call anytime, study the steps with them, be humble, share what worked for you, encourage service. The sponsor might want to get a Service Sponsor.

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Secretary’s Report (continued)

2. “Why aren’t new Al-Anon books translated into Spanish?”

Coy C.: Material must be written before it can be translated. In the Service Manual, page 91, there is an explanation of how material is accepted for publication. After it is copywritten and published, it can then be translated.

3. “When a group has disbanded, what is the policy (and where is it written) about distribution of funds, etc.?”

Paula H.: Call your local AIS.

Call WSO at 1-800-344-2666. Some groups disperse literature among existing groups.

4. “What is the best way to collect money for WSO in our AFG group?

Should we send a check from our treasury or maybe pass a separate basket for WSO at a couple of meetings on a quarterly basis?”

Paula H.: Some groups rotate on a quarterly basis by giving 1/4 of donations for that period. The

Quarterly Appeal Letter is separate.

Groups are autonomous so they can vote on how much/how often they want to contribute to WSO.

5. “What is a group’s legal responsibility to report to a health professional when a member talks about committing suicide? How do we handle anonymity with this?”

Pat E.: As a group we do not have a legal responsibility. It is against the Traditions for the group to be involved with outside entities. As concerned individuals, we can talk with the person and offer help.

Personal anonymity is up to the individual.

6. “Are group conscience meetings limited to topics announced in advance?”

Steve J.: Refer to pages. 38-

39 in the Service Manual that discuss how meetings are conducted.

Sissy said that two Al-Anon members in our district-Jan W. of Austin and

LaVern W. of Waco-will soon be celebrating their 50th Al-Anon birthdays. She asked if our district could do something for them at the next district meeting like have a cake and corsages? It was suggested that our next district meeting workshop be on the history of Al-Anon in our district with Jan and LaVern’s input.

Sissy was told that the group that hosts determines the workshop. Sissy will help the hosting group with this. Jan and LaVern will be contacted.

District 6 Newsletter

Rosa asked if the district could create a new position for a Spanish District

Coordinator. A taskforce (TEAM) was formed. Members of the taskforce are Paula, Mireya, Leticia, and Hope.

Old Business:

Group updates were given. The St.

Catherine groups will look at hosting the October 17th district meeting.

Killeen AFG will host the January 16,

2010 meeting.

New Business:

See the above discussion on the RSS budget line item.

Contributions collected today for the district were $285.00.

The meeting adjourned at 2:20 with the Al-Anon Declaration.

Respectfully submitted,

Cindy C., Secretary



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Just a Little Extra to Share!!

Looking for a Speaker Meeting?

5 th

Sunday of each month

5 th

Monday of each month

5 th

Monday of each month

5 th

Tuesday of each month

5 th

Tuesday of each month

1 st

Wednesday of each month

5 th

Wednesday of each month

2 nd

Saturday of each month

Belton Steps & Traditions AFG, Belton, 8:00 p.m.

Courage to Change AFG, Austin, 6:45 p.m.

Allandale Happy Hour AFG, Austin, 5:30 p.m.

Anderson Mill AFG, Austin 7:30 p.m.

Just For Today AFG, Elgin, 6:30 p.m.

Northland AFG in Austin, 8:00 p.m.

Freedom to Recover AFG, Round Rock, 8:00 p.m.

Georgetown AFG, 8 p.m. Al-anon & AA speaker. Potluck dinner is at 7 p.m.

Editor’s Note: If I don’t have your days & times correct, please let me know! Thank you!

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District 6 Newsletter

Treasurer’s Report – 2009 Budget

Page 4

District 6 Newsletter

Delores’ Story (continued)

Later on, we moved to a rental house about a mile and a half down the road from my father’s office and my father got his previous job back. We lived in this rental house for another 2 years. They were good years!! Life was very simple.

My parents both worked.

Then we moved again. Dad was able to secure a loan to get a small 3/1 bedroom house. However, after a year or so, my grandfather passed away. Being the only child, my mother took in my grandmother (there were no nursing homes in my country). I remember my grandma’s first night with us. All 9 kids were watching television in the living room, grandma was sitting in a soft chair and then we all heard the familiar sound of my father’s motorcycle – all hell broke loose!! All nine kids disappeared in their bedrooms within 5 seconds. My grandmother was absolutely shocked! Not of us wanted to deal with the man who was drunk. That was my normal.

When my father would not arrive until the early hours of the morning, I was grateful. That was my normal.

After my grandmother’s moving in, my mother left for the United States of America. I was told that the reason she left was financial; but later on, after graduating from college, my grandma basically said that my mother was not fit to raise a family. On the other hand, my mother said, that it was the only way she kept her sanity and still contribute to raising her children. Both were a huge blow to all the concepts that I learned about family. My mother dutifully kept in touch and kept on sending money to my father. Later on, I remembered that even the little savings that I would put aside or the money sent to me for my birthdays was all taken by my father. His reason was that it was money earned by him and my mother and, therefore, still belonged to him.

I did not see my mother for the next 14 years. I, my big brother and my big sister took the responsibilities of taking care of my grandmother, my brothers, sisters, household, budget, father, etc. That was normal.

I turned into a perfectionist, self-righteous, and low self-esteemed person. I somehow ended up finishing nursing as my college education, a direction pushed by my parents. I looked for a job and ended up in Georgetown, Texas.

For the first time in my life, I was working and relating to people outside my family. It was not pleasant. I acted as the high, almighty, self-righteous person that I was and basically fired most of the people working for the place I worked in.

I would rescue people, I would cling to anyone who would pay attention to me, I would send all my salary to my father as he requested or to my family in the Philippines. I basically dedicated all of my life to helping my father get his children through college.

Thanksgiving in 1996 – I went home to New Jersey where my parents lived (my dad went to the US in 1990) and saw my mother for the first time in 14 years. What I remembered with that visit were the multiple alcoholic drinks located under the dining table, my mother saving every bit of whatever (making the place they live in as absolutely cramped) and my sister (who came to the US as well) who was always pointing what was wrong with me and just basically criticizing me on a million of things.

The following year, I was on the verge of a breakdown – and my mother suggested Al-Anon. I found a local paper and found the white house in Georgetown, Texas. I DID NOT LIKE WHAT THEY SAID AT ALL!

I was in denial or even non-recognition of the disease of alcoholism in my family. I cried for six months or so and would ran out the door as soon as the meeting was over (because I did not like the touching and hugging and whatever they did). Until, I got to a conference and got a sponsor. My sponsor handed me the AA book. That was an eye opener! It was a roller coaster ride of emotions that I was so scared to even feel. I did not even know what it meant to be joyful or angry or lonely or sad. Or whether I was even allowed to feel these emotions. I had to do a lot of work.

I did step work. Until Step 4 – then my sponsor had to travel and I stopped attending. I thought I was okay.

Two years later, I hit rock bottom. I got married within these two years and had a child. I found out that the person I married had two skid row alcoholic uncles and that he grew up with them. My husband himself is an absolute perfectionist just like me! Wow!

Needless to say, I went back to Al-Anon. I did not get a sponsor until 6 months later. I worked the steps all the way to

12. Then my sponsor stopped coming to meetings. I got another sponsor.

I have been back for the last 7 years and never stopped coming. I am not alone anymore. I have my Al-Anon friends, my sponsor, the literature, the steps, traditions and concepts to help me define myself. My father still drinks – he is back in the Philippines now. He still asks for money for his “own use” which I found later was on gambling. My mother is back in my country as well and doing well for herself. She is applying the Al-Anon program - the best way she can.

Al-Anon has given me the gift of hope. The hope is that “the family situation is bound to improve as we apply the Al-

Anon ideas”. There are now 4 members in my family who are applying the principles of the program. The rest are very willing to start their own program. That is my current normal.

Maria Dolores F.

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District 6 Newsletter

Coordinator Reports


Al-Anons are holding meetings at the

Lockhart women’s prison and need speakers. You will need a background check. Call Janet, Kathie, or Kathleen.

In April, Sissy from Independence

AFG shared at Family Day at County

Court where DWI classes are held.

Phyllis from Courage to Change went back to DCCI, an outpatient facility, to share what Al-Anon is and her own experience, strength, and hope.

Henrich from Independence AFG puts literature in the ER waiting room at St

Davids Hospital.

Literature that was available for people to pick up and take back to their groups includes Fact Sheets for

Professionals and Dear Mom and Dad.

Love in Al-Anon




There were not a lot of activities in the

District 6 archives. There were a couple of books added to the archive’s collection from the family of an AA member. These conference approved literature items were Al-Anon books.

Other than that, it has been quiet.

Please do call me or approach me if your group or someone has some old and discontinued Al-Anon literature items.

In loving service,

Delores F., District 6 Archivist



After the last district meeting, I sent postcards to all individual recipients of the newsletter (about 45). The postcard asked the individual to let me or Kay know if they wanted to continue receiving a mailed copy of the newsletter. We got very few responses and the result was a reduction in our mailing list from about 150 to 105. If you know of anyone who did not get a newsletter but would still like to be on distribution, please let me know. This was 30% reduction in the number of newsletters, but the cost only went down about 5%. I have been in contact with Ginny’s to understand why the cost did not go down more, and about ways to reduce the cost further. The summer newsletter had an article about the purpose of the newsletter and how to send in a subscription along with the suggested donation of $10. Statistics for the summer issue of the newsletter are:

102 mailed (1 returned)

Total cost: $502.36

Deadline for submission to the fall issue is September 4. Thanks for your inputs and please encourage your groups to provide a report. This is your newsletter and it is a primary means for sharing information.

Yours in service,

Tom B.





OCTOBER 17, 2009


30 – NOVEMBER 1, 2009

- P.O.S.S.E. - MARCH 19-21, 2010



JUNE 1, 2010

Part of the certification process means attending at least one District Meeting and one District Alateen Sponsor

Meeting per year. Both can be fulfilled at the same District Meeting. There will be a District Sponsor Meeting at the October District Meeting.

At the Fall Area Assembly, the term

“Experienced Sponsor” should be defined and approved. This may impact any of us who are current

Alateen Sponsors. Hopefully, if you are an Alateen Sponsor, you have been talking to your Al-Anon Group

Representative about the importance of this subject. If you are also an Al-

Anon Group Representative, you will attend the Assembly to exercise your responsibility, having a voice and vote.

Many new Al-Anon members have expressed an interest in getting involved with the Alateens. In preparation for service as an Alateen

Group Sponsor or a Chaperone, the most important thing to do is to work your Al-Anon program, get a good handle on the Steps and Traditions and have at least two years of continuous active experience in Al-Anon. E-mail or give me a call if you have any questions on the certification process.

Thank you again for your service to the Al-Anon program, especially those who are able to be part of the Alateen service structure.

Steve J.

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Group Reports

District 6 Newsletter

Independence AFG

We meet at Red River Church at 45th

Street and Red River on Friday nights at 7 p.m. We have a step meeting on the first Friday of each month and a tradition meeting on the third Friday.

On the other Friday nights, the subject is the choice of the chair. The subject is introduced and then we go in a circle and everyone is allowed to share. We had tried to put a time limit on this, but have learned that this leaves some people out. So, we are now more flexible.

Please visit us,


New Point of View AFG

We meet on Thursdays at Wellspring

United Methodist Church, Room 203,

6200 Williams Drive, Georgetown.

Our meeting time is 7 to 8 p.m. This solutions-based group opens each meeting with the Steps. There is then a short reading from the Tradition of the month and a reading regarding the

Concept of the month from various pieces of literature. This has enhanced the participant’s knowledge of these

Legacies and how to apply them in personal aspects as well as in the group. The lively meeting generally has from 5 to 15 participants. Visitors and new members are always welcome. The location is easily accessible from Highway 29W at

Highway 35 at Wolf Ranch. Travel west one mile, turn right at D. B.

Woods. Pass the dam, when the road intersects with Williams Drive by the

HEB, turn left. The church is about 2 miles down on the right, 1 mile past

Sun City.

Yours in service,

Rhonda H.

New Beginnings AFG

We meet on Tuesdays from noon to 1 p.m. in Round Rock at the Life Steps building at 2109 N. Mays. It is a discussion based group.


The Three C’s AFG

We meet on Wednesday nights in

Lakeway at 8:00 p.m. This year’s format started with covering the 12

Steps in the first 12 weeks. Then we covered the 12 Traditions every other week. Now we are focusing on using

CAL literature for discussion meetings and having someone tell their story on the 5th Wednesday of the month, when there is a 5th Wednesday. Group size has fluctuated over the summer, but continues to steadily grow over time.

Please feel free to come join us!

Yours in Service,

Stephanie M. GR

Waco H.O.T. AFG

The Heart of Texas Al-Anon Group in

Waco continues to have new members, some keep coming back and others do not. All we can do is greet them warmly, give them a meeting list and some pamphlets and encourage them to keep coming back. We are averaging between 12 and 15 in our

Monday 7:00 p.m. Meeting.

Elgin Just for Today AFG

We meet on Tuesday evenings from

6:30 to 7:45 at the First United

Methodist Church, Elgin, in the fellowship hall, overflow room. This is a dynamic group that welcomes visitors and has a speaker meeting on the fifth Tuesday of the month. We recently had a service project making display boards with Al-Anon literature. Come join us for recovery in Al-Anon.

In service,

Marilyn Hill, GR

Serenity Trail AFG

Meets on Friday's 7:00 p.m. at Grace

Lutheran Church in Round Rock. We have been averaging around 8 to 10 in attendance. Our format is to study the

Steps the 1st and 3rd Fridays,

Traditions the 2nd Friday, and a topic the 3rd Friday. On months that have a

5th Friday, we have a speaker. All are welcome. We would love to have you visit.

Mike C, GR





Austin Al-Anon/Alateen Information,


A Texas Nonprofit Corporation

1307-G Treadwell

Austin, TX 78704



The Waco Area AIS is doing well.

We are in the Yellow Pages again for another year. We are still receiving contributions from other groups.

These really help us out. The

Thursday night New Beginnings AFG supported by the AIS is also doing well. The meeting is at 7:30 at The

DePaul Center. Attendance has been great. These are really good meetings.

We have been selling literature which helps out the AIS also. Our Higher

Power has really blessed us thanks to those interested in service to Al-Anon.

In Gratitude,

Cindy C.


Page 7

District 6 Newsletter



La Reunión de Distrito el 17 de octubre, 2009

Living Gratitude AFG

Unity Church of Austin

5501 W. Highway 290

Austin, TX 78735

Llame: Liz L.


Por I-35:

Tome I-35 hacia Austin. Tome la salida

Highway 290 (West)/Highway 71/Ben

White West, que está al sur del río. Siga casi 6 millas en 290 West/Highway 71.

Tome la salida Monterrey Oaks/Industrial

Oaks Boulevard. Doble a la izquierda en

Monterrey Oaks Boulevard y cruce la carretera. La entrada para Unity Church of

Austin está casi 400 pies a la derecha.

Por Mopac

Tome Loop 1 (Mopac) al sur hasta llegar a Highway 290 West/Highway

71. Tome la salida Highway

290/Highway 71 West (Oeste) y siga aproximadamente una milla. Tome la salida Monterrey Oaks/Industrial Oaks

Boulevard. Doble a la izquierda en

Monterrey Oaks Boulevard y cruce la carretera. La entrada para Unity

Church of Austin está casi 400 pies a la derecha.

También: http://maps.google.com

El almuerzo se sirve a las doce y todos los miembros traen algo. Por favor, si puede, lleve algo para compartir con el grupo—ensalada, carne, legumbres, caldo, o postre.



El 18 de Julio 2009

Paths to Serenity AFG, Plugerville, TX

Shelly S. abrió la reunion a las 9:11 con un momento de silencio y la Oración de la Serenidad. Se leyeron la Bienvenida, el Preámbulo, los Doce Pasos, las Doce

Tradiciones, los Doce Conceptos, y las Garantías de la Conferencia. Shelly les dio la bienvenida a los nuevos Representantes de Grupos y a las que han asistido por primera vez a la Reunión de Distrito 6. Se presentaron los Representantes de

Distrito, la Secretaria, la Tesorera, los Coordinadores, y los nuevos

Representantes de Grupos, y se pasó la Cesta de Preguntas.

Rosie M., nuestra Delegada, nos dio su informe de la Conferencia de Servicio

Mundial. Rosie M. también anunció que había sufrido un pequeño derrame cerebral el 29 de junio y que ya está recuperando y está haciendo terapia física.

Se presentó un drama, basado en el nuevo libro Discovering Choices, sobre relaciones. Shelly anunció que la OSM tiene una encuesta nueva en la Red; para encontrar esta encuesta, visite: www.al-anon.alateen.org/members y haga clic con el botón del ratón, “Encuesta para los miembros”, a la izquierda para contestar la encuesta. Se publicó también un artículo sobre esto en el Forum en mayo, 2009.

Entonces Shelly habló más de “KBDM” (Knowledge Based Decision Making- hacer decisiones basadas en el conocimiento).

Paula, la Suplente Representante de Distrito, compartió copias de “Información

Útil para los Representantes de Grupos” y dijo que les puede mandar esta información electrónicamente a las personas quienes la necesiten. También dijo que ha visitado a los grupos en el Distrito.

Los minutos de la reunión del 18 de abril fueron leídos y aprobados. Shelly dio el informe de la Tesorera y explicó la “Kristy Fund.” También se formó un comité para discutir lo que hacer con el dinero reservado por el “RSS” porque ya no hay

“RSS.” Los miembros del comité son: Tom B., Pat E., y Kay C.

Pasaron la cesta para donaciones y los coordinadores dieron sus informes.

Rebecca dio un informe sobre TEAC (Alateen). La persona encargada de los

Archivos, Delores. Ella va a poner una foto de Lois W. y Anne B. en nuestros

Archivos. Tom B., editor de la carta informativa, dijo que la fecha para dar los informes para la próxima carta informativa, es el 4 de septiembre. Sissy S. preguntó si Al-Anon tiene un libro que se considera “el libro grande de Al-Anon.”

La respuesta es que la OSM no tiene un comunicado oficial sobre esto. Pat E. dio un informe para la oficina de intergrupo de Austin y Cindy C. dio un informe para la oficina de intergrupo de Waco. Se cerró la sesión de la mañana a las 11:55.

Durante el almuerzo, Rosie M. les dio su informe en español a los grupos hispanos. La junta empezó de nuevo a la 1:12. Shelly dio las gracias al grupo

Paths to Serenity.

Page 8

Se contestaron las preguntas en la cesta:

1. ¿Cuáles son unas sugerencias para ser un

Padrino/una Madrina? Cindy C.: “Reúnanse para almorzar o cenar para conocerse mejor; hablen por teléfono o por correo electrónico; reúnanse después de las juntas para hablarse; lean literatura apropada por la

Conferencia; sean dispuestos a recibir llamadas a cualquiera hora; estudien los Pasos con ellos; sean humildes; compartan lo que les ha servido bien; anímalos a servir. El Padrino/La Madrina puede tener un

Padrino/una Madrina de Servicio también.”

2. ¿Por qué no se traducen los nuevos libros al español? Coy C.: “Hay que escribir los libros antes de traducirlos. En el Manual de Servicio, p. 91, hay una explicación sobre la publicación de literatura nueva.

Después de obtener los derechos de publicación y después de publicarla, se puede traducirla.”

3. Cuando un grupo no se reune jamás, ¿cuál es la política ( y dónde está escrito) sobre el reparto de los fondos? Paula H.: “Llame la oficina de intergrupo o la

OSM, 1-800-344-2666. Algunos grupos comparten la literatura entre los grupos que ya existen.”

4. ¿Cuál es la mejor manera de coleccionar dinero para la OSM en nuestro grupo? ¿Debemos mandar un cheque de la tesorería o pasar una cesta diferente para la

OSM cada tres meses? Paula H.: Algunos grupos dan dinero cada tres meses. La carta especial que la OSM les mande a los grupos cada tres meses pidiéndoles dinero es diferente. Los grupos son autónomos y puede votar cuánto y cuándo mandarle dinero a la OSM.”

5. ¿Tienen los grupos una responsabilidad legal para informarle a un experto médico cuando un miembro habla de suicidarse? ¿Cómo protegemos nuestro anonimato con este asunto?

District 6 Newsletter

Pat E.: “Como grupo no tenemos una responsabilidad legal. Está contra las Tradiciones estar envuelto con una empresa extraña. Como individuos podemos hablarle a la persona y ofrecerle ayuda y apoyo. El anonimato personal es la responsabilidad del miembro.”

6. ¿Son limitadas las juntas de trabajo de un grupo a los asuntos que ya han anunciado anteriormente? Steve J.:

“Lean pp. 38-39 en el Manual de Servicio que discuten las juntas de trabajo.

Sissy dijo que dos miembros de nuestro distrito, Jan W. de

Austin y LaVern W. de Waco, van a celebrar su 50 aniversario de Al-Anon. Le pidió al distrito que hiciéramos algo para ellas, como tener un pastel especial y flores para ellas. Se sugirió que en la sesión de la mañana pudiera discutir la historia de Al-Anon en nuestro distrito y que Jan y LaVern pudieran compartir con nosotros sus experiencias en Al-Anon. Alguien le dijo a Sissy que el grupo que es la sede de la junta de trabajo puede estar encargado de la sesión; Sissy va a ayudar al grupo.

Se discutió una nueva posición el el Distrito 6, la del

Coordinador de los Grupos Hispanos. Se formó un comité para estudiar y escribir una recomendación: Paula,

Mireya, Leticia, y Hope.

Asuntos anteriores:

Los grupos nos pusieron al corriente de sus situaciones actuales. Los grupos de St. Catherine van a tener la próxima reunión el 17 de octubre, y Killeen AFG va a tener la reunión el 16 de enero.

Asuntos nuevos:

Vean la discusión de la Tesorería sobre el “RSS.” Hoy coleccionamos $285 para el Distrito. Se cerró la reunión con la Declaración de Al-Anon.


Cindy C., Secretaria

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District 6 Newsletter

Service Arms Representatives

There are four service arms which groups may choose to support after meeting their own expenses. These are listed below with their addresses.

Please remember to indicate your group number, so group contributions can be acknowledged. Personal contributions are also gratefully accepted.


1030-G S. LAMAR

AUSTIN, TX 78704

(512) 441-8591


PO BOX 8374

WACO, TX 76714

(254) 808-4757


C/O Kay Colapret

107 Picea

Lakeway, TX 78734

(512) 261-4632



PO Box 592093

San Antonio, TX 78259




(1-800 -344-2666) www.al-anon.alateen.org

District 6 Service Committee




Shelley S.



Steve J.



Jane A.


Paula H.


Tom B.



Coy C.


Cindy C.


Rosa A.


Kay Colapret

107 Picea

Lakeway, TX 78734

(512) 261-4632 [email protected]


Maria Delores F.

Texas Website: www.texas-al-anon.org


The District 6 Al-Anon/Alateen Newsletter is published quarterly. No dues or fees are required to receive this newsletter, however; your individual contributions are gratefully appreciated (suggested donation is $10 per year). If you would like to be added to the mailing list or would like to financially support District 6, please send your check and the form to:


C/O Kay Colapret

107 Picea

Lakeway, TX 78734

Name: _______________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________ State: __________ Zip: _________

Home Group:_______________________ E-mail: __________________ Telephone: ___________

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