Navman USB Cabin Cam User manual

Navman USB Cabin Cam User manual
1. Getting to know the USB cabin cam
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Precautions and notices
IR lens (x6)
For your own safety, do not operate the controls of the product while driving.
Make sure that you place the USB cabin cam in an appropriate place, so as not to obstruct the driver’s view
while driving.
Make sure that no object is blocking the camera lens and no reflective material is placed near the lens. Please
keep the lens clean.
Camera lens
Adjustment bolt
Caring for your device
2. Installation and setup
Taking good care of your device will ensure trouble-free operation and reduce the risk of damage.
Make sure that your car is parked on level ground. Follow the instructions to mount your USB cabin cam in a
vehicle securely.
Keep your device away from excessive moisture and extreme temperatures.
Avoid exposing your device to direct sunlight or strong ultraviolet light for extended periods of time.
Do not place anything on top of your device or drop objects on your device.
Do not drop your device or subject it to severe shock.
Do not subject your device to sudden and severe temperature changes. This could cause moisture
condensation inside the unit, which could damage your device. In the event of moisture condensation, allow
the device to dry out completely before use.
Never clean your device with it powered on. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe the exterior of your device.
Never attempt to disassemble, repair or make any modifications to your device. Disassembling, modifying or
any attempt to repair could cause damage to your device, may inflict bodily harm or damage to property and
will void any warranty.
Do not store or carry flammable liquids, gases or explosive materials in the same compartment as your device,
its parts or accessories.
To discourage theft, do not leave the device and accessories in plain view in an unattended vehicle.
Overheating may damage the device.
1-Year Limited Warranty
In this document:
(a) "Australian Consumer Law" means the Australian Consumer Law set out in Schedule 2 to the Competition and
Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).
(b) "Consumer Guarantees" means the consumer guarantees which apply to the supply of products or services under:
(A) the Australian Consumer Law, as amended from time to time, or other similar legislation of a state or territory of
Australia; and (B) the New Zealand Consumer Law or other similar legislation.
(c) "Customer" means the purchaser of a Navman product.
(d) "Navman Warranty" has the meaning given in section 2 of this document.
Select an appropriate location for mounting the device in a vehicle. Never place the device where the driver’s
field of vision is blocked.
Before sticking the mounting pad, it is recommended to clean the installation position with rubbing alcohol.
If the adhesion of the adhesive tape does not perform well, replace the tape with a new one.
Route the cables through the top ceiling and the A-pillar so that it does not interfere with driving. Make sure
that the cable installation does not interfere with the vehicle's airbags or other safety features.
(e) "New Zealand Consumer Law" means the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and Fair Trading Act 1986, as amended
from time to time.
(a) The Navman Warranty provides benefits which are in addition to other rights and remedies the Customer has
under law. This document does not limit, restrict or exclude any rights that a person has because of the Consumer
(b) In addition to any rights that a Customer or any other person has because of the Consumer Guarantees, and subject
to section 5 of this document, MiTAC Australia Pty Ltd, in Australia, and Navman Technology NZ Ltd, in New
Zealand. (both "Navman") warrants that:
(i) The hardware device ("Hardware") will be free of defects in material and workmanship and will conform to their
published specifications; and
(ii) its software products and software provided with the Hardware (collectively, "Software") will be free from media
defects and will substantially conform to the thencurrent user documentation provided with the Software
(including updates thereto), in each case for a period of one year from the date of original purchase ("Warranty
Period") (the "Navman Warranty").
(c) Where Hardware or Software is repaired or replaced under this Navman Warranty, the Navman Warranty will apply
to the repaired or replaced Hardware or Software for the longer of:
(i) 90 days from the date of return shipment of that repaired or replaced Hardware; and
(ii) the balance of the original Warranty Period applying to that Hardware or Software (or the Hardware or Software
it replaces).
(d) Customers must make their own enquiries to determine whether the Software will meet their requirements, and
except where otherwise required by the Consumer Guarantees:
(i) Navman does not warrant that the Software will meet a Customer's requirements or that its operation will be
uninterrupted, error-free or virus-free; and
(ii) Customers assume the entire risk of using the Software.
(a) In addition to any rights under the Consumer Guarantees, if:
(i) the Hardware or Software is defective in contravention of the Navman Warranty or otherwise fails to conform to
the requirements of the Navman Warranty; and
(ii) on or before the last day of the Warranty Period, the Customer sends the affected product to Navman (and
retains proof of shipping),
Navman will (at Navman's option) repair or replace the affected product. This is a Customer's sole remedy for
contravention of the Navman Warranty, although you may have other rights or remedies under applicable laws
(including the Consumer Guarantees).
(b) You will be required to show proof of purchase when you return a product to Navman for repair or replacement
under the Navman Warranty. A complete and legible copy of the original sales receipt will be required. Any repairs
undertaken by a service centre which is not an Authorised Navman Service Centre will void this warranty.
(c) Except to the extent that the Consumer Guarantees require otherwise:
(i) Navman may refuse to repair or replace products under the Navman Warranty if: (A) the sales receipt is not
provided; (B) the information contained in it is incomplete or illegible; or (C) the serial number of the product
has been altered or removed; and
(ii) Navman will not be responsible for any losses or damage to products incurred while the product is being
shipped by a Customer to Navman. Insurance is recommended.
(d) Navman recommends the use of a trackable shipping method when returning a product under the Navman
Warranty and that you retain proof of the date you ship, post or otherwise return a product under the Navman
(e) The repair or replacement of products may result in loss of data. Customers are responsible for creating back-up
copies of all of their data stored on a product before returning that product to Navman. If a Customer fails to create
adequate back-ups of their data, Navman will not be responsible for the loss of that data caused by the repair,
attempted repair or replacement of any product.
(a) Except for the Consumer Guarantees, Navman excludes all other guarantees, warranties and conditions implied by
statute, at law, in fact or otherwise (including, if applicable, implied warranties under Article 35 of the United Nations
Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods).
(b) This section 4 does not exclude, restrict or modify the application of any condition, warranty, guarantee, right or
remedy conferred by or implied under any provision of any statute where to do so would:
(i) contravene that statute; or
(ii) cause any part of this section 4 to be void.
(a) This section 5 sets out exclusions and limitations which apply to the Navman Warranty. It does not affect the rights of
any person under the Consumer Guarantees. The Navman Warranty does not cover:
(i) periodic maintenance and repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear;
(ii) batteries;
(iii) finishes;
(iv) installations or defects resulting from installation;
(v) any damage caused by: (A) shipping, misuse, abuse, negligence, tampering, moisture, liquids, proximity or
exposure to heat, or improper use; (B) disasters such as fire, flood, wind, and lightning; or (C) unauthorised
attachments or modification;
(vi) service performed or attempted by anyone other than an authorised Navman Service Centre;
(vii) any products, components or parts not manufactured by Navman; or
(b) any claim in relation to infringement of any patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary right, including trade
secrets. If the product was purchased for the purposes of a business, the provisions of the New Zealand Consumer
Law do not apply (in accordance with section 43(2) of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993).
(c) The opening, dismantling or repair of this product by anyone other than an authorised Navman Service Centre will
void the Navman Warranty.
10. NAVMAN'S CONTACT DETAILS. To obtain warranty service directly from Navman:
1. Contact Navman to obtain a Return Materials Authorization number. You can reach Navman using the Contact
Details outlined at 3 below or through your authorized Navman dealer.
2. Pack the product, a copy of your dated purchase receipt, your address and telephone number, and any other
information Navman requests as part of the return authorization process (such as any return authorization form you
receive) in sturdy packing material.
3. Ship the product and the other required items to Navman (Attention: Navman Repairs) at the address specified
in the Contact Details below, on or up to the end of the Warranty Period. You should retain proof of shipping to
evidence the date of shipment.
Contact Details:
In Australia:
In New Zealand:
MiTAC Australia Pty Ltd
Navman Technology NZ Ltd
0800 GO NAVM
(1300 628 626)
(0800 466 286)
Contact address for returned products:
In Australia:
In New Zealand:
Attention: Navman Repairs
New Zealand Couriers INTL
RMA Number ........................................
(must have Navman RMA)
Navman Repairs
Locked Bag 5010,
RMA Number ........................................
(must have Navman RMA)
Gladesville NSW 1675
32 Botha Rd
Except where otherwise required by the Consumer Guarantees, Navman shall not be liable to any Customer or any
other person for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages whatsoever, including but not limited to lost profits,
damages arising from a delay or loss of use, or out of the breach of the Navman Warranty or any implied warranty, even if
caused by the negligence or another fault of Navman or out of the negligent usage of a product. In no event will Navman
be held responsible for such damages (except where otherwise required by the Consumer Guarantees).
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law and the New Zealand
Consumer Law (as applicable). You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for
any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the
goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
This document is the complete, final and exclusive agreement setting out the terms of the Navman Warranty between
Navman and the Customer with respect to the quality and performance of the Customer's Navman products. It does not
affect the rights of any person under the Consumer Guarantees (other than as specified in section 5(b) of this document).
This document is governed by the laws of New South Wales (except where a Customer ordinarily resides in New
Zealand, in which case this document is governed by the laws of New Zealand), in each case without reference to that
jurisdiction's conflict of law provisions or the U.N. Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, and shall
benefit Navman, its successors and assigns. This warranty does not affect a person's statutory rights under applicable
laws in force in their jurisdiction, or rights against the dealer or reseller arising from their sales/purchase contract.
USB Cabin Cam
Installation Guide
Got a Question? Visit for more information
Penrose, Auckland
When returning products directly to Navman you must set out:
Sender's name:
Sender's address: ............................................................................................
Sender's phone:
Sender's email:
RMA number (compulsory - please contact the support number above for your RMA number)
If an RMA is not obtained before sending the device in for repair, the device will be quarantined and this will add to the
repair turnaround time by at least one week.
If you claim under your warranty by returning the product directly to Navman, you must pay for shipping and any
insurance to get the product to Navman at the applicable address. Except where otherwise provided by Consumer
Guarantees (as defined below), you assume all risk of loss or damage to the product until it arrives at Navman's facility.
Navman will pay for ground shipping of the new or repaired product back to you at an address in the applicable country
or region and assume all risk of loss or damage to the product until it arrives at the address you specify. You must request,
and pay for, any different shipping method. Except where otherwise required by Consumer Guarantees (as defined
below), if Navman reasonably determines that the product has not failed to meet the standards of the warranty, you will
be liable for the cost of return shipment to you, Navman may require payment of such costs before returning the product
to you, and the risk of loss or damage will remain with you notwithstanding Navman's possession of the product. The
Warranty Period will stop running on the day you send the product to Navman. The remainder of the Warranty Period
will resume when the repaired or replacement product arrives at the address you specify.
Revision: R00
All brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Specifications and documents are subject to change without notice. Navman does not warrant this document is error-free. Navman
assumes no liability for damage incurred directly or indirectly from errors, omissions, or discrepancies between the device and the
Not all models are available in all regions.
Depending upon the specific model purchased, the colour and look of your device and accessories may not exactly match the
graphics shown in this document.
It is recommended that you contact a skilled installer (e.g. the service personnel of the vehicle or authorised car technician) for
assistance and installation.
Regulatory information
For regulatory identification purposes, this product is assigned a model number of N631. Marking labels located on the exterior of
your device indicate the regulations that your model complies with. Please check the marking labels on your device and refer to the
corresponding statements in this section. Some notices apply to specific models only. The user needs to switch off the device when
exposed to areas with potentially explosive atmospheres such as petrol stations, chemical storage depots and blasting operations.
This product must not be disposed of as normal household waste, in
accordance with the EU directive for waste electrical and electronic
equipment (WEEE – 2012/19/EU). Instead, it should be disposed of by
5 6 1 5 N 6 3 1 0 0 1 1 R 0 0
returning it to the point of sale, or to a municipal recycling collection point.
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