Petsafe 62410 Quick start guide

Petsafe 62410 Quick start guide
Happy Ride
Let’s remove the roadblocks to your
next road trip.
Select the right clip for your ramp.
Folding Dog Ramp
Telescoping Dog Ramp
Extra Long Telescoping Dog Ramp
Compact Telescoping Dog Ramp
Slip the strap loop (next to the adjuster) onto the
rubberized hook.
Pass the end of the strap through the clip and back
up through the adjuster.
Hang the hook securely over the inside of the open
vehicle door.
Place the ramp in the doorway and rest it as
securely as possible on the seat or floorboard.
Connect the clip to the ramp.
For the folding ramp: First hook the clip under the
rail, then over until it clicks.
For the telescoping ramps: First hook the clip over
the rail, then under until it clicks.
Adjust the strap so it holds the ramp in a level
position. Offer treats to gently encourage your dog
to practice walking up and down.
With a little patience and lots of praise, your dog
will soon be happy using the ramp on his own.
Let us help!
For questions or additional tips:
+1 (800) 732-2677
1-Year Warranty
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Model: 62410 | YH400-2261
For important safety information, please see the customer care guide.
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