Pro-Ject Power Box S2 Product Information

Pro-Ject Power Box S2 Product Information
Universal power supply for three components!
MSRP 199 € (incl. VAT)
• Superlative audiophile power transmission
• DC powerfilter
• No disturbing interferences through mains
• 1 x 20V output, e.g. for Amp Box S2)
• 1 x 15V output perfect for turntables
• 1 x 5V USB A output
• Low noise components
colour options:
Output Voltage/Current: 1 x 20V/3A (2.1 mm)
1 x 15V/500mA (2.1 mm)
1 x 5V/1A (USB A)
Dimensions W x H x D: 106 x 37 x 103mm
Weight: 360 g without power supply
• Full aluminium/metal casework
• Available in black or silver
Technical data and price changes reserved.
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Power Box S2 - Triple output power
Power Box S2 is a very efficient and flexible power
filter for S2 line products. By placing the power supply
outside of the main component, potential noise and audio
signal contamination is avoided. Clean energy
contributes significantly to the sound quality and Power Box S2 can make a huge difference when comparing
the system with and without it. Its three outputs can
power multiple units, such as power amplifiers, streamers, turntables, DACs tuners etc. The sophisticated DC
filtration can have a dramatic impact on the sound quality.
Additionally, to the sound improvements Power Box S2 also
offers its users a cleaner cable solution avoiding PSU
and cable mess.
Recommended products to use with Power Box S2
HiFi Electronics
Bluetooth Box S2
Pre Box S2 Digital
Pre Box S2 Analogue
DAC Box S2 +
Head Box S2 Digital
Head Box S2
Amp Box S2
Stereo Box S2
Stereo Box S2 BT
Elemental Line
Primary Line
Essential Line
Debut Line
The Classic Line
RPM Line*
X Line*
Special Editions
Artist Collection
*ATTENTION: NOT SUITABLE for the following turntables: Xtension 9, Xtension 10, Xtension 12, RPM 9, RPM 10 and
the models of Signature line, with high power consumption and a heavy, mass loaded, platter. For these turntables
we recommend the Power Box RS Uni 1-way with the 15V turntable modification. For more information please contact your dealer.
Technical data and price changes reserved.
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