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Cisco NSS 300 Series Smart Storage
Protect Your Business Data with High-Performance,
Affordable Storage
Cisco® NSS300 Series Smart Storage delivers comprehensive
data protection by combining onsite and online storage in a
single affordable, high-performance solution. Cisco Smart
Storage offers integrated online backup powered by Mozy,
providing an easy way to centralize and automate backup of
your essential business data.
Cisco Smart Storage also delivers business-class features such
as built-in and add-on applications that extend capabilities
beyond storage, giving you more value for your money. To
protect your investment, Cisco Small Business Support Service
provides 3 years of affordable peace-of-mind coverage.
Cisco NSS300 Series Smart Storage provides:
• High performance: A network-attached storage (NAS) device
provides the most efficient and manageable way to centralize,
protect, and share information. Cisco Smart Storage delivers
class-leading performance, speeding backup and facilitating
information sharing.
• Integrated online backup: Cisco Smart Storage makes
it easy to combine onsite and online backup for a
comprehensive, flexible data protection and disaster recovery
solution. Built-in support for Mozy, the world’s most popular
online backup service, helps you centralize and automate
backup of your critical business data—what you want to store
locally and what you want to back up online—all through one
intuitive interface.
• Built-in and add-on applications: Extend usage beyond
storage with built-in applications and the capability to add new
applications in the future. Running applications on your NAS
device helps ensure that they are available at all times and can
eliminate the need for additional devices on the network.
• Security and data encryption: On-disk data encryption
protects critical business data stored on disk even if hard
drives are stolen, a business-class feature that most small
business storage solutions do not provide.
• Simplified configuration and management: Cisco Smart
Storage can be set up in minutes and is easy to configure
and manage. Choose what you want to back up locally and
what you want to back up online using one straightforward,
browser-based interface.
• Flexibility: Cisco Smart Storage supports file sharing across
Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. Choose
from multiple onsite and online backup modes, including
PC or Mac to Smart Storage, server to Smart Storage, and
Smart Storage to Smart Storage. You can also use Cisco
Smart Storage as an iSCSI target for virtualized and clustered
• Reliable, high-availability design: Cisco Smart Storage
offers Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) 0, 1, 5,
and 6 configurations, which help safeguard your data. The
hot-swap design allows you to replace a failed drive without
turning off the device.
• Energy-efficient operation: Schedule power-on and poweroff according to your working hours, and conserve power
with hard disk drives that spin down after inactivity.
• Optional Cisco Small Business Support Service: Protect
your investment with 3 years of affordable peace-of-mind
coverage. Delivered by Cisco, with input from your trusted
partner, this comprehensive service includes software
updates, access to the Cisco Small Business Support Center,
and next-business-day hardware replacement.
To learn more, visit
Peace of Mind for Your Small Business
Cisco NSS300 Series Smart Storage delivers comprehensive business
data protection with high-performance, affordable storage.
Cisco NSS 300 Series Smart Storage
Single disk,
Single disk, JBOD,
RAID 0/1/5/6/
5+hot spare
Single disk, JBOD,
RAID 0/1/5/6/5+hot
spare/6+hot spare
Intel Atom D510 1.66GHz (Dual Core)
Internal Hard Drives
Max Number of Internal Hard Drives
Hot Swappable
Supports 2.5” and 3.5” SATA drives
5 USB 2.0, 2 eSATA, 1 VGA (recovery only)
Operating System
Linux 2.6
File System
Internal: EXT3, EXT4
External EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, FAT32
TCP/IP IPv4 and IPv6 Dual Stack
Dual Gigabit Ethernet with Jumbo Frame
Multi-IP Setting, Port Trunking, Failover, 802.3ad
UPnP and Bonjour Discovery
File Server (or File Sharing)
Web File Manager
FTP Server
FTP over SSL/TLS (explicit)
Backup Server
USB One Touch Copy
Apple Time Machine Support
Block-level remote replication
Rsync server and client
Encrypted remote replication (rsync over ssh)
External storage devices
AES 256-bit volume based data encryption
Network access protection with auto-blocking
HTTPS connection
Importable SSL certificate
Email and SMS alerts
Disk Management
Data Protection
Online RAID capacity expansion
Online RAID Level Migration
iSCSI Target
Virtual Disk Drive (max 8)
Server Virtualization and Clustering
Supports VMware
Power Management
Wake on LAN
Scheduled power on/off (max 15 settings)
UPS Support
Access Right Management
User quota
Supports Active Directory Authentication
Smart Fan Control
Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
SNMP Traps (v2 and v3)
Resource Monitor
Network Recycle Bin for CIFS/SMB
Backup and restore system settings
LCD quick installation (NSS324/326 only)
Web Based Quick Configuration Wizard
CD Setup Wizard
Web Server
Integrated WordPress
Network Applications
Syslog Server
Download Station: PC-less FTP and HTTP downloads
Media Applications
iTunes Server: Media Sharing, Smart Playlist
Multimedia Station: web based viewing, sharing
Twonky UPnP Media Server
DLNA 1.5 Certified
Mozy Online Backup
Block-level incremental backups ensure fast daily backups
30-day file versioning support allows you to restore deleted or previous
versions of files
Local file encryption via Blowfish-448 prior to transfer to the Mozy data
PKG Add-on Applications
Support for PKG applications
Multilingual Support
English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese
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