Samsung NX58H5600SS/AA 29-3/4 in. 5-Burner Freestanding Gas Range Installation Manual

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Samsung NX58H5600SS/AA 29-3/4 in. 5-Burner Freestanding Gas Range Installation Manual | Manualzz
Free-Standing Gas Range
Installation manual
NX58"565 */NX58560”
| ==
[Em |
Before you begin
Read these instructions completely and carefully.
Important note to the installer
Read all instructions contained In these installation Instructions before
installing the range.
Remove all packing materials from the oven campartments before cannecting
the electric and gas supply to the range.
Observe all governing codes and ordinances.
Be sure to leave these Instructions with the consumer.
Installation of this appliance requires basic mechanical skills,
Proper Installation is the responsibility af the installer,
Product failure due to improper installation is not covered under the Warranty,
Important note to the consumer
Keep these instructions with your user manual for future reference.
As when using any appliance generating heat, there are certain safety
precautions you should follow.
Be sure your range is installed and grounded properly by a qualified Installer
or service technician,
Make sure the wall coverings around the range can withstand the beat
generated by the range.
Cabinet storage space above the surface burners should be a minimum af 30°
(76.2 cm).
Important note to the servicer
The electrical diagram is in an enveiope attached to the back of the range,
2 English
Safety instructions
What the icons and signs in this user manual mean:
You can be killed or seriously injured if you don't follow instructions,
Minar injury or property damage can result if you dont follow Instructions
Do NOT attempt
Do MOT disassemble
Do NOT touch.
Follow directions explicitly
Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.
Make sure the range is plugged into an earth grounded electrical outlet to
prevent electric shock, An outlet equipped with a Ground Fault Interrupter
(GF is highly recommended,
Call the service center for help. See page 32
(E) Note
These warning signs are here to prevent injury to you and others
Piease follow them explicitly.
Do not discard this manual, Please keep it in a safe place for future reference.
Safety instructions
If the information in this manual is not followed exactly, a fire or Tip Over Hazard
explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury or A child or adult can tip the range and be killed.
ne ath Install anti-tip device to range and/or structure per
installation instructions.
« DO NOT store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and
Engage the range to the anti-tip device installed to
RE cg ' the structure.
liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance. » Ae endoga antitipdevica Hi range is moved.
WHAT TO DO IF YOU SMELL GAS: - Failure to follow these instructions can result in
death or serious burns to children or adults,
DO NOT try ta light any appliance.
- DONOT touch any electrical switch. To prevent accidental tipping of the range, attach an approved and packed
DO NOT use any phone in your bulldi na. anti-tip device to the floor. (See Install the Anti-Tip Device on page 24 In this
_ manual) Check for proper installation by carefully tipping the range forward.
Immediately call your des ELpplier from a neighbor - phone. The anti-tip device should engage and prevent the range from tipping over.
Follow the ges supplier 5 Instructions. If the range is pulled out away from the wall for any reason, make sure the
If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire anti-tip device is reengaged after the range has been pushed back into place,
department Never completely-get rid of the leveling legs or the range will not be secured
: ; o to the anti-tip device properly,
« Installation and service must be performed by a qualified | E. _ i
; : Follow the instaliation instructions found on page 22 of this manual. Failure
installer, service agency, or the gas supplier. to follow these instructions can result in death, serious personal injury, and y
or property damage
OO NOT step / sit / leanan the door or drawer to prevent accidental tipeing
of the range
English 3
= He
| =
Safety instructions
Follow basic precautions when installing and using this range to reduce the risk of
Aire, electrical shock, injury, ar death ta persons, including:
Installation and Service
This range must be properly installed and located in accordance with the
installation instructions before It Is used
Professional installation is strongly recommended.
Que to the size and weight of the range, it is highly recommended that two
or more people move orf install this appliance,
All ranges can tip over and cause severe injuries, Install the anti-tip device
packed with this range following the instructions found on page 24 in this
Never try to repair or replace this appliance on your own unless it is
specifically recommended In this manual. This appliance should be serviced
only by a gualified service technician,
Know the location of the gas shut-off valve and how to shut It off if
Praperly remave or destroy the packaging materials after the appliance is
Electrical /Mechanical
Unplug or disconnect pawer before servicing.
N Do not tamper with the controls,
4 English
Danger to Children
Do not store any object of interest to children an the cooktop or backguard
of the range. Children climbing on the range ta reach items could be killed or
seriously injured.
Keep children away from the door when opening or closing It as they may
bump themselves on the door or catch their fingers in the door
keep all packaging materials out of reach of children. Failure to dispose of
plastic bags could result in suffocation,
Da nat leave children alone or unattended in an area where a range is in use.
They should never be allowed to sit or stand on any part of a range
Teach children not to touch or play with the controls or any part of the
Do not leave the owen door open. An opened door could entice children to
hang an the door or craw! inside the oven. It is recommended to utilize the
control / door lockout feature to reduce the risk of mis-use from children
Before disposing of the range, cut off the power cord to prevent it being
connected to a power source. Remove the door td prevent children and
animals from getting trapped.
Do not touch oven burners, drawer burners, or interior surfaces of the oven.
Cooking surfaces, grates, cooktop burners and caps, as well as oven walls
may be hot even though they are dark in colar. Interior oven surfaces can
become hot enough to cause burns, During and after vse, do not touch or let
clothing or other flammable materials contact oven burners, drawer burners,
or interior surfaces af the oven until they have had sufficient time to cool
Keep oven vent ducts unobstructed. Clean vents frequently to avoid grease
Safety instructions
Do not let a pot holder touch a hot heating element. Do not use a towel or
other bulky cloth as a pot holder
Do not use your range to heat unopened food containers or to dry
Keep oven vent ducts unobstructed. Clean vents frequently to avoid grease
Never use your range far warming or heating a room. Doing so could result
in carbon monoxide poisoning and/or overheating of the oven.
Loose-fitting or hanging garments showid not be worn while using. this
DO NOT STORE OR USE combustible materials, gasoline, or other flammable
vapors or liquids in the vicinity of this appliance. See "WHAT TO 00 |F YOU
SMELL GAS" under the Gas Warnings
Do not use water on a grease fire. Water might cause a grease fire to
explode, spreading the fire and creating a larger fire and health hazard, Turn
off heat source and smother with tight-fitting lid or use a multipurpose dry
chemical or foam-type fire extinguisher
Never leave surface Units Unattended at high heat settings. Boilovers cause
smoking, and greasy spillovers could ignite.
Do-not use a flame to check for gas leaks, Use a soapy water mixture around
the area you are checking instead,
Do not place partable appliances, or any other object other than cookware
on the cooktop. Damage or fire could occor if cooktop is hot
Do not attempt to operate this appliance if it is damaged, malfunctioning, or
has missing or broken parts:
Never place plastic, paper, or other items that could melt or burn near the
oven vents or any of the surface burners
If the seif-clean mode malfunctions, turn the oven off and discannect the
power supply. Refer to page 79 and 80 in the User Manual to contact a
nualified service technician.
Steam and Vapors
[+] Use care when opening the oven door, Lat hot air ar steam escape before
removing or placing food in a hot aven
Use only dry pot holders. Moist or damp pot holders on hot surfaces may
result in burns fram steam,
If the infarmation in this manual is not followed exactly, a fire or Explosion may
result, causing death. personal Injury, or property damage.
CO MOT light a match, candle, or cigarette.
DO NOT turn on any gas ar electric appliances,
CO MOT touch any electrical switches:
DO MOT Use any phone in your building,
Clear the room, building, or area of all occupants.
Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbor's phone. Follow the gas
suppliers instructions.
If wou cannat reach your gas supplier, call the fire department.
English 5
| ур |
| me
Го о
== |
Safety instructions
Read instructions completely and carefully.
(+) Installation of this range must conform with local codes or, in the absence
of local codes, with the National Fuel Las Code, ANSI 2223 1/NFPA.54, latest
edition. In Canada, instaliation must conform with the current Natural Las
Installation Code, CAN/CCA-814%1. orihe current Propane Installation Code,
CAN/CGA-B149.2, and with local codes where applicable. This range has been
design-certified by ETL according to ANSI Z21.1, latest edition, and Canadian
Cas Association according to CAN/CGA-1.1, latest edition,
Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer, service
agency, aor gas supplier,
Have the installer show you the location of the gas shut-off valve and how to
shut it off,
Always use NEW flexible connectors when installing a gas appliance, Never
reuse old flexible connectors. The use af old flexible connectars can cause gas
leaks and personal injury.
NN) Never use this appliance as a space heater to heat or warm the room. Doing
s0 may result in carbon monoxide poisoning and overheating of the oven,
Never block the oven vents (air openings). They pravide the air inlet and
exhaust that are necessary far the oven to operate properly with correct
E English
Gas appliances can cause minor exposure to four of these substances, namely,
carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and soot. caused primarily by the incomplete
combustion of natural gas or LP fuels, Properly adjusted burners, indicated by a
bluish rather than yellow flame, will minimize incomplete combustion. Exposure to
these substances can be minimized by venting with an open window or by using a
ventilation fan or hood,
+ This product must be installed by a qualified plumber or gas fitter by the
State of Massachusetts,
When using ball-type gas shut-off valves, they shall be thé T-hand!e type,
Multiple flexible gas lines must not be connected In series.
Safety instructions
Comply with the following electrical instructions and requirements to avoid death,
personal injury from electric shock, and/or property damage from fire:
1: Plug into a grounded 2-prang outlet
2. DO NOT remove ground prong.
3. 00 NOT use an adapter.
4. NEVER Use an extension cord.
+ Use à dedicated 120-voit, 60-Hz, 20-amp, AC, fused electrical circuit for this
appliance, & time-delay fuse or circuit breaker is recommended. DO NOT plug
more than one appliance in this circuit.
The range is supplied with a 3-prong grounded piug. This cord MUST be
plugged into a mating, orounded 3-prong outiet that meets all local codes
and ordinances. If you are unsure your electrical outiet is properiy grounded,
have it checked by a licensed electrician
If codes permit the use of a separate ground wire, it is recommended that a
gualified electrician determine the proper path for this ground wire:
Electrical service to the range must canform to local codes: Barring local
codes, If should meet the latest ANSI/NFPA No. 70 - Latest Revision (for the
US} 0r the Canadian Electrical Code CSA C22 1 - Latest Révisions
It is the personal responsibility of the appliance owner to provide the correct
electrical service for this appliance.
NN NEVER connect ground wire to plastic plumbing lines, gas lines, ar hot water
DO NOT modify the plug provided with the appliance.
DO MOT a have fuse in a neutral or ground circuit
() Grounding à range with a cord connection:
This appliance must be Earth grounded. In the event of a malfunction ог
breakdown, grounding will reduce the risk of electrical shock by providing
3. path for the electric current. This appliance Is equipped with a cord having
a grounding plug, The plug must be firmly plugged into an outlet that ís
properly installed and grounded in accordance with the local codes and
Improper connection af the grounding plug can result ina risk of electric shock
Check with a guafified electrician If you have any doubt the appliance is properly
NEVER modify the plug provided with the appliance. If it does not fit the
existing outlet, have a gualified electrician install a proper outlet
(+) Have your range installed and properly grounded by a qualified installer, in
accordance with the grounding instructions on page 20. Any adjustment and
service should be performed only by qualified gas range installers ar service
Be sure Your range is correctly installed and adjusted by a qualified service
technician or installer for the type of gas (natural or LP) that is to be used
To utilize LP fuel source, the 5 surface burner orifices, 2 oven orifices must
be exchanged with the provided LP orifice set, and the GPR adapter must be
English 7
mm |
| =
Safety instructions
These adjustments must be made by a qualified service technician in accordance
with the manufacturers instructions and all codes and reguirements of the
authority having jurisdiction, Failure to follow these instructions could result in
serious injury ar property damage, The qualified agency performing this wark
assumes responsibility for the conversion.
B English
Do not attempt to repair ar replace any part of your range unless it is
specifically recommended in this manual AH other service should be
referred to a gualified technician,
This appliance must be properly grounded. Plug your range into a 17C-voit
grounded outlet that is only used for this appliance. Da not remove the
grounding (third) prong from the plug. Firmly plug the power cord into the
wall outlet. If vou are not sure your electrical gutlet is grounded, It is your
personal responsibility and obligation to have a properly grounded, three-
prong outlet installed in accordance with (ocal and national codes. Do not
use a damaged power plug or loose wall outlet. Do not use an extension cord
with this appliance, In addition. do not Use an adapter or otherwise defeat
the grounding plug. If you do not have a proper autlet or have any doubt,
consult a licensed electrician
Locate the range out af Kitchen traffic paths and drafty locations to prevent
poor air circulation
This appliance should be positioned in such a way that the power plug 15
Do not install in an area exposed to dripping water or outside weather
Remove all packaging materials from the range before operating if. These
materials-can ignite, causing smoke and/or fire damage,
Install this appliance on a level and hard floor that can support its weight.
Synthetic flooring, like linoleum, must withstand 180 °F (82 "C) temperatures
without shrinking, warping, or discolaring. Never install the range directly
Over Interior kitchen carpeting unless a sheet of 0.25" plywood ar similar
insulator is placed between the range and carpeting
Never block the vents (air openings) of the range. They provide the air
infet and exhaust necessary for the range to operate properly with correct
combustion. Air openings are located behind the range, under the oven
control panel, at the top and bottom of the oven doar, and under the lower
Warming or storage drawer,
Large scratches or impacts on door glass can cause the glass to break or
Make sure the wall coverings around the range can withstand heat, up to
200 °F [93 "C), generated by the range.
Avaid placing cabinets above the range. This reduces the hazard caused by
reaching over the open flames of operating burners
If cabinets are placed above the range, allaw a minimum clearance af 40°
[102 cm) between the cooking surface and the bottom of unprotected
Install a ventilation hood or an externally vented Over The Range Microwave
Oven over the range caoktap that is as wide as the range, centered over the
range, and projects forward beyond the front of the cabinets. See page 17 in
this manual,
Remove all tape and packaging. Make sure the burners are properly seated
and level.
Remove any accessories from the oven and/or iower drawer.
Check to make sure na range parts have come loose during shipping.
Seal any openings in the wall behind the appliance and in the floor under the
appliance after the gas supply line is installed,
Safety instructions
Follow basic precautions when installing and using this range to reduce the risk of
fire, electrical shock, injury, ar death ta persons, including.
Use proper pan sizes. Avoid pans that are unstable or warped, Select
cookware having fiat bottoms large enough to cover the burner grates. To
avoid spillovers. make sure cookware is large enough to contain your food.
This will save cleaning time and prevent hazardous accomulations of food,
since heavy spattering or spillovers left on the range can ignite. Use pans
with handles that can be easily grasped and remain cool.
Always use the LITE position when igniting the top burners. Make sure the
burners have ignited.
Never leave the surface burners unattended at HIGH flame settings.
Bailaovers cause smoking, and greasy spillovers that might catch on fire
Adjust the top burner. flame size 50 It does nat extend beyond the edge of
the cookware. Excessive flames past cookware edges can be hazardous.
Only use dry pat holders, Pot holders with mature in them may result in
burns from steam when they come in contact with hot surfaces.
keep pot holders away from open flames when lifting cookware, Never use
a towel ar bulky cloth in place of a pot holder
keep all plastic away from the surface burners or any open flame.
When using glass cookware, make sure it is designed for top-of-range
Always make sure cookware handles are turned to the side or rear of the
cooktop, but not over other surface ourners. This will minimize the chance
of burns, spillovers, and ignition of lammabie materials due to bumping the
Do not wear loose or hanging garments when using the range. They could
ignite and burn you if they touch a surface burner
Always heat frying oils slowly, and watch as it heats. If foods are being fried
at high heat, carefully watch during the cooking process. If a combination
of fats or pils are to be used during frying. they need to be stirred together
before heating.
English 9
mm |
| =
Safety instructions
Lise a deep fryer thermometer whenever passible; This prevents overheating
the fryer beyond the smoking paint.
Use as little oil as possible for shallow ar deep-fat frying. Using too much oil
can cause spillovers when food is added.
Items should always be removed from the cooktop when they are done
cooking. Never leave plastic items on the cooktop. This prevents the hot
air from the vent from igniting flammable items, melting, or building up
pressure in closed containers,
This cooktop is-not designed to flame foods or cocking with a wok or wok
ring attachment, If foods are flamed, they should only be flamed under a
ventilation hood that is on.
Always make sure foods being fried are thawed and dried. Moisture of any
kind can cause hot oil to bubble up and over the sides of the pan
Never move a pan or deep-fat fryer full of hot oil. It should always be cooled
before moving.
Always make sure the controls are OFF and the grates are cool before they
are removed 10 prevent any possibility of burning,
range is located near a window, NEVER Rang long curtains or paper blinds
on that window. They could blow over the surface burners and ignite,
causing a fire hazard.
и чи
Grease is flammable and should be handled very carefully. Do not use water
on grease fires,
If vou smell gas, turn off the gas to the range and call a qualified service
technician. NEVER use an open flame to locate a leak.
Always turn off the surface burner controls before removing cookware, All
surface burner controls should be turned OFF when not cooking.
Do not use a wok on the cooking surface if the wok has a round metal ring
that is placed over the burner orate to support the wok. This ring acts as
g heat trap, which may damage the burner grate and burner head. Also, it
causes the burner to wark improperly, This may cause a carbon monoxide
level above that allowed by current standards, resulting ina health hazard
10 English
NEVER cover any holes or passages in the bottom oven cover. NEVER cover
an entire oven rack with aluminum foil or like material, Covering bottom cover
and/or racks blocks airftow through the oven and could cause carbon monoxide
Do nat use aluminum foil or foil liners anywhere in the oven, Misuse traps
heat and could cause a fire hazard or damage the range.
Always follow the manufacturers directions when using cooking or roasting
bags in the over.
DO NOT clean the door gasket. The door gasket is essential for a good seal.
Care should be taken not to damage or move the gasket.
Stand away from the range when opening the door of a hot oven. The
escaping hot alr-and-steam can cause burns to hands, face and eyes,
Do nat use the oven for storage. Stored items can be damaged or ignite.
Keep the oven free from grease buildup.
Reposition aven racks when the oven is cool to prevent burning or personal
Do not heat unopened containers, Pressure in the container could build up.
resulting In explosion and/or personal injury:
Only use glass cookware that is recommended for Use in gas ovens
Always remove the broiler pan from the range when broiling is finished.
Clean after each use. This prevents fire flare-ups from stored grease buildup.
Da nat broil meat toc close to the burner flame, Trim excess fat from meat
befare cooking. Meat fat can ignite, causing a fire hazard, Make sure broiler
pan is placed correctly to reduce the possibility of grease fires.
Ио ви вин
Safety instructions
If a grease fire should occur in the oven, turn aff the oven by pressing the Do not use aluminum foil to line the lower drawer. Aluminum foil will trap
Ciear;,Off pad. Keep the oven door closed to put out the fire heat and after the warming performance of the drawer. It could alsa damage
Always bake and/or broll with the oven door closed. Broiling with the door tie Jarteripr ПУБЛ
partially or fully open can damage the surface burner control knobs Newer use ar self-ciean the oven drawer pan in the upper oven.
keep the appliance area clear and free from combustible materials, gasoline, Mever leave |Jarsar cans of fat drippings In ar near your drawer.
and quí a
and other flammable vapors and liquids. Do not leave or store paper products, plastics, canned food, or combustible =
N Во not use the oven to dry newspapers aor mail. Such items will catch fire if materials in the drawer. Do not use drawer to dry newspapers. They could =
overheated, ignite or melt if overheated =
For safety and proper cooking performance, always bake and broil with the Do nat use the drawer to dry newspapers: If overheated, they can catch on =
Oven door closed. fire =,
Follow basic precautions when installing and. using this range to reduce the risk of
WARN | NGS fire, electrical shack, injury, or death to persons, including,
Da nat leave children unattended near the range during a self-cleaning
cycle: The outside surfaces of the range get hot enough to burn if touched
(+) The warming drawer is designed to keep hot cooked foods at a serving
temperature. Always start with hot food. Cold or room-temperature foods A)
stand away from the range when opening the oven door after à self-
cannot be heated, warmed, or cooked in the warming drawer
cleaning cycle. The oven wili be VERY HOT and the escaping hot air and
e Do not touch the interior drawer surface ar heating element, These surfaces steam can cause burns.
may be hot and could burn vou. ; ;
y у Remove all racks and other utensils fram the oven before starting a self
(*) Use care when opening the drawer. Escaping hot air and/or steam can cause clean cycle. The oven racks may become damaged, and foreign objects could
burns or personal Injury ignite if left within the oven cavity,
Wipe off any excess spillage befare using the =elf-cleaning operation,
Remove any broiler pans, all cookware, oven probe, and any aluminum foil
before: using the self-cleaning operation.
English 11
Safety instructions
и Ни
Never self-cliean with the lower drawer or drawer pan placed in the oven
If the self-cleaning operation malfunctions, turn off the oven, discannect the
power supply, and cantact a qualified service technician
Do not use oven cleaners. Commercial oven cleaners ar gven liners should
NEVER be used in or around any part of the oven, Residue fram oven
cleaners will damage the inside of the oven during a self-cleaning operatian,
Mickel oven shelves should be removed from the oven during a self-cleaning
cycle, Porcelzin-coated oven shelves may be cleaned in the oven during a
self-cleaning cycle:
Do not clean the door gasket. The door gasket is essential for a good seal,
Care should be taken nat to rub, damage, or move the gasket.
12 English
Make sire all meat and poultry is cooked thoroughly, Meat should always be
cooked to an internal temperature of 160 °F (71 "Ch. Poultry should always
be cooked to an internal temperature of 180 °F (82 °C), Coaking these foods
to these minimally safe temperatures can help protect you and your family
from foodbourne illnesses,
Gas range components 13
Overview 13
Gas range specifications 15
Installation requirements 17
Location requirements 17
Cas requirements 18
Special gas requirements (Gas models sold in Massachusetts) 19
Electrical requirements 19
Tools and materials 21
What's in the box 21
Installation instructions 22
Instailing your gas rangé 2
Adjusting the oven burner air adjustment shutters 29
Gas range components
Cooktop Burner Placement
MODEL NX58°565™"
Control Panel And
Digital Display
continous cast
Concave line
Gas range components
Cooktop Burners {under grates)
Burner Locations and Output Rating
ДН = =
| Dm m|m |=
= || | 15
ed un ut | u | об
y, lm | ел | un |
o == 1
"E > | LE
JE |=
еее |5 |Е
me | == Ci
Blas 8] E
ka x = НЙ В
0-1 5 (8 =
gr Ow [CE en
= & Ie
Warming Drawer (With Full Extension Roller Guide Rails}
Cooktop Burner
Oven Racks (3)
Oven Door
English 13
Da als al
a em | | 60
aso oo
ale |
m | |
и Ball
uu E
i = hdl
En x
< К:
a в
c =
= =
a = ame |
5 Cl a | E
MT ыы Ё | == re
с = || E | DEA
on -: BE (PE |.
oO SS as | A =
al = № Е |8 Бе
к. C Ba Е | НЫ,
ыы mai a | 0 e | es
= „ ВЕ CES) | EE
Lo E ay |) a 2j 6
LI o = a
E i or
= E
= a
El „==
= a
= =
o 3
J m
Storage Drawer
Er и #
/ JE
r a
| J
—— A
BE E 47
M «Г = Cy ; ía das
с За EE
Q añ
5 se
o E
3 45 2
= Bud ra e
= о + Co
o 6 oy ete = 18
3 4,50 mE 5
J 3 br a &
me o ;
a) un Daz is =
= a la fu" EL
Oo o = = =
с + JG о
го =
nw | E
го o
u =
Las range components
14 English
Gas range components
Gas range specifications
MODEL NX58°565™"
MODEL NX58°560"""
Las Free-Standing Range
135 Free-Standing Range
29 1558" (W) x 46 Tire (HH) » 28 546" (D)
761 mm (Wi x 1,1862 mm Hi x 718.7 mm (0)
29 154s" (Wx 46 1848" (Mx 28 5167 MD)
761 mm (W)x 1186. mm (H! = 7167 mm [LG]
204 |b {52.4 Kg)
Refer to the rating label.
5-13 in WC
10-13 in WC
NET WEIGHT 186 16 (84.5 Ко)
ELECTRICAL Refer to the rating {abel
(LF)-15,000 BTU / (LR)-9.500 BTU /
(CTR)-9.,500 BTU / (RR)-5,000 BTL /
(RF)-18,000 BTU
(LF}-15,000 BTU / (LR)-9,500 BTU /
[(CTR)-9,500 BTU y (RR)-5,000 BTU /
(RF}-17,000 ETU
(LF1-11 500 BTU / (LR)-7.500 BTU /
(CTR)-7.500 BTU /(RR]-4,000 BTU /
(RF)-14 500 BTU
Broil (Upper)-13,500 ETU /
Bake (Lower)-18 000 BTU
Broil (Upper)-11,500 ВТО.
Bake (Lower)-15,000 BTU
(LF) 10,000 BTU y (LA)-7,500.BTU y
[CTR)-7,500 BTU y (RR)-4,000 BTU /
(RFF-12:500 BTU
Brail {(Upper)-13,500 BTU /
Bake (Lower}-18.000 BTU
Broil {Upper)-11,500 BTU y
Hake (Lower) 15000 BTU
English 15
LL |
af fer
MBA mm)
[66.8 mia!
38 Ya m
E194 mm
и or
E 5
Ft ah
И == Lu
x pe TL
of LE
1 LL
Е :
[E10 mm
Gas range components
Las range components
16 English
Installation requirements
Location requirements Minimum dimensions
If overhead cabinets are provided, a range hood should also be provided that
projects horizantally a minimum of 5 (17.7 cm) beyond the front of the cabinets
This will dissipate any heat buildup in the overhead cabinets ta prevent death,
personal Injury. and/or fire hazard. The ventilating hood must be constructed of
sheet metal not less then 0.0127” thick. Install above the cooktop with a clearance
of not less than 1/47 between the hood and the underside of the combustible
material or metai cabinet. The hood must be at least as wide as the appliance
and centered over the appliance. Clearance between the cooking surface and the
ventilation hood surface must never be less than 24°
Clearances and dimensions
For OTR over Gas Stave, please follow local GAS CODE,
BEFORE YOU BEGIN to install this appliance, refer to the following information,
dimensions, and clearances. Do not locate the range where it may be subject
to strong drafts, Provide adeguate clearances between the range and adjacent
combustible surfaces. These dimensions must be met for safe use of the range.
The location of the electrical outlet and gas piping may be adjusted to meet the
following dimensions-and clearances.
Exception; Installation of a listed microwave oven or cooking appliance over the
cooktop shall conform to the installations packed with that appliance
« 30° (101.6 cm) minimum clearance between the top of the cooking surface
and the bottom of an unprotected wood or metal cabinet; or If no 307 (101.6
cm) minimum clearance, 247 (61 cm) minimum when the bottom of the wood
or metal cabinet is protected by not less than 0.257 (0.64 cm) flame-retardant
millboard covered with not less than no.- 28 MSG sheet steel, 0.0157 (0.038 cm]
stainless steel, 0.0247 (0.061 cm) aluminum, or 0.0207 (3.051 cm} copper
For installation in Canada, a free-standing range is not to be installed closer than
4.7" (12 cm) from any adjacent surface.
This range has been designed to comply with the maximum allowable wood
cabinet temperature af 194 °F (90 °C) Make sure the wall covering, countertops,
and cabinets around the range can withstand the heat {up ta 194 °F [90 "J
generated by the range. If not, discoloration, delamination, or melting may occur.
fl om
== |
« 18 (457 cm) minimum between the countertop and the adjacent cabinet
Mmm Tram - H
sia 13
=. top af cacktap to (33 ет ОКО
Clearance cablrel
E OS head
Above Faire
; abel
A. 1 Depth a
surface to à" ES oi an
(ver (10.2emh | 763 em)! (157 em) (457 em) |
| + — ela +
24" Try р |
. stem) 0° [0 omy
36 Ceégrarce
[51.4 cm) esta Below я
"Не Cooking
enih : cm
| DP == [Top area oem
|" Rear and "7
Sides of ©
English 17
| |
Installation requirements
Recommended locations for gas piping and electrical outlets
(Far models NX58*565*/NX58*S60”*]
17" х 9" —
(43.2 om x 22.9 ст)
Gas Wall Area
Recommended area |
for through-the-wall
and through-the-floor
connection of gas pipe
stub and shut-off valve
18 English
Re ——
po | iti NR
area for 120 y
electrical outlet
on rear wall
Gas requirements
Provide adequate gas supply
This range is designed to operate at a pressure of 5" {13 cm) of water column on
natural gas or 10" {25 cm) of water column on LP gas (propane or butane).
Make sure you are supplying your range with the type of gas for which it 1s
designed. Do not attempt to convert the appliance from the gas specified in this
manual to a different gas without consulting the gas supplier.
This range is convertible for use on natural or propane gas. IF you decide to use
this range on LP gas, conversion must be made by a gualifed LP installer before
attempting toc operate the range.
For proper operation, the pressure of natural gas supplied tg the regulator must be
between 5 and 13 [13 cm and 33 cm) of water column
For LP gas, the pressure supplied must be between 10” and 13" (25 cm and 33 cm)
af water column
When checking for proper operation of the regulatar, the iniet pressure must be at
least 17 (2:5 cm) greater than the operating (manifold) pressure as given
The pressure regulator located at the inlet of the range manifold must remain in
the supply line regardless of whether natural or LP gas is being used
A flexible-metal appliance connector used to connect the range {o the gas supply
line should have an ILD. of 0.5% 11.3 om) and be 5 ft (152 cm) in length for ease of
installation. In Canada, flexible connectors must be single-wall metal connectors по
longer than 6 ft (183 cm) in length;
Do not kink or damage the flexible metal tubing when moving the range.
Installation requirements
Special gas requirements (Gas models sold in Massachusetts) Electrical requirements
Commonwealth of Massachusetts requirements: da WARNING
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or personal injury,
Gas leaks may occur in your system, creating a dangerous situation All ranges
« Cas ieaks may not be detected by smell alone: * Do not use an extension cord or adapter plug with this range:
‚ Gas suppliers recommend you purchase and install a UL-approved « This range must be properly grounded,
gas detector. Gas detector should be installed in accordance with the * Check with a gualified electrician if you are in doubt as to whether your range
manufacturers instructions. is properly grounded,
« Range must be installed by a qualified plumber ar gas fitter by the State of * Do not modify the plug provided with your range—if it doesn; t fit the outlet;
Massachusetts, have a proper outlet installed by a gualified efectrician.
A T-handle manual gas valve MUST be installed in the gas supply line ta « All wiring and grounding must be done in accordance with local codes or, in
Your range the absence of local codes, with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA No
« |f a flexible gas connectar is used to Install your range, multiple flexible gas 70 - Latest Revision (for the LS) or the Canadian Electrical Code C5A C22.1 -
lines must not be connected In series. Latest Revisions and focal codes and ordinances.
« Wiring diagram is located on the back of the range. {Inside of the cover back
« This range is equipped with an electronic ignition system that will not operate
if plugged into an outlet that is not properly polarized.
Gas models
« All gas models are equipped with a power cord with an equipment-grounding
conductar and a grounding plug
« A 120-Voit, 50-Hz, ÀC, approved electrical service with or 20-amp circuit
breaker or time-delay fuse is required for all U.S. and Canadian models.
+ Check for #° {1.9 cm) UL-listed strain relief where the power card comes out
of the range cabinet:
« Do not reuse a power supply cord from an old range or other appliance
« The power cord electric supply wiring must be retained at the range cabinet
with a suitable UL-listed strain relief.
a A time-delay fuse or circuit breaker is also recommended
fl om
English 15
Installation requirements
Grounding Usage situations where appliance power cord will be disconnected
Da not use an adapter plug In these situations because disconnecting af the
power cord places undue strain an the adapter and leads to eventual failure
af the adapter ground terminal Where a standard two-prang wall receptacle
is encountered, it is the personal responsibility and obligation of the customer
to have it replaced with a three-prong (grounding) receptacie by a qualified
All ranges must be grounded far personal safety,
«All gas models have a power cord with an equipment-
grounding conductor and a grounding plug.
«The plug must be firmly plugged into a three-prong
outlet that is-properly installed and grounded in
accordance with all local codes and ordinances, In the
Ensure proper
event of a malfunction or breakdown, grounding will {| ground and electrician before using the appliance.
= r \ i я
A e ARCO 9m FONNETHON Additional installation requirements for mobile homes
в Do not use a damaged power plug or loose wall outlet The installation cf appliances designed for mobile home installation must conform
Do nat use an extension cord or adapter with this with the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standard, Title 24 CFR, Part
appliance. 3280 (formerly the Federal Standard for Mobile Home Construction and Safety,
в Do not, under any circumstances, cul, modify, remove, or otherwise defeat the Title 24, HUD, Part 280) ar, when such standard is not applicable, the Standard
grounding (third) prong from the power cord. If the plug and the outlet do not for Manufactured Home Installations, latest edition (Manufactured Home Sites.
match or you have any doubt, have a qualified electrician install the proper Communities and Set-Ups:, ANSE A225.1, latest edition, or With local codes. In
outlet, Canada, mobile home installation must be in accordance with the current CAN/CSA
The customer should have the wall receptacle and circuit checked by a Z240/MH Mobile Home Installation Code.
qualified electrician to make sure the réceptacle is properly grounded.
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters{GFCis) are not required or recommended for
gas range receptacles,
« NEVER connect ground wire to plastic plumbing lines; gas lines, ar water pipes.
Power cord location
The power card for this appliance is located
on the back of the range, near the bottom
right hand corner. The 53" (135 cm) power
cord will come installed on the range and
taped to the back for shipping,
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, fire, or electrical shock.
Power cord location
70 English
Tools and materials
What's in the box Parts needed
Parts supplied
® | |
Tuy 1 : я A Sn
æ e A | в { E Gas line shut- Flexible metal Flare union Flare union 135-degree Lag bolt
= : a off valve appiiance adapter 347 or adapter 14” elbow or 4" (06!
connector 5° 47 INPT] x 3° (NPT) x 47 optional] sieeve anchor
surface burners and caps {5} Surface burners and caps (5) Surface burner grates (3) NO) = 5 ft no (3)
(Model NXSE*'5E5™) Model NXSES6O
Tools needed
fu (ее rs — в——о
i . . Ftat-l fins : | y -
Over racks (3) Oven racks (2) Anti-tip bracket kit я OEE lue pei ie FORMES, (NURERIVED
Griddle, Wok grate Griddie screwdriver screwdriver a Jusiauik и
(NX58°565%) NX58*560"1 ET o
Make sure you have received all of the supplied parts shown above. Ç =
ñ Ё af | i o al ‘не =|
| VERE range was damaged during Sipping ar vou do not have all af the = EN =!
supplied parts, contact your loca| retailer: ere | =
Pencil and ruler Level Pipe joint Utility knife Soapy water
compound solution
English 21
Installation instructions
Installing your gas range
IMPORTANT: Please read the following instructions, as well as the Important
Safety Instructions section at the front of this manual, completely and carefully
BEFORE Installing and/or operating the gas range. Improper installation,
adjustment, service, or maintenance can cause personal injury or property
« To order parts or accessories, contact your local retailer or refer to the last
« To ensure proper installation, we strongly recommend that you hire a
professional installer,
Step 1. Unpack the range
Remove all packaging materials. Failure 10 remove packaging materials could
result in damage to the appliance.
Inventory all loose parts against the Parts supplied components listed on page 21.
Check for shipping damage and/or missing parts. Any damage and/or missing
parts should be reported to your local retailer.
Step 2. Connect the range to gas supply
Shut off the main gas supply valve before disconnecting the old range and leave
it off until the new hookup has been completed. Don't forget to relight the pilot on
other gas appliances when you turn the gas back on.
Because hard piping restricts movement of the range, the use of a £54
International-certified flexible metal appliance connector is recommended unless
local codes require a hard-piped connection
If the information in this manual 15 not followed exactly. a fire or explosion may
result, causing death, personal injury, or property damage,
* [Do not store or use gasoline or ather flammable vapors and liquids in the
vicinity of this or any other appliance
« DO NOT light a match, candie, or cigarette,
« DO NOT try to light any appliance;
« DONOT touch any electrical switch:
« DONOT use any phone in your building:
« Clear the room, building, or area of all occupants
«- |Immediately call your gas Supphier from a nelghbor s phone. Foliow the gas
suppliers instructions,
« |f you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire department,
[Fa |
= A
Го |
a Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer, service
agency, ar gas supplier.
22 English
Installation instructions
Newer use an old connectar when installing a new range. If the hard-piping
method Is used, you must carefully align the pipe: the range cannot be moved
after the connection is-made,
To prevent gas leaks, apply pipe-joint compound or wrap pipe-thread tape with
Teflan on all male (external) pipe threads.
1. Install @ manual gas line shut-off valve in the gas line in an easily accessed
location outside of the range.
Make sure everyone operating the range knows where and how to shut off the
cas supply to thé range.
2. Install male 057 (1 3 mm) flare union adapter to the 0.57 (1,3 mm) NET internal
thread at the regulator inlet Use a backup wrench on the regulator fitting to
avoid damage.
When installing the range from the front, remove the 90 7 elbow for easier
3. Install male 6-57 113 mm) or 0.757 (1.3 mm) flare union adapter to the МРТ
internal thread of the manual shut-off valve, taking care to back up the shut-
off valve to keep it from turning
4. Connect flexible metal appliance connector to the adapter on the range,
Position range to permit connectian at the shut-off valve.
5. When all connections have been made, make sure all range controls are in the
off position and turn on the main gas supply valve. Use a liguid leak detector
at all joints and cannections to check far leaks in the system.
Dao not use a flame to check for gas leaks to prevent death, personal injury,
explosion, and/or fire hazard.
When using test pressures greater than 1/2 psig to pressure-test the gas supply
system of the residence, disconnect the range and individual shut-off valve from
the gas supply piping. When using test pressures of 1/2 psig or less to test the gas
supply system, simply isolate the range from the gas supply system by closing the
individual shut-off valve.
Co not exceed 25 ft-Ibs of-tórgue when making das line connections, Overtightening
may crack the pressure regulator resulting in a gas leak
Flexible connector hookup
Installer: Inform the consumer of the location of the gas shut-off valve.
If wour area requires a rigid pipe hookup, contact a qualified installer, service
agency, or gas supplier,
« The gas shut-off valve should be installed in an accessible location in the gas
piping, external to the appliance, for the purpose of turning on or shutting off
the gas to the appliance.
ei à "8— 05" or 0.75" Gas Pipe
UL- —
Off Valve
*— Tubing Line to Oven Burner
Control Valve
(6-ft max.)
Tubing Line to
Cooktop Control
Pressure Regulator
English 23
Fin a LE
Installation instructions
Step 3. Convert to Ip gas (optional)
All new gas ranges are shipped from the factory set up to use natural gas. Any
Samsung gas range can be converted to use LP gas: Refer to page 80 in the User
Manual to contact a qualified service technician.
The conversion process should ônly be performed by a qualified LP gas installer
Conversion instructions and LP orifices will be supplied with the LP conversion Kit.
The conversión ta LP requires all burner orifices to be changed [5 surface burners
and 2 oven burners],
In addition, the nozzle on the gas pressure regulator needs to be reversed. All
replaced orifices must be left with the consumer, including the instructions and
retrofit sizes and orifice indication
(LP Gas [Propane] 10 in WCP) (Natural Gas 5 in WCP)
В BER hie il BI Rate ne
ВЕ’ 14.500 1.12 RE 18.000 1.92
RF? 12.500 1.06 RF? 17,000 192
LF 11.500 1.04 LF 15.000 1.76
LF? 10.000 0.98 RA 5.000 1.01
AR 4,000 0.62 LR 9,500 1.40
LR 7,500 0.83 CTR 5.500 1.38
CTR 7,500 0.83 BAKE 18,000 1.90
BAKE 15.000 115 BROIL 13,500 1.64
BROIL 11,500 1.02
Model NX58°565*”
Step 4. Install the anti-tip device
Ta reduce the risk of tipping, the appliance must be secured by properly installing
the anti-tip device packed with the appliance
« All ranges can tig, resulting In personal injury,
« Tipping ranges can cause burns from spills, personal injury, and/or death
a To prevent accidental tipping, install and check the anti-tip bracket following
the instructions and template supplied with the bracket.
An anti-tip bracket and screws. installation
instructions, and template are shipped
with every range (PMN DG94-008708) The
instructions include information necessary
to complete the installation of the anti-tip
bracket. Read and follow the Instructions on
the sheet and use the template for anti-tip
bracket installation. If not properly installed,
the range could be tipped by you or a child
standing, sitting, ar leaning on an apen
owen doar.
Ta install an anti-tip bracket, release and extend the leveling leg t0 a minimum
clearance of 21/32" {16.5 mm; between the range bottom and the floor.
Ta check if the bracket is installed and engaged properly, remave the warming
drawer ar storage drawer and look underneath the range to see that the leveling
leg is engaged in the bracket, Carefully tip the range forward. The bracket should
stop the range within 47 {10.2 cm) of tipping. If-it does not, the bracket must be
If the range is pulled from the wall for any reasan, always repeat this procedure
ta verify the range is properly secured by the anti-tip bracket. Never completely
remove the leveling legs or the range will not be secured to the anti-tip device
* Model! NXSB 560
[Fa |
= A
Го |
24 English
Installation instructions
Step 5. Plug in and place
BEFORE OPERATING OR TESTING, follow the grounding requirements on pages
19 = 20 in this manual. Improper connection of the grounding plug can result in a
risk of electric shock,
« All gas ranges come with a power cord, The power Cord is connected 10 the
rear of the range. Please review Electrical requirements on pages 19 = 20.
« ANUS and Canadian models are produced with a 3-wire, 120-volt-60-Hertz
electrical system. The entire system. including the power cord, is preinstalled
and prewired at the factory, Altering any part of this system may result Ina
hort or overload
и Мел
Plug in the power cord. Make sure the
outlet meets local or national electrical
codes as referenced on pages 19 ~ 20.
2. Slide the range into place.
3. Check the gas supply line to make sure
it did not get damaged and it stayed
connected during positioning.
4. Check to make sure the back leg of the
range has slid into the anti-tip bracket
Carefully tip the range forward to
ensure that the anti-tip bracket engages
the back brace and prevents tip-over,
Gas Range Plug
Step 6. Level the range
Leveling 120
| пиннн
‘99 6 508
: a!) i
Eo e
Make sure the range is positioned where
vou want It.
Using a wrench, level the range by
turning the front leveling legs in or out
as necessary. Counterclockwise shortens
the leg and lowers the range. Clockwise
lengthens the leg and raises the range.
Adjusting the two front legs is usually
sufficient, but all four legs adjust if
Adjust the leveling legs only as far as
necessary to level the range, Extending
the leveling legs more than necessary or
removing legs can cause the range to be
If range is next to or between cabinets,
make sure the cooktop (without the
surface burner grates) is level with the
Position an oven rack in the center rack
Check the level of the range witha
carpenter level using the two positions
shown at right.
After the range becomes level, slide the
range away from the wall so that the
anti-tip bracket can be installed.
English 25
Installation instructions
Step 7. Assemble the surface burners Step 8. Check the ignition of surface burners and oven burners
An, CAUTION Check the operation of all cooktop and oven burners after the range has been
installed and assembled, gas supply lines have been carefully checked for leaks,
Do not operate the surface burners without all burner paris In place. I
and electrical power cord has been plugged in.
fa ~ 1. Position surface burner héads on top of All surface and aven burners have electronic ignition
© | \ i the surface burner manifolds as shown
To turn on a surface burner:
ыы: dt: at right, The electrodes will At into the
— y @
slot in the bottom of the heads, Make
Push in and turn the control knob far
Fadel NXGE CEE" sure the surface burner heads are flat that surface burner to the LITE position,
and parallel with the cooktop. The “clicking” sound indicates the
a 7 E Place the matching size caps on top of electronic ignition system is operating
| | 1 each surface burner head. properly. The burner will light in about
РЯ À 4 Seconds, after the air has been purged
=” 7 — ® NOTE from the supply line,
Modél NXS8"560"7 The caps on Precise simmer burner 2. After the burner lights, turn the control
_ 3 (ER) and Inside Dual Burner (RF) can be knob to the desired setting. The
interchangeably used, “clicking” sound will stop and the flame
— —_— ; height will change from Max, to Min.
Precise Simmer Burner (RR) during turning the control knob.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to check the
operation of each surface burner
Flat surface Concave line a
Place food in the oven after preheating
7 ~~ 3. Place the left, center, and right surface ir the ECTS calls tor TLL Frekedting 1s
1 burner grates on the cooktop. The edges Important for good baking results, After
the oven has reached the desired cooking
temperature, It will beep 6 times,
af the grates should match up with the
edges of the cooktop.
[Fa |
= A
Го |
26 English
Installation instructions
To start the bake burners: ra * 4 Press the OFF/CLEAR pad to shut off the
a À 1. Press the Bake pad, The oven will beep OFF de
every time a pad is pressed CLEAR The display will show the time of day
Bake The default temperature 350 7 and the = NOTE
ee de. wit Te Ся ЗЕ Sn О The oven burmers require electrical power
Hake ha = ag te ss tka to operate. They cannot be lit manually with
360 Lm cooking temperature, skip to step 2. ho 4 a Match, 50 the oven cannot be Used during
LI ' 30 power outages
Ne |
To start the broil burners.
и x 2 Press the number pads to change the
temperature setting to the desired ¢ ~ To check ignition of the broil burner, touch
cooking tem perati re and the Start Вто After 30 F0 seconds, the broil bu rer will
== indicator will blink on the display ignite,
315 130 .
Hi E30
en + Ч
a ™ 3. Press the START/SET pad
The disglay will show a blinking +,
STAF along with 150°, Bake, and the bake
SET element ican, until the oven reaches that
re temperature; then the display will just
CT 50 10 show the actual oven temperature. _
uu The oven will automatically light after т
30-90 seconds and start preheating,
= When the oven reaches the desired =
baking temperature, it will beep & times. =
ru 1
(J 50° 0 =
te a
English 27
Installation instructions
Checking the flame quality: Step 9. Final installation checklist
All combustion flames need to be visually checked to determine their lame You have just completed installing your range. Make sure all controls are in the off
Quality, position and the flow of ventilation air to the range is unobstructed. The following
~~ ~ 1. Soft blue lames—- Normal for natural gas is a Checklist to confirm your range is safely installed and ready for operation.
2. Yellow ps on oUtercones— Normal rr £ ™ + Cas ling has been properly connected to
LP gas operation.
3. Yellow flames-Abnormei for any gas
the range
The gas has been turned on. All
| operation: call for service connections have been checked for
i | ® NATE « Ran a is plugged into the proper!
If burner flame looks like 3, the range Se ER BE
re Gas Range grounded electrical receptacie.
should not be used until it is serviced. Call | Plug
for service, Normal burner flames shall look he A
| OO OE I OO ike 1 or 2. depending on the gas type you
y o USE. = Approved anti-tip bracket is properly installed and engaged with the range.
Xx + Range is leveled and is firmly sitting on
g salid, level floor
s [as surface burners have been praperly
« АН burners have been tested for proper
adjust the broil and oven burner flames
ds described on page 29 in this manual
he +
= т
28 English
Installation instructions
Adjusting the oven burner air adjustment shutters
All oven burners have an air adjustment shutter, The purpose of the shutter is
to regulate the flow of air-to the flames. Properly adjusted flames should burn
steadily with approximately 17 of blue cone. The flames should never extend
past the edge of the burner baffles. Even though these are preset at the factary,
they should be checked and, if needed, adjusted periodically to ensure efficient
Afr adjustment
Afr adjustment
To check and adjust the oven burner air adjustment shutters:
Open the oven doar
Remove the oven racks.
Remove the oven floor
Press the Bake pad, then the START pad
After the oven has lit, visually check the flames coming out of the upper and
lower burners, If adjustment is needed, carefully adjust the air adjustment
Ee laa de
The shutters are located at the base of the burner manifolds near the back dven
Locking SCrEW
To adjust the shutter, inosen the Iocking
screw and rotate the shutter towards the
ореп ar closed position as needed If flames
are lifting off the burner parts, gradually
reduce the air shutter opening until the
flames are stabilized
If flames are too yellow and/or too large,
gradually increase the air shutter opening
until the flames have approximately a 1”
blue cone,
If the range is set up for natural gas, the
flames should burn with no yellow tipping
If the range is set up for LP gas, small
vellow tips at the end of the cones are
After the flames are adjusted properly, shut
off the oven, retighten the locking screws,
replace the oven bottom and racks, and
close the oven door:
English 29
Installation instructions Memo
To adjust flame low setting
Identify which burner is exhibiting too high ar too low of simmer rate via
manifold panel graphics.
1. Rotate a knob to "LO" position and
remove the knob from the valve shaft
ZEN while the flame is lit
#—— — “immer Set
2. Carefully push the screw driver into
the Cl chanel of the valve, until it his
the simmer set screw. Make sure the
screwdriver flathead is seated into the
set SCrew groove
3. Rotate valve set screw clockwise to
decrease "LO" setting flame output, ar
rotate set screw counter clockwise to
increase "LOY setting flame output
1. Do not completely remove the valve set screw from the valve stem. The valve
zet screw is an integral part of the gas valve assembly, Removing the valve set
screw will cause gas to leak
2. After adjusting the valve set screw, inspect the assembly for gas leaks,
30 English
English 31
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Ec TL par TANS
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