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Frigorfico-Congelador lskast-Dierieskast


í fico-Congelador

Dear Customer,






















You have just acquired a


fridge and we would like to thank you.

Our research teams have created this new generation of appliances for you. Their quality, design, features and technological advances make them exceptional products, and reveal our unique know-how.

Your new


fridge will blend harmoniously into your kitchen and will perfectly combine food preservation performance and ease of use. We wanted to offer you a product of excellence.

In the


product range, you will also find a wide choice of hobs, ovens, microwaves, hoods, dishwashers, cookers, freezers, that you can coordinate with your new



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, where you will find our latest innovations as well as useful and complementary information.


Setting New Value s

As part of our commitment to constantly improving our products, we reserve the right to make changes to them based on technical advances to their technical and functional features and appearance.


Before installing and using your appliance, please carefully read this Guide to Installation and Use, which will allow you to quickly familiarise yourself with its operation.

Disposal of Used Electrical & Electronic Equipment

The meaning of the symbol on the product, its accessory or packaging indicates that this product shall not be treated as household waste. Please, dispose of this equipment at your applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical & electronic equipments waste.

In the European Union and Other European countries which there are separate collection systems for used electrical and electronic product. By ensuring the correct disposal of this product, you will help prevent potentially hazardous to the environment and to human health, which could otherwise be caused by unsuitable waste handling of this product. The recycling of materials will help conserve natural resources.

Please do not therefore dispose of your old electrical and electronic equipment with your household waste.

For more detailed information about recycling of this product, please contact your local city office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product.

SAFETY WARNING (R-600a Models Only)

This appliance contains a certain amount of isobutane refrigerant (R600a) a natural gas with high environmental compatibility that is, however, also combustible.

when transporting and installing the appliance, care should be taken to ensure that no parts of the refrigerating circuit are damaged.

Refrigerant squirting out of the pipes could ignite or cause an eye injury. If a leak is detected, avoid any naked flames or potential sources of ignition and air the room in which appliance is standing for several minutes.

In order to avoid the creation of a flammable gas-air mixture if a leak in the refrigerating circuit occurs, the size of the room in which appliance may be sited depends on the amount of refrigerant used.

The room must be 1m 3 in size for every 8g of R600a refrigrant inside the appliance. The amount of refrigerant is shown on the identification plate inside the appliance.

Never start up an appliance showing any signs of damage. lf in doubt, consult your dealer.

RoHS (Directive 2002/95/EC) Compliant

This product is environmentally sound and sustainable free from Pb, Cd, Cr+6, Hg,

PBBs and PBDEs restricted in accordance with the Directive.


Be sure to keep for safety

Installation Guide

Control Panel

Temperature Control

How to change Interior Light Bulb

How to use interior Parts

How to use the Dispenser

How to use Automatic Icemaker

Care & Cleaning

Before You Call for Service...



Something strange?

Don’t worry. Here is the answer 79

How to install Water Line 80





7 1




After Sales Service 82


Be sure to keep for safety !

Read these safety instructions thoroughly and carefully before using. Please keep this user guide to hand for future reference.


Indicates the possibility of danger of death or serious injury


Indicates the possibility of risk of personal injury or material damage

Other Signs

DO NOT remove or disassemble!

Be sure to unplug from receptacle(outlet/mains)!

NO., DO NOT...

Be sure to keep and follow!



If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.

The appliance must be positioned so that the plug is accessible


Never let the power cord be crushed by the refrigerator itself or other (heavy) objects.

Never bend power cord excessively.

If the cord is damaged or peeled, it can be a cause of fire and electric shock.

Do not plug several appliances into the same wall outlet (receptacle).

It can be a cause of overheating and/or fire.

Use an exclusive grounding receptacle for the refrigerator.

Never hold the power cord or plug with wet hands.

There is a risk of electric shock.

Be sure to ground. Check if your wall outlet is grounded (earthed) .

There is a risk of electric shock hazards.

Never use a damaged power cord or plug, or loose main socket .

There is a risk of fire, electric shock or serious injury.

Never unplug by pulling only the power cord wire. Always grip the plug firmly.




Let the cord from the plug outlet be directed Downwards.

If it is directed up, the cord near the plug is bent and can be damaged, which can cause an electric shock or fire.

Never let the power cord touch or pass over heating appliances.

Power cord can be damaged, resulting in a risk of electric shock hazards.

Do not install the refrigerator on a wet floor or in a place with much humidity moisture.

Electric insulation gets weakened, resulting in a risk of electric shock hazards.

Check if plug is loose from the wall outlet.

Electric insulation gets weakened, resulting in a risk of electric shock hazards.

Never pour or spray water into the refrigerator (both interior and exterior).

Electric insulation gets weakened, resulting in a risk of electric shock hazards.

Do not let children hang on the refrigerator doors.

Refrigerator can fall and do harm to them.

Never repair or disassemble or amend the refrigerator on your own

There is a risk of personal injury or damage to the refrigerator. It is recommanded that any service be carried out by a qualified person.

Never use flammable gas, benzene, thinner, gasoline, spray etc. near the refrigerator.

There is a risk of fire, explosion and personal injury or damage.

Do not place containers with water or liquid on top of refrigerator.

Water can be poured into the refrigerator and can cause electric shock hazards or damage.

Do not move or remove compartment shelves/pockets while foods and containers are on them.

Hard container (of glass, metal etc.) can fall to hurt you and can break shelf glass and interior parts.

Never store any flammable gas or liquid in the refrigerator.

If a gas leak is found near the refrigerator or in the kitchen, ventilate it immediately without touching power plug or refrigerator.



Do not store medicine, academic research samples which require strict temperature control in the refrigerator.

Do not change fuse or light bulb on your own. Call the service agent to change them.

Never insert fingers or hands into the bottom of refrigerator, especially into the bottom back.

You can be hurt by sharp metal edges or can receive an electric shock.

When you find the power cord damaged or cut, call the service agent immediately.


When you get rid of your old refrigerator, be sure to remove the door packings first.

Children can be entrapped and suffocated in an abandoned refrigerator.

Leave it just a few days! is very dangerous.


Be sure to unplug when the refrigerator is not used for a long time.

Never touch foods and containers especially of metal with wet hands in the freezer compartment.

You can be hurt by chilblains or cold bum.

Never eat any decayed or deteriorated food at all.

Foods stored too long in the refrigerator can be decayed or deteriorated .

When moving the refrigerator (horizontally or tilted), more than 2 persons are required to hold it.

( One to hold top back handles, the other, bottom holder. )

If other parts gripped, it is very dangerous and likely to slip.

Never place bottles and containers of glass in the freezer compartment.

Glass containers and bottles can be broken so can hurt you.

Be sure to turn up the wheel first before moving the refrigerator.

The wheels can damage or scratch the floor.

If you move it a long distance, never forget to fasten the interior parts tightly with tapes.

The parts can collide and break each other.


Installation Guide


Read these safety instructions carefully before use and follow precautions for your safety.

Precautions in installation and power connection

To prevent fire, electric shock or leakage

Never install the refrigerator on a wet, watery floor or where water can easily gather.

Check the following before power connection.

Connect power plug only to a grounded wall receptacle (an earthed mains).

Do not plug refrigerator power together with other appliances to a same receptacle(socket).

Do not use an adapter plug or an extension cord.

Do not let power cord be crushed down by other (heavy) objects .

If you hear a strange noise or strong chemical odour or find smog etc. from the refrigerator after power plugin, pull out the plug immediately and call the service agent or DAEWOO customer service Dept..

Wait about 5 minutes before you plugin again in order to prevent any damage to the compressor and electrical devices of refrigerator.

Wait 2~3 hours until the inside gets cold enough after the first power plugin, then store foods inside.

(There can be some peculiar smell of plastic parts at initial operation of refrigerator after plugin.

The smell fades away as the refrigerator works and doors are opened and closed.)

Precautions in use

To prevent personal injury, fire, electric shock etc. read this user guide carefully before use and keep it at hand for any reference.


Egg case Filter Box Water supply Kit User guide

Dispenser Models Only


Control Panel

Dispenser Model


After 6 month of first power input, “FILTER CHANGE” icon is ON.

When the time comes to change the filter or reset push “RESET WATER FILTER” button for 5 seconds after change, then “FILTER CHANGE” icon is OFF.

Children may push any button on the panel for fun, resulting in disorder of temperature and function of refrigerator.

- Press this button to lock out this possibility and to keep temperature and function setting.

- Push Lock button again for more than a second to stop it.

Basic Model

For your convenience you can select WATER /


A rectangle line around the icon lights up to indicate your selection is ON.

To obtain the water or ice, push the pad smoothly with your cup and your selection will come out 1~2 seconds later.

- Try to avoid placing the rim of your glass near the bottom of the pad, otherwise Water or Icecubes may spill or splash.

- You will hear a snap sound 2 seconds after the icecubes come out. This is from the shut off ice-out valve.

- Wait 2~3 seconds after pushing the pad to get all the available water or ice cubes.

When cleaning the icecubes case assembly or when you do not use for a long period of time, remove the icecubes in the ice storage case and press the button to stop making icecubes.


Interior lights of refrigerator turn off when the doors are open for more than 10 minutes.

In case either freezer or refrigerator door is open for more than a minute, door alarm rings for 5 minutes with

1 minute interval.



Temperature Control

When this refrigerator is first plugged in, the temperature mode is set to [Middle].

Dispenser Model

Freezer Compartment

Push the FREEZER SET. button and the setting temperature changes as the figure shows.

>>> Sequential Temperature Change <<<

Faster Freezing...

When you want faster freezing, push the SUPER

FREEZER. button. Just push the button once again when you want to stop the mode.

Refrigerator Compartment

Push the REFRIGERATOR SET. button and the setting temperature changes as the figure shows.

>>> Sequential Temperature Change <<<

Faster Cooling or


When you want faster refrigerating, push the

SUPER REFRIGERATOR. Just push the button once again when you want to stop the mode.

To change temperature indicator from Celsius to Fahrenheit, select lock button and press Super Freezing

button for 15 seconds. Same process to go back to Celsius .


Basic Model

Freezer Compartment

Push the FRZ. TEMP button and the setting temperature changes as the figure shows.

>>> Sequential Temperature Change <<<

Refrigerator Compartment

Push the REF. TEMP button and the setting temperature changes as the figure shows.

>>> Sequential Temperature Change <<< en


Foods in the refrigerator can be frozen if the ambient temperature of the refrigerator is below 5°c.

How To change the lnterior Light Bulb

The lamp shall be replaced only by a service agent or similarly qualified person.

Change of Freezer Lights

Remove the 2 screws retaining the light cover.

Hold the botton of the light cover and pull forward to remove.

Change of Refrigerator Lights

Change the light bulb.

Follow the reverse order of disassembing after changing the light

Refrigerator Top Lights

Remove the screws retaining the light cover.

Hold the bottom of cover and pull forward to remove.


Change the light bulbs.

Follow the reverse order of disassembing when assembling back.

How to use the interior parts


Basic Model Interior Parts

Dispenser Model Interior Parts

Full - option models illustrated.

Features are model - dependent.


Freezer Pocket

For storing frozen foods

(Do not store ice cream or long stored foods on the top freezer pocket.)

Freezer Shelf (tempered glass)

For storing frozen foods such as meat, fish, ice-cream...

Drying Case of Freezer

For storing dried foods for so long

(dried squid, dried anchovy etc.)

Meat case of Freezer

For storing meat, fish, chicken with foil cover or vinyl wrap

Refrigerator Shelf (tempered glass)

For storng common foods

Movable Egg Case

Place the case for your convenience.

(Do not use the case for storing ice cubes nor place in the freezer compartment.)

Vegetable Case

Fruit Case

For storing fruits

Dairy Pocket

For storing dairy products such as butter and cheese

Refrigerator Pocket

For storing refrigerating foods, milk, juice, beer bottle etc.

Wine Keeper (Option)

Refreshment Pocket

(Refreshment Pocket Models Only)

For frequently used cans, drink water, beverages

Chilled Case

For storing foods temporarily that are ready to cook (meat, fish...)

Cool Box (Option)


Do not touch or hold with wet hands foods (foods container) in the freezer compartment.

There is a risk of chilblains (cold burn)

Do not store medicine, academic research samples etc. in the refrigerator


Do not store vegetables in the chilled room, for they can be frozen.

Egg case can be placed on a refrigerator shelf as you like.


Food Storage Tips

Wash foods before storing.

Divide and separate foods into smaller pieces.

Place watery foods or foods with much moisture in front of shelves (close to door side).

If they are placed close to the cold air spout, they can be frozen.

Warm or hot foods should be cooled down enough before storing to reduce power consumption and to enhance refrigeration performance.

Be careful in storing such tropical fruit as bananas, pineapples, tomatos, for they can easily be deteriorate in lower temperature.

Keep enough space between the foods as possible. If too tight or too close, cold air circulation is hindered, resulting in poor refrigeration.

Never forget to cover or wrap foods to prevent odour of foods.



Cool Box


Magic cool zone Contol graphic and Control function

When you plug in first, “OFF” LED is ON.

You can choose “OFF” “VEGETABLE” “FISH” “MEAT” by pushing the

“SELECT” button.








3 ºC

-1 ºC

-3 ºC

The LEDs and temperatures indicate what you have selected.

Displayed temperature means a target setting value, so it may differ from the actual room temperature.

How to use the Dispenser

(For Dispenser models)

Select WATER / CUBED ICE / CRUSHED ICE and press the cup on the PUSH pad for your convenience.

Press the WATER/ICE button to select WATER and ICON lights up to show it is on.

Press the WATER/ICE button to select CUBED ICE and ICON turns on.

Press the WATER/ICE button to select CRUSHED ICE and ICON turns on.




When you get [CUBED ICE] or [CRUSHED ICE], remove the cup from the pad when if it is half full.

( If you don’t, the remaining ICES will make the cup overflow or the dispenser outlet become blocked.)


Avoid using thin fragile cups or crystal glasses when taking (crushed) icecubes.

For your safety, never insert your fingers or other tools into the dispenser outlet.

If you find the (crushed/cubed) ices discolored, stop using the dispenser and call the service agent.

1 hour after you get [CUBED ICE] or [CRUSHED ICE], the selection mode returns to [WATER] automatically.


How to use the Automatic Icemaker

(For Dispenser models)

About 10 icecubes (7~8 times a day) are made at one time. If the ice storage case is full, icemaking stops.

It is normal for the icemaker to make banging sounds when the icecubes are falling into the ice storage case.

To prevent a bad odour or smells, regularly clean the Icecubes Storage Case.

If the amount of ice in the storage case is not sufficient, the ice may not be dispensed. Wait a day or so to make more ice.

If the ice does not dispense easily, ensure the dispenser outlet is not blocked.

In case the icemaker doesn’t work


If the icecubes get stuck and not dispensed

Pull out the ice storage case and separate the icecubes any icecubes that may have stuck together.

If the amount of water which is supplied to the icemaker needs adjusting. Call for the service agent.

In case of power failure

The icecubes in the case may melt to flow down to the freezer room.

If long hours' of power failure is predicted, pull out the case, remove the icecubes in it and replace it back.

Use only the ices out of this refrigerator.


Temperarture Indicator

(Depending on models)


Temperature to set

Correct temperature


Prolonged opening of the door will cause the internal tem-perature to rise. You must therefore read the indicatorwithin 30 seconds of the door being opened for the readingto be correct.

Setting the temperature:

When putting your appliance into service, set the thermostat to amedium position.

Check the temperature indicator 4 hours afterputting your appliance into service, or after any change in thethermostat setting, observe the temperature light :

- If the indicator is still black, lower the temperature gradually byselecting a higher number around the thermostat and checkingthe temperature indicator again after 4 hours. Repeat this opera-tion as many times as necessary.

- If the indicator goes green and "OK" is indicated, the tempera-ture in your refrigerator is correctly set.



Care & Cleaning

Be sure to unplug first !

Full - option models illustrated.

Dispenser Water Shelf

Remove the spill grill and clean the water shelf regularly.

( The spill shelf is not self-draining.)

Never use any other electrical appliances together in the inside of the refrigerator for fear of electric shock or fire.

Icecubes storage Case

Removing ; Pull up the case assembly forward to remove.

Replacing ; Fit to the side grooves and insert to the end.

If it is difficult to fully insert the case, remove it, rotate the swirl coil in the case or drive mechanism a quarter turn and insert again.

Do not store the icecubes too long.


For your safety, press the (ICE MAKER LOCK) once, when cleaning (removing & replacing) the icecubes storage assembly.

Be careful not to hurt your hands and fingers when cleaning the assembly.


Professional expertise for the general public

To keep your appliance in good working order, we recommend that you use Clearit household products.

Clearit offers you professional products and adapted solutions for the daily upkeep of your household and kitchen appliances.

You may find them in conventional retail outlets, along with a complete line of by-products and consumables.

Dairy Pocket

Diary Pocket Cover ; Open the cover a little, hold both ends and push left to remove.

Diary Pocket ; Hold both ends and pull upward to remove.

How to Clean

Interior Parts

Use cloth with water and mild(neutral) detergent to clean.

Freezer & Refrigerator Pockets

Hold both ends and pull up.

Door Packing

Use cloth with mild(neutral) detergent.

Freezer & Refrigerator Shelves

Open the doors fully, then pull the shelves forward to remove.

Back (Machine Room)

Remove dust on grill with a vacuum cleaner at least once a year.


Vegetable Case & Fruit Case

Pull forward and lift up a little to remove.


Never use asoline(petrol), benzene(benzol), thinners etc., for they can damage the surfaces.



Before You Call for Service...

Please checkup the following troubleshooting tips before you call for service !

Problem Checkup Point Action

It never gets cold inside.

Freezing & refrigerating is not so good.

Is the refrigerator unpluged ?

Is the temperature set to [Low Mode] ?

Is the refrigerator under direct sunlight or is any heat appliance placed near it ?

Is the space between refrigerator back and the wall too close ?

Plug in the refrigerator.

Set the temperature mode to Middle or High.

Move to a place where there is no direct sunlight, no heat appliences around.

Keep sufficient space (more than

10cm)between refrigerator back and the wall.

Foods in the refrigerator get frozen.

Is temperature set to [Strong] ?

Is surround temperature too low ?

Is the food with much moisture stored close to the cold air spout ?

Set the temperature to [Middle] or [Low].

Foods can be frozen if ambient temperature is below 5 . Move to a place where the temperature is over 5 .

Place foods with moisture on the shelves close to the doors.

Strange sound from the refrigerator

Is floor beneath the refrigerator uneven ?

Is the space between refrigerator back and the wall too close ?

Do any objects other stuff touch the refrigerator?

Move the refrigerator to a level and even floor.

Keep sufficient space.

Remove any object a way which touches the refrigerator.

Odour or disgusting smell from the inside

Is the food stored uncovered or unwrapped ?

Are the shelves and pockets stained with food stuff ?

Is the food stored too long ?

Be sure to cover and wrap the foods.

Clean them regularly. Once smell gets soaked to those parts, it is not easy to remove.

Do not store foods for so long.

A refrigerator is neither a perfect nor a permanent foods keeper.

Something strange ?

Don t worry. Here is the answer.

Case Explanation


Front and side of refrigerator feels warm or hot.

Door is sticky

Doors do not open easily.

It sounds like water is flowing from the refrigerator.



Something cracking or click sound.

Humming or buzz sound.

Pipes (refrigerant vessel) are placed beneath the surface to prevent moisture forming on it.

When you close the door and then open again immediately,the door is not easy to open. Warm air rushes into the inside to make the pressure difference.

In this case wait for a minute, then it will open easily.

When the compressor starts to run or stops, refrigerant which makes the inside cold flowing in the pipes can make such a sound.

Defrosted water can also make such a sound. (This refrigerator adopts an automatic defrosting system.)

Inside parts shrink and/or expand due to temperature change ---When the inside gets cold or when the door is open ---such sound can be made.

Compressor or fans for cold air circulation can make such working sound. (If the refrigerator is not level, the sound can be louder.) en


& Dew

Dew or frost on the wall and/or food container surface in the freezer and refrigerator compartment.

Dew on the interior lights cover

Dew on the cabinet surface

Frost and/or dew can be made in the following cases ;

High temperature and/or high humidity around the refrigerator

When doors are open too long

Foods with much moisture are stored uncovered or unwrapped

You can see the same appearance when cold water is poured in a glass cup and dew is forming on the surface of it.

The light bulb radiates heat while it is on, so when doors are open too long, dew can form on the light cover due to temperature difference.

In case it is highly humid around the refrigerator, moisture in the air sticks to the surface to form the dew.

79 78


How to install Water Line

(Dispenser Models Only)

1. The water pressure should be 2.0~12.5 kgf/cm 2 or more to run the automatic icemaker.

Checkup your tap water pressure ; if a cup of 180cc is full within 10 seconds, the pressure is OK.

2. When installing the water tubes, ensure they are not close to any hot surfaces.

3. The water filter only filters water ; it does not eliminate any bacteria or microbes.

4. If the water pressure is not so high to run the icemaker, call the local plumber to get an additional water pressure pump.

5. The filter life depends on the amount of use. We recommend you replace the filter at least once every 6months.

When attaching the filter, place it for easy access (removing & replacing)

6. After installation of refrigerator and water line system, select

[WATER] on your control panel and press it for 2~3 minutes to supply water into the water tank and dispense water.

7. Use sealing tape to every connection of pipes/tubes to ensure there is no water leak.

8. The water tube should be connected to the cold water line.


Check the parts below for installing water supply.

Some other necessary parts are available at your local service agents.









Installation Procedure

(Dispenser Models Only)

1. Join Connector to the tap water line

<Figure A>

<Figure B>

Place the rubber washer inside the tap connector and screw onto the water tap.

2. Get ready to install the Water Filter

1) Measure an approximate distance between the filter and the Water

Tube and cut the tube off filter vertically.

2) Connect the tubes to the filter as the figure shows.

Leave a sufficient distance when cutting the tubes.

3. Remove any substances in the filter.

1) Open the main tap water valve and check if water comes out of the Water Tube.

2) Check if the Water Valve is open in case water does not come out.

3) Leave the valve open until clean water is coming out.

Initial water may contain some substances out of filter

(manufacturing process).

4. Attach the Filter Box

1) Screw and fasten the filter holder to the left/right side of the back of refrigerator.

In case the holder is not fastened well, remove the back paper of the tape on the filter holder and attach it."

2) Insert the filter box into the holder.

5. Connect the Water Tube to the refrigerator.

1) Remove the rear cover at the bottom back of the refrigerator.

2) Insert the fastening ring into the Water tube.

(Be careful to follow the direction of the nut.)

3) Insert the Water Tube into the top of the Water Valve, turn the nut clockwise to fasten it. (The Water valve is to the right of the motors.)

4) Check for any bent tubes or water leaks; if so, re-ckeck instalation procedure.

5) Replace the rear cover. (The Water Tube should be placed between the groove of the refrigerator back and motor cover.)

Set the tube upright as the figure shows.

6. Fasten the Water Tube.

1) Fasten the Water Tube with the [Fastener A] .

2) Check if the tube is bent or sqeezed. If so, set it right to prevent any water leak.



Fastener A

Water Tube


Water Valve

Water Tube

7. After installation of Water Supply System

1) Plug in the refrigerator, press the [WATER] button on the control panel for 2~3 minutes to remove any air (bubble) in the pipes and drain out the initial water.

2) Check for the water leaks again through the water supply system

(tubes, connectors and pipes) Rearrange the tubes again and do not move the refrigerator.



Water Tube en



After Sales Service


If you have already performed the indicated checks and your problem still persists,


Contact your nearest Technical Assistance Department.

Any work on your appliance must be performed by a De Dietrich-accredited qualified professional. When you call, please mention the complete reference for your machine (model, type, serial number): this information is provided on your guarantee certificate and the information plate on your appliance.


when any maintenance work is being performed, ask that only certified original spare partsbe used.




3//2 3,, 9




9//3 36 6//5 2//3


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4//6 2



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