Howdens DGM2140, DGM2240, DFM2240 Operating instructions

Howdens DGM2140, DGM2240, DFM2240 Operating instructions
Internal Moulded Skin Doors
Installation, Finishing & Care Instructions
The below installation information is for standard doors only and NOT for fire doors
Important Information
It is important you read this leaflet before installing the door. The guidelines below will help ensure the door is fitted
correctly and in a suitable environment. Failure to adhere to the instructions could invalidate any guarantee claims.
• Doors must be stored flat on 3 level bearers
• Doors must be kept dry at all times
• Avoid direct contact with sunlight before the door has been treated
• Do not install or store the door in newly plastered rooms
• Polythene wrapping should remain on the doors until immediately
before installation
• Check the door for defects and damage before installation,
Do not install the door if any defects or damage are found
• Doors must be sealed on ALL edges prior to installation
3 Level
• Any door which has been worked on cannot be exchanged, with the
exception of a door with a proven manufacturing defect
• Any small nicks or scratches should be sanded using fine sandpaper before treatment and touched up with primer
if necessary
• Doors should be handled carefully with clean gloves and not dragged across
each other or other surfaces
• This door cannot be left untreated and MUST not be left exposed to the
Finishing & Care Information
The timber components used on the door are dried to specific moisture content
during manufacture. Exposure to damp or moist conditions will cause swelling of
the components, discolouration and consequent distortion of the door.
Both faces of this door are primed. To reduce the risk of distortion all unfinished
edges MUST be sealed BEFORE hanging including cut outs.
These doors are only suitable for a paint finish.
You can use water based or solvent based primers, undercoats and paints to
Room Ventilation
finish the door. If using a solvent based finish we recommend the use of a VOC
2010 compliant product. Always follow the primer, undercoat or paint manufacturer’s instructions with reference to number
of coats and drying times.
As with all doors, care must be taken to ensure that doors are not installed in buildings immediately after plastering or other
wet trades have taken place.
If the door is to be reduced in size, an equal amount of timber should be cut down from either side, top or bottom.
Please note this must never exceed 12mm in total, 6mm each edge, top and bottom.
If the door weighs more than 20kgs or is subject to large differences in temperature or humidity on each side (e.g. bathroom
or airing cupboard) it should be hung on 3 hinges.
When fitting a standard core door pay special attention to the position and size of the ‘lock block’. This is a solid area 360mm
high x 65mm wide, positioned halfway down the door. The word ‘LOCK’ appears on the top edge of the door to show which
edge the ‘lock block’ is located. Please note if the door is a ‘Developer’ construction then ironmongery can be fitted either
Conditions of Sale
Howdens Joinery will not be held responsible for any incidental work or problems as a result of bad storage, handling or incorrect
fitting and finishing of our doors. The foregoing does not affect your statutory rights.
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