Inovonics EN5040 User manual

Inovonics EN5040 User manual
EN5040 - High power repeater
EN5040-T - High power repeater with transformer
This sophisticated line-powered 900MHz repeater receiver, decodes,
and re-transmits signals from Inovonics EchoStream® transmitters.
The EN5040 acts as a range expander for and Inovonics EchoStream
transmission that it hears, allowing the Inovonics installation to scale from
smaller commercial sites to large campuses with several buildings. It
includes an on-board, state of the art, lithium-ion battery. For applications
that require protection from the environmental elements, the EN5040 may
be placed in an outdoor weatherproof enclosure (ACC640).
Why Inovonics Wireless is Best
The Inovonics Commercial Mesh Network has been specifically developed
for commercial applications to provide the most cost-effective solution for
a wide range of applications, while setting new standards for performance
and reliability in a wireless sensor network.
Inovonics EchoStream 900MHz radio utilizes a unique frequency hopping,
spread spectrum technology to meet the demands of an increasingly
cluttered wireless world.
The flexibility of wireless is a necessity in today’s dynamic commercial
environments. The self-configuring EchoStream Commercial Mesh
Network allows you to adapt to changing floor plans and requirements in a
matter of minutes. New sensors can be added to the network as fast as they
can be mounted.
The EchoStream Commercial Mesh Network’s backbone of intelligent
repeaters can extend coverage to thousands of sensors across entire
commercial campuses.
EN5040 / EN5040-T Specifications
Radio Inovonics EchoStream 900MHz
Material Closure Dimensions ABS
Latching with optional screws for high security installs
Power requirements
12 - 16.5 VAC or VDC
EN5040-T includes 120VAC power transformer
Battery capacity 2450mAH @ 3.7V
Back-up battery life Up to 24 hours (varies on repeater usage)
Operating environment
-4° to 140°F up to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
UL installations: 32° to 140°F
• Easy to install. Just mount and plug in. No wires or
programming required, though registration is required
for a fully supervised system.
• Reliable. Supervises for low battery, loss of line power,
case tamper, back tamper, and jam detection (interference
on all channels is greater than 30 seconds). Also includes an
on-board lithium-ion battery, which:
- Provides backup with no additional expense.
- Offers up to 24 hours of continuous operation when
line power is not available. (Varies on repeater usage)
- Reports loss of power when programmed/supervised
to application
• Expandable. Several layers of repeaters can be
employed to provide coverage of large facilities, multistory
buildings, or sites with multiple buildings.
Battery charger
operating temperature
32° to 104°F
ACC640 BAT850 Weatherproof plastic enclosure for outdoor installations
Replacement lithium-ion battery assembly
• Efficient. Incorporates sophisticated signal management,
preventing ping-pong messages and maximizing reliability.
Repeater Network
The Inovonics transmitter sends out a signal.
Repeaters receive the signal and re-broadcast it, allowing
you to extend the range of your RF system so you can
cover large areas such as installations in campuses, sites
with detached buildings, or multi-story complexes.
The receiver hears the signal from the repeaters and
processes them accordingly.
• The range and performance of any wireless product depends on the structure and environment in which it operates.
• Continual enhancements to our products may cause specifications to change without notice.
• Visit for updated UL information.
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