Electro-Voice Force 15, Force 10 Specification

Electro-Voice Force 15, Force 10 Specification
Nominal Diameter,
FORCE 10: 254 mm {10 in.)
FORCE 12: 305 mm (12 in.)
FORCE 15: 381 mm (15 in.)
Mominal Impedance,
FORCE 10: 8 ohms
FORCE 12: 8 ohms
FORCE 15: 8 ohms
Long Term Average Power Handling
Capacity (per ElA Standard RS-426A),
FORCE 10: 150 watts
FORCE 12: 150 watts
FORCE 15: 150 watts
Sound Pressure Level at 1 Meter, 1 Watt into
Nominal Impedance (using spectrum specified
in EIA Standard SE103 Section SE3),
FORCE 10: 98 dB
FORCE 12: 99 dB
FORCE 15: 100 de
Usable Frequency Response,
FORCE 10: 75-7000 Hz
FORCE 12: 60-7000 Hz
FORCE 15: 45-6000 Hz
Voice Coil Diameter,
FORCE 10: 63.5 mm (2.5 in.)
FORCE 12: 63.5 mm (2.5 in.)
FORCE 15: 63.5 mm (2.5 in.)
Magnetic Assembly Weight,
FORCE 10: 4.54 kg (10 Ib)
FORCE 12: 4.54 kg (10 Ib)
FORCE 15: 4.54 kg (10 Ib)
Baffle Opening Diameter
(front or rear mounting),
FORCE 10: 229 mm (9 in)
FORCE 12: 279 mm (11 in.)
FORCE 15: 353 mm (13.88 in.)
Overall Diameter,
FORCE 10: 259 mm (10.2 in.)
FORCE 12: 310 mm (12.2 in.)
FORCE 15: 384 mm (15.1 in.)
Overall Depth,
FORCE 10: 122 mm (4.8 in)
FORCE 12: 130 mm (5.1 in)
FORCE 15: 163 mm (6.4 in)
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Net Weight,
FORCE 10: 5.44 kg (12.0 Ib)
FORCE 12: 5.8 kg (12.8 Ib)
FORCE 15: 5.8 kg (12.6 Ib)
Frame Composition,
FORCE 10: diecast aluminum
FORCE 12: diecast aluminum
FORCE 15: diecast aluminum
Free-Air Resonance Frequency,
FORCE 10: 65 Hz
FORCE 12: 55 Hz
FORCE 15: 40 Hz
Total Q at fa,
FORCE 10: 38
FORCE 12: 44
FORCE 15: .51
Volume of Air Having Same Acoustic
Compliance as Driver Suspension,
FORCE 10: .0425 m3 (1.5 ft?)
FORCE 12: .0878 m3 (3.1 #3)
FORCE 15: .2974 m3 (10.5 #2)
Half-Space Reference Efficiency,
FORCE 10: 2.6%
FORCE 12: 2.9%
FORCE 15: 3.3%
FORCE 10: 104.4 cm® (6.4 in.3)
FORCE 12: 166.2 cm3 (10.1 in.3)
FORCE 15: 282.2 cm3 (17.2 in.3)
Effective Diaphragm Area,
FORCE 10: 316.1 cm? (49 in.?)
FORCE 12: 503.3 cm? (78 in.2)
FORCE 15: 855.3 cm? (132.6 in.2)
X max
Peak Linear Displacement of Diaphragm.
FORCE 10: 3.3 mm (.13 in.)
FORCE 12: 3.3 mm (.13 in)
FORCE 15: 3.3 mm (.13 п.)
Peak Displacement Volume of Diaphragm,
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DC Resistance of Voice Cail,
FORCE 10: 5.2 ohms = 10%
FORCE 12: 5.2 ohms = 1096
FORCE 15: 5.2 ohms + 10%
The FORCE 10-, 12-, and 15-inch
loudspeakers are designed for professional
high level, high quality musical instrument
and sound reinforcement systems. Power
capabilities are 150 watts per EIA Standard
The construction of FORCE loudspeakers
features a low mass voice coil on a rugged
laminated Polyimide coil form, driven by a
10-15 magnetic structure. Also featured are a
heavy duty curvilnear cone and a fatigue-
resistant cone suspension. Both the coil and
magnetic structure are vented. All of this is
packaged in a husky eight-spoke diecast
aluminum frame with a heat radiating finned
Dacx cover
FORCE speakers may be front or rear
mounted without an adapter. The optional
SMH-1 speaker mounting kit, including
T-nuts and complete instructions facilitates
front mounting.
The FORCE 10, 12, and 15 are designed to
withstand the power test descrived in EIA
Standard RS-426A. The EIA test spectrum 15
applied for eight hours. To obtain the spec-
trum, the output of a white noise generator
(white noise Is a particular type of random
noise with equal energy per bandwidth in
Hz) is fed to a shaping filter with 6-dB-per-
octave slopes below 40 Hz and above 318
Hz. When measured with the usual constant-
percentage bandwidth analyzer (one-third-
octave), this shaping liter produces a spec-
trum whose 3-dB-down points are at 100 Hz
and 1200 Hz with a 3-dB-per-octave slope
above 1200 Hz. Thus shaped signal is sent
to the power amplifier with the continuous
power set at 150 watts into the 5.6 ohms
EIA equivalent impedance (29 volts true
RMS). Amplifier clipping sets instantaneous
peaks at 6 dB above the continuous power,
or 600 watts peak (58 volts peak). This
procedure provides a rigorous test of both
thermal and mechanical failure modes.
Replacement use in existing enclosures
FORCE loudspeakers will often be used to
replace inferior speakers in existing
enclosures. Mechanical and electrical
characteristics are such that the superior
efficiency, sound quality, and reliability of
FORCE loudspeakers will be realized in
virtually any sealed, vented (bass reflex),
horn, or open-backed enclosure.
The most extended, lowest distortion, and
best controlled bass performance is usually
realized in properly designed vented
enclosures. In such designs, the vent, or
port, actually reproduces the lowest octave
or so of bass response. The vent is driven to
full acoustic output by a relatively small
motion of the speaker cone itself, acting
through the air contained within the
enclosure. The excursion of the speaker at
these frequencies is much reduced
compared to sealed or open-backed
enclosures, directly reducing harmonic
distortion and the possibility of speaker
FORCE speakers may be front or rear
mounted, although front mounting 1s pre-
ferred because of convenience. For simple
front mounting. the convenient SMH-1
mounting accessory is recommended.
Complete mounting instructions are included
with the SMH-1. Instructions for standard
front mounting are given below. Il 15
important that recommended baffle openings
and mounting hole locations be followed as
stated in the specifications table
For front mounting, mark baffle opening and
screw locations on the blank panel first. Drill
the screw holes before cutting the large
baffle opening. If Y-20 screws are used, four
screws are sufficient for secure mounting of
the speaker. T-nuts are recommended for
simple, secure mounting. If T-nuts are used,
the holes should be 28" diameter (letter L
drill). Apply glue to the flanges of 74-20 long
shank T-nuts before driving into the rear of
the holes
Sealing of the front-mounted speaker is
accomplished with the adhesive-backed
foam gasket segments. Strip off protective
paper and apply gasket to the rear mounting
surface of the speaker nm, making certain
that holes in the gasket line up with the
mounting holes in the speaker frame.
Length of the Ya-20 screws should be 2"
plus the panel thickness when using T-nuts
The screws must have fillister heads to seat
down in the recess of the speaker frame.
Screws should be tightened evenly and
securely. Maximum torque possible with a
proper size screwdriver should be sufficient.
IMPORTANT! When front mounting, the
screw head must fit down into the front
gasket cutout
Rear mounting requires the same diameter
cutout and screw circle as front mounting.
Other comments regarding the use of T-nuts
apply to rear mounting as well.
Screw length should be 34” plus panel
thickness if using T-nuls — longer for
standard hex nuts. If hex nuts are used, a
second nut should be tightened against the
first nut to prevent loosening during
operation. A lock washer and flat washer are
recommended between the screw head and
Screws should be tightened evenly, but not
excessively. Maximum torque possible with a
proper size screwdriver should be sufficient.
Do not use adhesive-back gasket segments
for rear mounting
If a cabinet 1s to be constructed from
scratch, Ya-inch solid and jointed or marine
plywood is recommended After construction,
be certain interior is completely free of metal
filings. wood chips. etc.
Use No. 18 or larger stranded wire to con-
nect the two terminals on the loudspeaker to
the amplifier output If a choice of amplifier
output impedance 5 available (4, 8. 16 ohms),
a single FORCE speaker should be con-
nected to the 8-ohm tap. Two FORCE
speakers may be connected in parallel as
shown in Figure 1. Be sure to connect the
red terminals together. If series wiring is
desired, wiring and polarity should follow
Figure 2
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+ dd OHMS - ®
Connection of 2 FORCE
Speakers in Parallel
= 16 OHMS =
Connection of 2 FORCE
Speakers in Series
WARRANTY (Limited)
Electro-Voice Speakers and Speaker Systems
(excluding active electronics) are guaranteed
tor five years from date of original purchase
against malfunction due to defects in
workmanship and materials. If such malfunc-
tion occurs, unit will be repaired or replaced
(at our option) without charge for materials or
labor if delivered prepaid to the proper
Electro-Voice service facility. Unit will be
returned prepaid. Warranty does not extend
to finish, appearance items, burned coils, or
malfunction due to abuse or operation under
other than specified conditions, including
cone and/or coll damage resulting from
improperly designed enclosures, nor does it
extend to incidental or consequential
damages. Some states do not allow the
exclusion or limitation of incidental or
consequential damages, so the above
exclusion may not apply to you, Repair by
other than Electro-Voice or its authorized
service agencies will void this guarantee.
À list of authorized warranty service agencies
is available from Electro-Voice, Inc.
600 Cecil Street, Buchanan, MI 49107
(AC/616-695-6831); or Electro-Voice West,
8234 Doe Avenue, Visalia, CA 93291
(AC/209-651-7777). This warranty gives you
specific legal rights, and you may also have
other rights which vary from state to state.
Service and repair address for this product:
Electro-Voice, Inc., 600 Cecil Street,
Buchanan, Michigan 49107.
Specifications subject to change
without notice.
ELECTRO-VOICE, INC., 600 Cecil Street, Buchanan, Michigan 49107
Electro Vowe, inc 1990 E Litho In US A
Part Number 53936—104
a MARK IV company
JBL M112 2.0 in /flat wire 6.5 CAST 100 dB $55.80 150 W
(non-edge wound) (94 dB)"
FORCES 12 2.5 in./round wire 12.8 CAST 101 dB $59.85 150 W
(edge wound) (95 dB)"
EVM® 12L 2.5 in./flat wire 18.0 CAST 100 dB $89.49 200 W
(96 dB)"
CELESTION 1.75 in./round 10.0 STAMPED 103 dB $62.00 120 W
G 12-80 wire (97 dB)"
“100-400 Hz piston range sensitivity
Frequency Response:
Sound Pressure Level:
Long-Term Power
Handling Capacity:
Nominal Impedance:
Voice Coil Diameter:
Magnet Assembly
Overall Diameter:
Overall Depth:
75-7000 Hz
118 dB
(at 4,150 watts im)
150 watts (per ElA
Standard RS-426A)
8 ohms
63.5 mm (2.5 in.)
4.54 kg (10 Ibs.)
Diecast aluminum
259 mm (10.2 in.)
122 mm (4.8 in.)
5.44 kg (12 Ibs.)
Frequency Response:
Sound Pressure Level:
Long-Term Power
Handling Capacity:
Nominal Impedance:
Magnet Assembly
60-7,000 Hz
119 dB
(al 4,150 watts in)
150 watts (per ElA
tandard HS-426A)
B ohms
4.54 Ко (10 165.)
Diecast aluminum
Overall Diameter:
Overall Depth;
310 mm (12.2 in.)
130 mm (5.1 in.)
5.8kg (12.8 Ibs.)
Frequency Response:
Sound Pressure Level:
Long-Term Power
Handling Capacity:
Nominal Impedance:
Voice Coil Diameter:
Magnet Assembly
Overall Diameter:
Overall Depth:
45-6,000 Hz
120 dB
(at 4,150 watts in)
150 watts (per EIA
Standard RS-426A)
8 ohms
63.5 mm (2.5 in.)
4.54 kg (10 Ibs.)
Diecast aluminum
384 mm (15.1 in.)
163 mm (6.4 in.)
5.8 Ка (12.8 165.)
Form 2386
gultan company
ky AA
600 Cecil Street, Buchanan, Michigan 49107
© Gulten Industr les, Inc. 1984 « Litho in US.A_
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