SolidRF SR202B Installation guide

SolidRF SR202B Installation guide
Working Diagram (How It Works)
Package Contents
5).15 ft RG6 cable
1).outdoor antenna
2).30 ft RG6 cable
4). Power supply
6). splitter
7).30 ft RG6 cable
8).Indoor antenna
9).30 ft RG6 cable 10).Indoor antenna
Connect the System
1.Outdoor Antenna Installation:
2.Connect the outside antenna to the 30 feet RG6 cable, seal and fix the connector
Secure the cable near
the antenna to prevent
cable damage caused by
wind shaking
3.Connect the outside
antenna to the
“OUTSIDE” port of
4.Connect the 15 ft
RG6 cable to the
booster at the “INSIDE”
6.Connect the other end of the coax
cables to the panel antennas.
5.Connect the other end of the coax
cable to splitter at the “INPUT” port,
and two inside antennas' cables
connect to the other side port.
7.Plug in the power adaptor and
connect it to the nearest power outlet
(surge protector recommended).
The logo will be
after the power
is turned on.
Seperation between Outside and Inside Antenna
To Avoid Osillation Minimum Required
Separation Distance Between every Indoor and
Outdoor Antenna:
20 ft (6 meters) horizontal distance
13 ft (4 meters) vertical distance(As far as
Note that the indoor antenna and the outdoor
antenna cannot face each other.
Seal the Joints of the Outdoor Antenna and Cable
1.Make sure connectors are
well screwed in
2.Seal the connectors with
glued tape
Fix the cable
Whether the cable is properly secured is very
important for the entire system. In most cases,
the customer found that the booster did not
work after working for a period of time because
the cable was not installed securely.
1. Carefully arrange the cable along the
outside of the building and ensure that
there are no folds or kinks. Fix the cable at
each corner
2. In particular, cables for outdoor antenna
locations must be fixed. Otherwise, the
internal wires of the cable will be pulled off
after the wind has been shaken for a long
time. The amplifier will not receive the
signal and the system will fail completely.
Properly Handle Excess Cables
If the coiled cable is too close to the antenna or booster, the system will be unstable.
Make sure these coiled cables are more than 6 feet(2 meters) from the antenna or
The Outdoor Unit and Indoor Unit are covered under a three-year product warranty
for failures or defects that result from craftsmanship and/or materials. Dated proof
of purchase should be retained for use in warranty cases. Contact the
retailer/reseller directly with any warranty issues, or alternatively contact the
manufacturer in cases where the reseller is no longer available to handle warranty
claims. In cases where the reseller is unavailable, the product may be returned to the
manufacturer at the consumer’s expense, with a dated proof of purchase and a
return authorization letter which can be attained by contacting SolidRF.
If you have any questions or concerns when
installing or operating your cell phone booster,
please email us: [email protected]
Or call our customer service number
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