Unbranded Flex Match Installation guide

Unbranded Flex Match Installation guide
Flex Match Series
Cassette Type Indoor Unit
(For North America)
Owner's Manual
Heat Pump
Please read this owner’s manual carefully before operation and retain for future reference.
Specifications & illustrations subject to change without notice or incurring obligations.
User Notice
◆ The total capacity of the indoor units connected can not exceed 150% of that of the outdoor
◆ A breaker (or fuse) needs to be installed for each indoor unit, and the capacity should match
indoor unit’s electrical specifications. All the indoor units are required to have a dedicated power
supply and disconnect switch so that electric power supply can be turned off to all units in case of
an emergency. The breaker (or fuse) on each indoor unit prevents short circuit and overload. The
main switch controls the power supply of all the indoor units. Before cleaning and maintaining the
indoor units, it is very important to turn off the main power supply switch.
◆ Main power to compressor must be turned on 8 hours before air conditioner can be
◆ After receiving the turn off signal, indoor units will continue to run for 20-70 seconds. This
clears the unit of conditioned (heated or cooled) air.
◆ When the selected operating mode of the indoor unit conflicts with the operating mode of the
outdoor unit, the malfunction light will blink after 5s on the wired controller. The air conditioner will
turn off. To restart, the operating modes must be reconciled: The HEAT mode conflicts with of the
COOL mode, DRY mode and FAN mode; while the COOL mode, DRY mode and FAN mode are
compatible between each other. If there is a power outage when the unit is running, three minutes
after power recovery, the indoor unit will send the “start” signal to the outdoor unit.
◆ The appliance shall not be installed in the laundry.
◆ An all-pole disconnection switch having a contact separation of at least 3mm (1/8 in) in all
poles should be connected in fixed wiring.
◆ Main switch provided by end user: it can be locked in “OFF” position with padlock.
◆ The main disconnect device should be as detailed in disconnect user manual at a
recommended of 0.6-1.7m (2-5 ft). over current protection is required(UL 1995,CSA C22.2).
◆ The cooling range of the unit is the outdoor environment temp.-5~48°C (23~118°F) DB,
the heating range of the unit (only for the heat pump type unit) is the outdoor environment temp.
-15~27°C (5~80°F) WB.
◆ This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge. Children should not play with
the appliance.
This product must not be disposed with the domestic waste. Please dispose or recycle
Please keep this manual for future reference.
1 Safety Precautions������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 1
2 Installation of the Cassette Type Indoor Unit��������������������������������������������������� 2
2.1 Schematic Diagram of Installation Spaces������������������������������������������������������������ 2
2.2 Installation Location of the Indoor Unit������������������������������������������������������������������� 2
2.3 Important Notice:���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 3
2.4 Dimension of Ceiling Opening and Location of the Hoisting Screw (M10)������������ 3
2.5 Main Body of Hoisting Air Conditioner������������������������������������������������������������������� 4
2.6 Connection of the Refrigerant Pipe������������������������������������������������������������������������ 4
2.7 Drain Hose������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 5
2.8 Electrical wiring������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 7
2.9 Install the Panel����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 9
3 Parts and Components of Cassette Type Indoor Unit ��������������������������������� 12
4 Working Temperature Range������������������������������������������������������������������������� 13
5 Trouble Shooting������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 14
6 Maintenance Method������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 16
6.1 Cleaning Air Filter������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 16
6.2 Clean Air Inlet Grille��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 17
6.3 Install and Change of Air Purifier������������������������������������������������������������������������� 17
6.4 Clean Outlet Vent and Surface Panel������������������������������������������������������������������ 18
6.5 Maintenance before or after Seasonal Use��������������������������������������������������������� 18
Flex Match
1 Safety Precautions
Please read this manual carefully before using and operating correctly as instructed in this
Please note the following indicators.:
Warning!: Failure to comply could result in property damage, serious personal injury or
Caution! Failure to comply could result in property damage or personal injury.
◆ Select a circuit breaker or fuse with approved capacity, or malfunction or fire may occur.
◆ If you notice a burning smell or other foul odor, turn off the main power supply immediately.
◆ All room should be sufficiently ventilated for better indoor air quality.
◆ Don’t insert finger or other objects into the air inlet/outlet grille.
◆ Check the support structure to verify that it has sufficient load-carrying capacity to support
the weight of the unit, and it can be securely mounted.
◆ Don’t apply or spray paint, insecticide or other flammable liquids on the surface of unit,
otherwise, fire may occur.
◆ Once air conditioner is installed, it should not be removed and installed in a different location.
An all-pole disconnection switch having a contact separation of at least 3mm (1/8 in) in
all poles should be connected in fixed wiring.
◆ Before using the unit, please check if the piping and wiring are properly installed to avoid
water leakage, refrigerant leakage, electric shock, or fire.
◆ The main power supply must be grounded to avoid electric shock. Do not connect the
ground wire to the gas pipe, running water pipe, lightening rod or phone cable.
◆ Do not turn off the unit after it runs at least five minutes; otherwise its service life will be
◆ Don’t allow children operate the air conditioner.
◆ Do not operate this unit with wet hands.
◆ Turn off the main power supply before cleaning of the unit or replacing the air filter.
◆ If the unit is not to be used for a long time, turn off the main power supply.
Flex Match
2 Installation of the Cassette Type Indoor Unit
2.1 Clearances
(10-1/4 in)
(3/4 in)
(5 ft)
(6 ft)
(5 ft)
Fig. 1
2.2 Selecting a Location for the Indoor Unit
(1). Unit should be placed so that air flow throughout the room is not obstructed.
(2). Unit should be installed with sufficient clearances. See illustration above.
(3). Select a location that can bear 4 times the weight of the indoor unit. Unit should be able to
be mounted securely to avoid vibration noise.
(4). The unit should be level when mounted.
(5). Select location where connections to outdoor unit and condensate drain are convenient.
(6). Be sure to leave sufficient space around unit for service and maintenance. Unit should be
mounted 1.8M (6 ft) above the floor.
(7). When installing the expansion bolt, check if the location can withstand the 4 times the
weight of the unit. If not, reinforce before installation (Refer to the cardboard mounting
template included with this unit).
Dust in the air and oils from cooking can clog the heat exchanger. This will reduce the operating
capacity of the system and could lead to early equipment failure. Please observe the following:
1. Be sure to have an adequately sized vent hood when cooking to remove oils from the air.
2. Do not install air conditioner too close to kitchen or cooking area.
Flex Match
2.3 Important Notice:
◆ To guarantee the good performance, the unit must be installed by professional personnel
according with this manual.
◆ To the installer: Contact the manufacturer’s representatives if you have any question about
installing this equipment.
780mm (30-11/16 in) Hoisting screws
840mm (33-1/16 in) Indoor unit
890*mm (35-1/16 in) Ceiling opening
950mm (37-3/8 in) Decorated surface boards
2.4 Dimension of Ceiling Opening and Location of the Hoisting Screw (M10)
Refrigerant pipe
Hoisting screw (X4)
680mm (26-3/4 in) Hoisting screws
840mm (33-1/16 in) Indoor unit
890mm (35-1/16 in) Ceiling opening
950mm (37-3/8 in) Decorated surface boards
Fig. 2 Install Dimension of Model GKH24(7.0)FMK4DH, WKH24(7.0)FMK4DH
◆ The drilling of holes in the ceiling must be done by professional personnel.
(6-5/16 in)
Installation stands for main body of the unit
(7/8 in)
Notes: The dimension for the ceiling openings with * marks can be as large as 910mm (3513/16 in). But the overlapping sections of the ceiling and the decorated surface boards should be
maintained at no less than 20mm (7/8 in).
Flex Match
2.5 Hoisting Air Conditioner
(1). The primary step for installing the indoor unit.
◆ When attaching the hoisting stand on hoisting screw, do use nut and gasket individually
at the upper and lower of the hoisting stand. The use of gasket anchor board can prevent gasket
(2). Use cardboard installation template
◆ Please refer to the installation cardboard about the dimension of ceiling opening.
◆ The central mark of the ceiling opening is indicated on the cardboard template.
◆ Install the cardboard template on the unit with bolt (3 piece), and fix the angle of the
drainage pipe at the outlet vent with bolt.
(3). Place unit in installation location. (Refer to the Fig. 4)
(4). Check if the unit is level.
◆ Inner drainage pump and bobber switch are included in the indoor unit. Check if unit is level.
(If the unit is slanted away from the condensate drain, there may be a malfunction of the bobber
switch and water leakage.)
(5). Back-out the gasket anchor board used to prevent gasket from breaking off and tighten the
nut on it.
(6). Back-out the cardboard template.
Nut(supplied at scene)
Hoisting stand
Gasket anchor board(attachment)
Tighten(double nuts)
[Fix the hoisting stand firmly]
[Fix the gasket firmly]
Bolt of one of the angle of outlet pipe is
fix on the angle of the drainage solt
Center of the ceiling
Install cardboard
Water lever
Polyethylene pipe
Fig. 4
● Please tighten the nuts and bolts.
[Fix the install cardboard]
Flex Match
2.6 Connection of the Refrigerant Pipe
◆ When connecting the pipe to the unit use a wrench and torque wrench as shown in Fig. 5.
◆ Spread refrigerant oil lubricant to inside and outside of flare nut. Begin turning flare nut by
hand, then tighten with a wrench.
◆ Refer to Table 1 to check for required torque (Note: over-tightening can cause damage to the
nut or pipe and cause refrigerant leakage).
◆ Examine the connection pipe for leaks. Apply heat insulation, as shown in the Fig. 5.
◆ Wrap tubes and heat preservation sheath with PTFE tape as shown
Smear freeze motoroil
Median sponge (attachment)
(entwine the wiring interface
with seal mat)
Thread fasten(X4)
Torque wrench
Heat preservation
sheath of liquid inlet
tube (attachment) (for
liquid tube)
Heat preservation
sheath of gas collection
tube (attachment)(for
gas tube)
Gas collection tube
Wiring interface
Liquid inlet tube
Flare nut
Fig. 5
Table 1: The moment of torque for tightening nut
Surface thickness(mm)
Moment of torque (N·m)
≥ 0.5
15-30 (N·m)
≥ 0.71
30-40 (N·m)
45-50 (N··m)
60-65 (N·m)
70-75 (N··m)
If the diameter of the outdoor unit pipe joint does not match the indoor unit, the joint
specification of the outlet pipe of the indoor unit takes precedence. A reducing nipple should be
installed at the joint of the outdoor unit to make the joint of the outdoor unit compatible with the
indoor unit.
2.7 Drain Hose
(1). Install the drain hose
◆ The diameter of the drain hose should be larger than or equal to the connection pipe
diameter. (The diameter of polythene pipe: Outer diameter 25mm (1 in) Surface thickness
≥ 1.5mm)
Flex Match
◆ Drain hose should be as short as possible with sloping gradient should at least 1/100 to
prevent the formation of air bubble.
◆ If drain hose cannot have sufficient slope, a drain raising pipe should be added.
◆ To prevent drooping of the drain hose, the distance between hoisting stand should be 1 to
1.5m (3 to 5 ft).
(3-5 ft)
Fig. 6
◆ Use the drain hose and clamp included. Insert the drain hose to the drain vent, and then
tighten the clamp.
◆ Wrap the big sponge on the clamp of drain hose to insulate heat.
◆ Heat insulation should be applied to indoor drain hose.
Sponge (gray)
Drain hose
(1/8 in)
Fig. 7
Drain Setup Pipe Note
◆ The installation height of the drain raising pipe should less than 280mm (11 in).
◆ The drain raising pipe should form a right angle with the unit, and distance to unit should not
beyond 300mm (12 in).
(3-5 ft)
<280mm (11 in)
220mm (8-11/16 in)
Fig. 8
(20 in)
<300mm (12 in)
Flex Match
(20 in)
<75mm (3 in)
◆ The slope gradient of the attached drain hose should be within 75mm (3 in) so that the drain
hole doesn’t isn’t exposed unnecessary stress.
Fig. 9
◆ If drain hoses from several units are being installed together, please install according to the
following diagram.
>100mm (4 in)
Fig. 10
(2). Check the smoothness of drain after installation.
◆ Check the drain by adding 600ml (20 oz) water slowly into the outlet vent or test hole.
◆ Check the drain in cooling mode after providing power to the unit.
>100mm (4 in)
Fig. 11
Flex Match
2.8 Electrical wiring
Note: The supply power for all indoor unit must be connected to outdoor unit.
◆ Please see the wiring diagram included with the unit.
◆ All the installation of electrical wiring must be done by professional personnel.
◆ Make sure unit is properly grounded.
Unit and controller wiring connection
◆ Connection wiring (communication):
① Open electric box cover(1), drag the wiring (communication)from the rubber plug A, and
attach them well individually with fastener.
② Wire according to the circuit diagram inside the panel door.
◆ Attach with fastener after connection.
◆ Wrap the small sponge on the electric wire (to prevent condensation).
◆ Attach tightly with fastener after connection and then secure the electric box.
◆ Lead the 4-core cable through the hole in the chassis and the bottom of the air conditioner
upward, and then connect the power line and the communication line from the outdoor unit to
the corresponding terminals N(1), 2, 3, and grounding terminal of the indoor unit. Wiring must be
connected as per the wiring diagram. (Note: Be sure the wring terminals A/B/C/D and piping joints
A/B/C/D of the indoor unit match with that of the outdoor unit).
To indoor unit
Power supply 3 way
terminal board 4 core
rubber wire
To indoor unit
Impact fastener
Cable-cross loop
Electric box cover(2)
Do seal here to prevent
water inleakage from here
Cable-cross loop
Electric box cover(1)
Fig. 12
Flex Match
Flex Match
RXH36(10.6)FMV4DH & RXH42(12.3)FMV4DH
Flex Match
2.9 Install the Panel
1. Set the panel to the indoor unit body by matching the position of the swing flap motor of the
panel to the piping position of the panel to the piping position of the indoor unit as shown in Fig. 13.
2. Install the panel
(1). Install the panel on the indoor unit temporarily. Hang the latch on the hook that is located
on the opposite side of the swing flap on the panel of the indoor unit. (2 positions)
(2). Hang the remaining 2 latches to the hooks on the sides of the indoor unit. (Be careful not to
let the swing motor lead wire get caught in the sealing material.)
(3). Screw the 4 hexagon head screws under the latches in about 15mm (1/2 in). (The panel
will rise)
(4). Adjust the panel by turning it toward the direction pointed by the arrow as shown in Fig. 13,
so that the adjust board connect the ceiling well.
(5). Tighten the screws until the thickness of the sealing material between panel and indoor unit
reduced to 5 ~ 8mm (1/4 ~ 1/8 in).
Piping position
Swing flap motor
Sealing material
Indoor unit
5mm to 8mm
Air outlet vent
Decoration panel
Fig. 13
Flex Match
① .Improper installation of the screws may cause condensate dripping as shown in Fig. 14.
Air leak
Air leak from ceiling
Water condensatation, water drop
Fig. 14
① .If gap still exist between ceiling and decoration panel after tightening the screws, readjust
the height of the indoor unit. (As shown in Fig. 15)
If the raising lever and drain hose are
not affect, can adjust the height of
indoor unit by the hole on the corner
of panel.
Gaps are not allowed
Fig. 15
※ Be sure no gap left between the ceiling and the panel.
② .Wiring of the decoration panel (Fig. 16)
Connect the joints for swing flap motor lead wire (at 2 places) installed on the panel.
Flex Match
At body
At body
At pane
At pane
Fig. 16
3 Identification of Parts of Cassette Type Indoor Unit
Drainage equipment (inside type)
Discharge cindensate water from
indoor unit when cooling
Drainage hose
Guide louver
(placed in air
outlet vent)
Air outlet vent
Connecting pipe
Air filter, purifire
(in air inlet grille)
Air inlet grille
Fig. 17 RKH24(7.0)FMV4DH
Flex Match
4 Working Temperature Range
Working Temperature Range
Indoor side state ℉(℃)
Dry bulb
Wet bulb
temp. ℉(℃) temp. ℉(℃)
Outdoor side state ℉(℃)
Dry bulb
temp. ℉(℃)
Wet bulb
temp. ℉(℃)
Rated. Cooling
Max. cooling
Min. cooling
Rated. Heating
Max. heating
Low Ambient heating
Flex Match
5 Troubleshooting
◆ Turn off main power immediately if malfunction is detected, or if you smell a burning odor
coming from the air conditioner. Failure to shut down unit could result in further equipment damage,
electrical shock or fire.
◆ Do not move the unit once installed. Contact professional technician for service.
★ Check the following items before contacting maintenance center
Air conditioner doesn’t
run at all
Air conditioner runs but
stops immediately
Poor cooling or heating
Blownf fuse or circuit breaker
Change fuse or close breaker
Power outage
Power supply not properly
Low batteries in wireless remote
Restart when power is back on
Wireless controller out of control
Move remote to within 8m (25 ft) of
air conditioner
Blockage in inlet or outlet vent of
indoor or outdoor unit
Clean out blockage
Blockage in inlet or outlet vent of
indoor or outdoor unit
Clean out blockage
Improper of temp. setting
Adjust settings with wireless remote
Low fan speed setting
Adjust settings with wireless remote
Incorrect air flow direction
Adjust settings with wireless remote
Door or window opened
Ambient temp. rise from direct
Hang curtain over windows
Connect power correctly
Change batteries
Too many people in room
Too many heat sources in room
Filter blocked by dirt
Clean filter
Flex Match
★ Instruction
If problem still cannot be solved after above checking, please contact service center.
★ The following circumstances are not malfunctions
Doesn't start up unit immediately
after turned off
The overload protects switch
requires a 3 minutes delay.
Doesn't start immediately when
power supplied
1 minute delay after startup
When cooling
The high humidity air in room is
cooled rapidly
Slight click sound heard once
begin running
Sound of initialization for electric
expansion valve
Hissing sound heard continuously
when cooling
The sound of refrigerant flowing
through coil
Hissing sound heard when staring
or stopping
The sound of refrigerant flow
Slight hissing sound heard when
running or after running
Sound of drainage system
Creaking sound heard when
running or after running
It is the sound of the skin plate
expanding/contracting due to
temperature change
Dust is blown from air
After a long period of inactivity
Dust has collected inside air
Odor emitted from air
When running
Any odors in the room (cigarette
smoke, etc.) will be recirculated
back into the room.
Air conditioner doesn’t run
Mist is blown from air
Noise is heard from air
★ After-sales Service
If there is any quality or other issues after purchasing air conditioner, please contact the local
service center.
6 Maintenance
When air conditioner won’t be used for a long time, please cut off the main power
◆ Turn off the unit at the main power supply when cleaning the air conditioner, otherwise
electric shock may occur.
◆ Do not wash/rinse air conditioner with water or electric shock may occur.
Flex Match
6.1 Cleaning Air Filter
If the air conditioner is used in very dusty conditions, the air filter should be cleaned more
frequently (about once every 6 months).
(1). Open air inlet grille
Pull the 2 handles on air inlet grille at the same time with the direction showed by arrow in Fig.
18, pull it down slowly. (Reverse when closing)
(2). Disassemble air filter
As shown in Fig. 19, pull the handle behind air inlet grille, raise it and disassemble. Then
remove the 3 purifiers on the filter.
Fig. 18
Fig. 19
(3). Clean
Use cleaner or water to wash filter; if the filter is too dirty (for example, oil stain), use some
warm water (but not over 45°C [113°F]) with mild detergent, then dry in the shade.
Do not clean the filter with hot water (more than 45°C [113°F]) as this may fade or warp the
Do not dry it with a hair dryer or over open flame as this may warp the filter.
(4). Reinstall air filter
Replace the 3 purifiers on filter. Install filter on the several tabs on top of air inlet grille. Pull the
handle behind air inlet grille toward inside to reattach filter as shown in Fig. 20.
(5). Close air inlet grille (Refer to the 1st step)
Fig. 20
Fig. 21
Flex Match
6.2 Clean Air Inlet Grille
(1). Open air inlet grille (the same with the 1st step of Clean Air Filter)
(2). Take out air filter (the same with the 2nd step of Clean Air Filter)
(3). Take out air inlet grille
Open air inlet grille for an angle of 45°, as shown in Fig. 21, lift it.
(4). Clean
Clean it with soft brush, water with mild detergent.
Do not use water above 45°C (113°F) to wash the panel to prevent fading or warping.
(5). Install air inlet grille (refer to 3rd step)
(6). Install air filter (refer to the 4th step of Clean Air Filter)
(7). Close air inlet grille (refer to the 1st step)
6.3 Install and Change of Air Purifier
(1). Open air inlet grille (the same the 1st step of Clean Air Filter)
(2). Disassemble purifier
As shown in Fig. 22, disassemble air filter. Remove bolts holding purifier on filter. Then air
purifier can be removed.
(3). Take replacement static fibre net filter and install on air filter.
(4). Install air filter (the same with the 4th step of Clean Air Filter)
Air filter
Purifier filter
Stand for purifier
Fix bolt of purifier
Fig. 22
Function and usage period for air purifying
◆ Could adsorb CO, CO2, benzene, aldehydes and odors.
◆ Adsorbs dust, pollen, bacteria, and material up to 1μm (1 micrometer) in air.
◆ Usage period is 6 months to 1 year. Purchase new purifier as necessary.
Flex Match
6.4 Clean Outlet Vent and Surface Panel
◆ Clean the surface panel with soft dry cloth or damp cloth with mild detergent.
◆ Do not clean surface panel with gasoline, benzene, cleansing powder, etc.
◆ If the guide louver is too dirty, it may be removed to be cleaned. (As described below)
Disassembly and installation of guide louver
(1). Disassemble guide louver
Loosen bolts in both ends of guide louver.
Gently wipe guide louver with mild cleaning detergent or plain water.
(2). Install guide louver
Rotate guide louver slightly. Install the protruding edge of both end into grooves on both end of
guide louvre, and then tighten bolts.
6.5 Maintenance before or after Seasonal Use
Preseason checklist
◆ Check if there is blockage in inlet or outlet vent of air conditioner.
◆ Check if the grounding wire is secure.
◆ Check if the air filter has been correctly installed.
◆ If air conditioner has been turned off for an extended period, turn on main power at least 8
hours before turning on air conditioner..
Post-season checklist
◆ Clean filter and body of air conditioner.
◆ Cut off the main power supply of air conditioner.
◆ The cooling or heating operation and sound level should be checked.
◆ If operation or sound level have changed, refer to information on the rating plate.
Flex Match
Speci ications & illustrations subject to change without notice or incurring obligations.
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