Samsung HT-H4500/ZA-JK03 Home Theater Owner's Manual

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Samsung HT-H4500/ZA-JK03 Home Theater Owner's Manual | Manualzz
 user manual
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Тэг Настал Вер,
This symbol indicates that high voltage
is present inside, It is dangerous to
make any kind of contact with any
internal part of this product.
This symbol indicates that important
literature concerning operation and
maintenance has been included with
this product.
The slots and openings in the cabinet and in the back
or bottom are provided for necessary ventilation. To
ensure reliable operation of this apparatus, and to
protect it from overheating, these slots and openings
must never be blocked or covered.
- Do not place this apparatus in a confined space,
such as a bookcase, or built-in cabinet, unless
proper ventilation is provided,
~ Do not place this apparatus near or over a radiator
or heat register, or where it is exposed to direct
- Do not place vessels (vases etc.) containing water
on this apparatus. A water spill can cause a fire or
electric shock.
Do not expose this apparatus to rain or place i
near water (near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen
sink, or laundry tub, in a wet basement, or near a
swimming pool, etc). i this apparatus accidentally
gets wet, unplug it and contact an authorized dealer
This apparatus uses batteries. In your community,
there might be environmental regulations that require
vou to dispose of these batteries properly. Please
contact your local authorities for disposal or recycling
Do not overload wall outlets, extension cords or
adaptors beyond their capadity, since this can result in
fire or electric shock.
Route power-supply cords so that they are not likely
to be walked on or pinched by items placed on or
against them. Pay particular attention to cords at the
plug end, at wall outlets, and the point where they
exit from the apparatus.
To protect this apparatus from a lightning storm,
or when it is left unattended and unused for long
periods of time, unplug it from the wall outlet and
disconnect the antenna or cable system. This will
prevent damage to the set due to lightning and
power line surges.
Before connecting the AC power cord to the DC
adaptor outlet, make sure the voltage designation
of the DC adaptor corresponds 10 the local electrical
Never insert anything metallic into the open paris
of this apparatus. Doing so may create a danger of
electric shock.
To avoid electric shock, never touch the inside of this
apparatus. Only a qualified technician should open
this apparatus.
Make sure to plug the power cord in until it is firmly
seated. When unplugging the power cord from a wall
outlet, always pull on the power cord's plug, Never
unplug by pulling on the power cord. Do not touch
the power cord with wet hands.
if this apparatus does not operate normally - in
particular, if there are any unusual sounds or smells
coming from it - unplug it immediately and contact an
authorized dealer or service center.
Maintenance of Cabinet.
Before connecting other components to this
product, be sure to turn them off.
if you move your product suddenly from a cold
place to a warm place, condensation may occur on
the operating parts and lens and cause abnormal
disc playback. i this occurs, unplug the product,
wait for two hours, and then connect the plug to
the power outlet. Then, insert the disc, and try to
play back again.
Be sure to pull the power plug out of the outlet if
the product is to remain unused or if you are leaving
the house for an extended period of time (especially
when children, elderly, or disabled people will be left
alone in the house).
~ Accumulated dust can cause an electric shock, an
electric leakage, or a fire by causing the power cord
to generate sparks and heat or the insulation to
Contact an authorized service center for information
iH you intend to install your product in a location with
heavy dust, high or low temperatures, high humidity,
chemical substances, or where it will operate 24 hours
a day such as in an airport, a train station, etc. Failing
to do so may lead to serious damage of your product.
Use only a properly grounded plug and wall outlet.
- An improper ground may cause electric shock or
equipment damage. (Class | Equipment only.)
To turn this apparatus off completely, you must
disconnect i from the wall outlet. Consequently, the
wall outlet and power plug must be readily accessible
at all times.
2 - English
e Do not allow children to hang on the product.
e Store the accessories (battery, etc.) in a location safely
out of the reach of children.
e Do not install the product in an unstable location such
as a shaky self, a slanted floor, or a location exposed
to vibration,
e Do not drop or strike the product. H the product is
damaged, disconnect the power cord and contacta
service center.
e To clean this apparatus, unplug the power cord from
the wall outlet and wipe the product using a soft,
dry cloth. Do not use any chemicals such as wax,
benzene, alcohol, thinners, insecticide, air fresheners,
lubricants, or detergent. These chemicals can damage
the appearance of the product or erase the printing
on the product.
e Do not expose this apparatus to dripping or splashing.
Do not put objects filled with liquids, such as vases on
the apparatus.
e Do not dispose of batteries in a fire.
e Do not plug multiple electric devices into the same
vall socket. Overloading a socket can cause it to
overheat, resulting in a fire.
e There is danger of an explosion if you replace the
batteries used in the remote with the wrong type of
battery. Replace only with the same or equivalent
e This product contains chemicals known to the State of
California to cause cancer and reproductive toxicity.
e To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not
expose this appliance to rain or moisture,
This equipment has been tested and found to comply
with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant
to Part 15 of the FCC rules. These limits are designed
to provide reasonable protection against harmful
interference in a residential installation. This equipment
generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy
and, if not installed and used in accordance with the
instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio
or television reception, which can be determined by
turning the equipment off and on.
if interference is present, the user is encouraged to try to
correct the interference by one or more of the following
e Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
e Increase the separation between the equipment and
e Connect this equipment to an outlet on a circuit that
the receiver is not connected to.
e Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV
technician for help.
This class B digital product meets all reguirements
of the Canadian Interference - Causing Equipment
This product is classified as a CLASS 1 LASER product. =
Use of controls, adjustments or performance of
procedures other than those specified herein may result
in hazardous radiation exposure.
Complies with 21CFR 1040.10 except for deviations
pursuant to Laser Notice No. 50, dated June 24, 2007.
(FDA 21 CFR)
Read these operating instructions carefully before using
the unit. Follow all the safety instructions listed below.
Keep these operating instructions handy for future
Read these instructions.
Keep these instructions.
Heed all warnings.
Follow all instructions,
Do not use this apparatus near water,
Clean only with a dry doth.
Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in
accordance with the manufacturers instructions.
3 - English
8. Do notinstall near any heat sources such as
radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus
(including AV receivers) that produce heat.
9, Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized
or grounding-type plug. A polarized plug has two
blades with one wider than the other. A grounding
type plug has two blades and a third grounding
prong. The wide blade or the third prong are
provided for your safety. If the provided plug does
not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician for
replacement of the obsolete outlet.
10, Protect the power cord from being walked on
or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience
receptacles, and the point where if exits the
11, Only use attachments/accessories specified by the
12, Use only with the cart, stand,
tripod, bracket, or table
specified by the manufacturer,
or sold with the apparatus.
When a cart is used, use
caution when moving the
cart/apparatus combination to avoid injury from
13. Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or
when unused for long periods of time.
14, Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel,
Servicing is required when the apparatus has been
damaged in any way, such as when the power-
supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been
spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus,
the apparatus has been exposed to rain or
moisture, does not operate normally, or has been
Read and understand the following safety information
before using the 3D function.
® Some viewers may experience discomfort while
viewing 3D TV such as dizziness, nausea, and
if vou experience any such symptom, stop viewing 3D
TV, remove the 3D Active Glasses, and rest.
Watching 3D images for an extended period of time
may cause eve strain, if vou feel eve strain, stop
viewing 3D TV, remove your 3D Active Glasses, and
A responsible adult should frequently check on
children who are using the 30 function.
if there are any reports of tired eyes, headaches,
dizziness, or nausea, have the child stop viewing 3D
TV and rest.
e Do not use the 3D Active Glasses for other purposes
(such as general eyeglasses, sunglasses, protective
goggles, etc)
® Do not use the 3D function or 3D Active Glasses while
walking or moving around. Using the 3D function or
3D Active Glasses while moving around may cause
you to bump into objects, trip, and/or fall, and cause
serious injury.
if you want to enjoy 3D content, connect a 3D device
(3D compliant AV receiver or TV) to the products
HDMI QUT port using a high-speed HDMI cable, Put
on 3D glasses before plaving the 3D content.
The product outputs 3D signals only through an HDMI
cable connected to the HDMI OUT port.
The video resolution in 3D play mode is fixed to
the resolution of the original 3D video. You can not
change the resolution.
Some functions such as BD Wise, screen size
adjustment, and resolution adjustment may not
operate properly in 3D play mode.
You must use a high-speed HDMI cable for proper
output of the 3D signal.
Stay at least three times the width of the screen from
the TV when watching 3D images. For example, i
you have a 46 inch screen, stay 138 inches (11.5 feet)
from the screen.
Place the 3D video screen at eve level for the best 3D
When the product is connected to some 3D devices,
the 3D effect may not function properly.
This product does not convert 2D content into 3D.
“Blirray 30” and “Blu-ray 30" logo are trademarks of
the Blu-ray Disc Association,
0 mf af A сб
Accessories 29
Speaker Components 29
Front Panel 29
Rear Panel 30
Remote Control
Connecting the Speakers 32
Connecting to a Network Router 37
Connecting to a TV and External Devices 40
The Initial Settings Procedure
The Home Screen at a Glance
Accessing the Settings Screen
Settings Menu Functions
Network Setup
Upgrading Software
Setting Up DLNA
Switching the Source Device
Playing Commercial Discs
Plaving a Disc with User Recorded Content
Plaving Files on a USB Device
Controlling Video Playback
Plaving a Pre-Recorded Commercial Audio Disc
Controlling Music Playback
Plaving Photo Contents
Listening to the Radio
Using Bluetooth
Using the Special Effects Remote Control
3 - English
Using BD-LIVE™
Using DINA
Using Opera TV Store
Additional Information
Disk and Format Compatibility
Check the box for the accessories and speaker components listed or shown below,
e Remote Control (AH59-02533A) e User Manual (AH68-02672A)
e Batteries (AAA size) (4301-000116)
O - English
ay, When the product is on, do not let children touch the product's surface. It will be hot.
& To upgrade the product's software through the USB jack, you must use a USB flash drive.
& When the product displays a Blu-ray Disc menu, you cannot start the movie by pressing the Eli /
button on the product or the remote. To play the movie, you must select Play Movie or Start in the
disc menu, and then press the [&] button.
& If you are using the Internet or are playing content from a USB device on your TV through the home
theater, you cannot select the BD/DVD mode with the FUNCTION button. To select the BD/DVD
mode, exit the Internet or stop the content you are playing on the TV, and then select the BD/DVD
* Connecting the FM Antenna
1, Connect the supplied FM antenna to the FM ANT Jack.
2. Slowly move the antenna wire around until vou find a location where reception is good, then fasten it to
a wall or other rigid surface,
ay, Maintain a minimum of 4 inches of clear space on all sides of the home theater to ensure adequate
Do not obstruct the cooling fan or ventilation holes,
ay, This product does not receive AM broadcasts.
7 - English
ote Control
Tour of the
Press to select Home Theater's
“® mode. (BD/DVD, D. IN, AUX,
To open and close the disc tray.
Turn the product on and off.
Adjust the volume
¢ Cut off the sound temporarily.
Press numeric buttons to «
operate options.
-» Use to enter the Popup
menu/Titie menu,
"® Press to search backwards or
Press 10 pause playing.
Press to view the disc menu, a
Press to skip backwards or forwards. «
Press to play a disc or files.
Press to stop a disc or files,
Selects the disc subtitle language. *— llows you to repeat a title,
chapter, track or disc.
Press to move to the Home screen, *-—
Use to display the playback
information when playing
a Blu-ray/DVD disc or files,
Press 10 use the Tools menu. «
Select on-screen menu items
and change menu values,
Return to the previous menu. #— = Press to exit the menu.
* Use to sel a preset radio frequency.
These buttons are used both for ge.
menus on the product and also
several Blu-ray Disc functions.
Press to direct audio signal to home e-—
theater speaker or TV speaker.
(See page 28)
-» Select MONO or STEREO for radio
Search for active FM stations and
to change channels.
ote Control
ends of the batteries
& Make sure to match the “+” and
with the diagram inside the compartment,
ay, Assuming typical usage, the batteries last for about one
ay, The remote control can be used up to approximately 23
(7 meters) from the product in a straight line,
6 - English
This section describes various methods of connecting the product to other external components.
Before moving or installing the product, be sure to turn off the power and disconnect the power cord,
Position of the product
Place it on a stand or cabinet shelf, or
under the TV stand.
Selecting the Listening Position
~~ The listening position should be
located about 2.5 to 3 times the TV's
(Surround (R) ) screen size away from the TY. For
- example, if vou have a 46 inch screen,
locate the listening position 115 to
138 inches (9.6 to 11.5 feet) from the
su | 8
Surround (L)
Place these speakers in front of vour listening position, facing inwards (about
45") toward you, Place the front speakers so that their tweeters will be at the
same height as your ear, Align the tront face of the front speakers with the
front face of the center speaker or place them slightly in front of the center
It is best to install the Center Speaker at the same height as the front speakers,
You can also install it directly over or under the TV,
Place these speakers to the side of your listening position, If there isn't enough
room, place these speakers so they face each other, Position them about 2 to 3
feet (60 10 90cm) above your ear, facing slightly downward,
* Unlike the front and center speakers, the surround speakers are used mainly
for sound effects. Sound will not come from them all the time,
The position of the subwoofer is not so critical. Place it anywhere you like.
+ The appearance of your speakers may differ from the Hustrations in this manual.
* Each speaker has a colored label on ¡ts back or underside, Each cable has a single colored band near its end,
Match the band on each cable to the speaker label by color, and then connect the cable to the speaker, See
page 10 for exact instructions.
Speaker Cable Connections
1. Match each speaker cable bundle to the correct speaker by matching the color coded plug on each
bundle to the colored sticker on the bottom or back of each speaker,
2. Connect the speaker wire plugs from each speaker to the back of the product by matching the colors of
the speaker plugs to the colors of the speaker jacks.
ay, If you place a speaker near your TV set, the screen color may be distorted because of the magnetic
» If you want to install the speakers on the wall, fasten screws or nails (not provided) firmly to the wall
wherever you want to hang a speaker, and then, using the hole in the rear of each speaker, carefully
hang each speaker on a screw or nail,
» [Do not let children play with or near the speakers, They could get hurt if a speaker falls.
» When connecting the speaker wires to the speakers, make sure that the polarity (+/ -) is correct,
> Keep the subwoofer speaker out of reach of children to prevent children from inserting their hands
or alien substances into the duct (hole) of the subwoofer speaker,
> Do not hang the subwoofer on the wall through the duct (hole).
ay, Your router or your Internet Service Provider's policies may prevent the product from accessing
Samsung's software update server. If this occurs, contact your Internet Service Provider (SP) for more
ay, DSL users, please use a router to make a network connection,
ay, To use the DLNA function, you must connect a PC to the network as shown in the figure.
{J - English
Connecting to a 1
Connect an HDMI cable (not supplied) from the HDMI QUT jack on the back of the product to the HDMI IN
jack on your TV. If the TV supports ARC, you can hear the audio from your TV through the home theater with
only this cable connected. See page 15 in this manual and the section on ARC in your TV's user's manual
for details,
Using an RCA audio cable (not supplied), connect the AUDIO In jack on the product to the AUDIO Out jack on
the external analog component. > Select the AUX mode.
e Be sure to match the colors on the cable plugs to the colors on the input and output jacks.
PTICAL : Connecting an External Digital Audio Component
Use to connect the digital audio output of digital signal components such as Cable Boxes and Satellite
Receivers (Set-Top-Boxes) to the home theater, Using a digita! optical cable (not supplied), connect the Optical
Digital Audio In jack on the product to the Digital Optical Out jack of the external digital device using a digital
optical cable, > Select the D, IN mode,
ay, To see video from your Cable Box/Satellite receiver, you must connect its video output directly to your TV,
2, This system supports Digital sampling frequencies of 32 kHz or higher from external digital components.
ay, This system supports only DTS and Dolby Digital audio. MPEG audio, a bitstream format, is not
Selecting an External
To select an external device after vou have connected it, press the FUNCTION button, Each time you press the
button, the mode changes in this order : BD/DVD = D, IN > AUX > FM > BT
1 1 - English
4:3 Pan-Scan - For older, standard screen,
analog TVs, Displays 4:3 pictures in full screen
and 16:9 pictures in Pan-Scan format that fills
the screen, but cuts off the left and right sides
of the picture and enlarges the middle vertically,
5. The Network - Wired screen appears,
- If vou have a network with dynamic IP
addresses - and most peopie do - select Auto,
button, and then go to Step 6.
- If vou have a network with static IP addresses,
we suggest you select Skip by pressing the
1. Turn on your TV after connecting the product, BLUE 1D) button. (See page 16)
and then turn on the product. When you turn - If you have no network, select Skip by
on the product for the first time, the product pressing the BLUE (5) button, The Initial
automatically displays the Initial Settings Settings Complete screen appears, and then
Language screen, the Home screen appears,
2, Press the AW buttons to select the desired ay, If you skip network setup here or the setup
language, and then press the [Eg button. does not work correctly, you can set up the
Press the [3 button to start function setup. product's network connection later. (See page
4, The TV Aspect screen appears. Press the AV
buttons to select a TV aspect ratio, and then 6. The product verifies the network connection
press the ES button. and then connects to the network. When it is
You have four choices: done, press the (Ey button. The "Initial settings
16:9 Original - For widescreen TVs. Displays completed.” screen appears, and then the
widescreen pictures in their original 16:9 format Home screen appears.
and 4:3 pictures (the old, standard format} in
4:3 pillar box format with black bars on the left
and right,
16:9 Full - For widescreen TVs, Displays
widescreen pictures in their original 16:9 format
and expands 4:3 pictures to fill the 16:9 screen,
4:3 Letter Box - For older, standard screen,
analog TVs, Displays 4:3 pictures in full screen
and 16:9 pictures in letter box format that
retains the 16:9 aspect ratio but puts black bars
above and below the picture,
2 - English
ay, If you want to display the Initial Settings screen
again and make changes, select the Reset
option. (See page 16) A list of useful and popular apps we recommend.
ay, If you use an HDMI cable to connect the
product to an Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)-compliant
Samsung TV and 1.) You have set the Anynet+
(HDMI-CEC) feature to On in both the TV
and the product and 2.) You have set the
TV to a language supported by the product,
the product will select that language as the
Displays a list of external devices connected to the
main unit. Switch to the desired device,
preferred language automatically. Use for switching to an external device, and
for radio and mode switching for a Bluetooth
connection. You can use the remote control's
FUNCTION button and the main unit's =i button
for mode switching.
Set various functions to suit your personal
2, To play or view video, photo, music files
located on your PC, you must connect your
home theater and PC to a home network and
you must download, install, and configure the
DLNA software on your PC. (See page 19)
1. Select Settings on the Home screen, and then
press ley. The Settings screen appears,
The disc currently in the trav is displayed.
Press [& to start playing the disc.
Play photos, videos, or music content from
Disc, USB, PC, or mobile devices.
Access various for pay or free-of-charge
applications. 2
To access the menus, sub-menus, and options
on the Settings screen, please refer to the
remote contro! illustration, (See page 14)
Makes the Web-based App for TV available for y, Tf you leave the product in the stop mode for
USE. more than 5 minutes without using it, a screen
saver will appears on your TY. If the product is
left in the screen saver mode for more than 20
minutes, the power automatically turns off.
$ - English
HOME Burton : Press to move to the Home
RETURN Button: Press to return to the
previous menu,
e Press д <p» lo move the cursor or select
an item,
e Press the [E button to activate the
currently selected item or confirm a
EXIT Button ! Press to exit the current
Detailed Function information
Fach Settings function, menu item, and individual
option is explained in detail on-screen. To view an
explanation, use the AY ir buttons to select the
function, menu item, or option. The explanation will
usually appear on the bottom of the screen,
A short description of each Settings function starts
on this page. Additional information on some of the
functions is also in the Appendix of this manual,
3D Settings ОН |
Sel up the 3D related functions,
7 3D Blu-ray Playback Mode: Select whether to play
a Blu-ray Disc with 3D contents in 3D Mode, If
you move to the Home menu while in 3D mode,
the product will switch to 2D automatically.
7 Screen Size: Enter the size of the TV attached
to the product. The product will automatically
adjust the 3D output to the screen size af the TV.
ay, Carefully read the health and safety information
before viewi ng 3D content. | бер, раде e 4)
TV Aspect Ratio PSS PS
Lets you adjust the output of the product to the
screen size ео! your TY, (See page 31)
Wise is Samsung's latest inter-connectivity
feature, When vou connect a Samsung product
and a Samsung TV with BD Wise to each other
via HDMI, and BD Wise is on in both the product
and TV, the product outputs video at the video
resolution and frame rate of the Blu-ray/DVD Disc
Lets you set the output resolution of the HDMI
video signal to BD Wise, Auto, 1080p, 10801,
720p, 480p. The number indicates the number
of lines of video per frame, The i and p indicate
interlaced and progressive scan, respectively, The
more el ines, the ni gher quality.
Setting the Movie Frame (24Fs) feature to Auto lets
the product adjust its HDMI output to 24 frames
per second automatically for improved picture
quality if attached to a 24Fs compatible TV,
e You can enjoy the Movie Frame (24Fs) feature
only on a TV supporting this frame rate,
® Move Frame is only available when the product
sin 1 the HDMI il 1080p output resolution modes,
Lets you set the color space format for the HDMI
output to match the capabilities of the connected
device (TV. monitor, etc).
4 - English
HDI vi | Deep Color ВЕ o
Lets you set the product to output video from
the HDMI QUT jack with Deep Color. Deep Color
provides more accurate color reproduction with
greater color depth.
Lets you improve picture quality when viewing DVDs,
Speaker Settings 3. МЛИН
Lets you adjust the following speaker settings and
turn the test tone on and off so you can test the
7 Level: Lets you adjust the relative loudness of each
speaker from 60B to -6dB. For example, if you like
deep bass, you can increase the loudness of the
subwoofer by 6db.
7 Distance: Lets you adjust the relative distance of
each speaker from the listening position up to
30 feet. The farther the distance, the louder the
speaker will be.
v Test Tone: Lets you run the Test Tone function so you
can test your adjustments. Setting Test Tone to On
turns the Test Tone on. Setting it to Off turns ott.
Speaker Selection ——.IIC——— IET =
Lets you select which speakers you want active,
either the TV's speakers or the home theater's
Audio Ri Return Channel
Lets vou direct the sound from the TV to the
Home Theater speakers. Requires an HDMI
connection and an Audio Return Channel (ARC)
compatible TY,
e |! Audio Return Channel is set to on and you are
using an HDMI cable to connect the product to
the TY, digital optical input will not work,
e If Audio Return Channel is set to Auto and
you are using an HDMI cable to connect the
product to the TV, ARC or digital optical input is
selected automati cally.
Digital | Output о | Зло CSSS PSE
Lets vou set the Digital Output to match the
capabilities of the AV receiver you've connected to
the product. For more details, please refer to the
digital output selection table, (See page 36)
Audio Sync. Le o =
Lets you apply dynamic range control to Dolby
Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby TrueHD audio,
v Auto: Automatically controls the dynamic range
of Dolby TrueHD audio, based on information
in the Dolby TrueHD soundtrack, Also turns
dynamic range control off for Dolby Digital and
Dolby Digital Plus.
v Off Leaves the dynamic range uncompressed,
letting vou hear the original sound.
v On: Turns dynamic range control on for all three
Dolby formats. Quieter sounds are made louder
and the volume of loud sounds is reduced.
Lets you select the multi-channel downmix method
that is compatible with your stereo system. You can
choose to have the product downmix to Normal
Stereo orto Surround Compatible.
When the product is attached to a digital TY. lets
you adjust the audio delay so that the audio syncs
with the video. You can set the delay between 0
and 300 milliseconds,
Wi Wired e Network бей; ings - PES o
For more information about this function see
page 16,
Lets you test the Internet Protocol setup to see if
itis work! ing correctly.
Ne ty y ork Status o UND
Lets you check the current network and Internet
Lets you assign an identifving name to the
product. You use this name to identify the
product when you are connecting external
devices (smart phones, tablets, etc. ©) to it.
BD- Live Internet Connection RS =
Lets you allow or prohibit an Internet connection
for the BD-Live service,
3 - English
Initial Settings
Lets vou re-run the Initial Settings procedure, (See
page 12)
Quick Start — I EE
You can turn on the power quickly by decreasing
the boot time,
ay, If this function is set to On, Standby power
consumption will be increased. (About 12W
- 206)
Anynet+ is a convenient function that offers
linked operations with other Samsung products
that have the Anynet+ feature and lets you control
those products with one Samsung TV remote.
To operate this function, you must connect this
product to an Anynet+ Samsung TV using a HDMI
ED Data Management KENNEN
Lets you manage the contents vou downloaded
through a Blu-ray disc that supports the BD-Live
service, You can view the information about the
USB device you are using for BD Live data storage
including the storage space. You can also delete
BD Live data and change the device,
Lets you select the language vou prefer for the
On-Screen Menu, disc menu, etc,
e The selected language will only appear if it is
supported on the disc,
The default PIN is 0000. Enter the default PIN to
access the security function if you haven't created
your own PIN,
BD Paral Rie 5 Somo
Prevents playback of Blu-ray Discs with a rating
equal to or above a specific age rating unless you
enter the PIN,
DVD Parental Rating - 5
Prevents playback of DVDs with a rating above a
specific numerical rating unless you enter the PIN,
Change PIN 00000 |
Changes the 4-digit PIN used to access security
Time Zone TE 3
Lets you specify the time zone that is applicable to
your area,
5 q ES a re U ро гай e | UU e
For more information about this function see
page 18.
Conta ct Samsun g CSSS eN =
Provides contact information for assistance with
your product.
Terms of Service Agreement HE -
View the general disclaimer regarding third party
Reverts all settings to their defaults except for the
network, Requires that you enter your security
PIN. The default security PIN is 0000,
When you connect this product to a network, you
can use network based applications and functions
such as BD-LIVE and upgrade the product's software
through the network connection,
Configuring Your Network Connection
If vou skipped network setup during the Initial Setup,
follow the instructions below to configure the home
theater's network connection,
Before you begin, contact your ISP to find out if vour
IP address is static or dynamic, If it is dynamic, we
recommend you use the automatic procedure below,
If it is static, you must use the manual procedure
that follows,
- English
3 Automatic
To start the configuration process, follow these steps:
In the Home menu, select Settings, and then
The Wired Network Settings screen appears.
Press the » button on the Internet Protocol
Setup menu.
Use 4 ¥ button to select Auto, and then press
The Network function acquires and fills in
the values for IP Address, Subnet Mask, etic,
After the Network function nas acquired the
network values, press the RETURN button.
Select Network Test, and then press [==
home theater validates the network connectio
When it is done, press the RETURN button,
à Manual
If vou have a static IP address or the Automatic
procedure does not work, you'll need to set the
Network Settings values manually. You can get the
Network Settings from your Internet Service Provider
Follow the first four steps in the Automatic
procedure, but select Manual instead of Auto in
Step 4.
Press the Y button to go to the first entry field
(IP Address).
Use the number buttons on your remote to
enter numbers,
When done with each field, use the » button
to move successively to the next field.
You can also use the other arrow buttons to
move up, down, and back.
Enter the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and
Gateway values,
Press the Y button to go to DNS.
Press the Y button to go to the first DNS entry
field, Enter the numbers as above,
Press the RETURN button on your remote,
Select Network Test, and then press E. When
the test is completed, press the RETURN button
to exit to the previous screen.
Select Network Status, and then press
The Network Status screen appears.
The product verifies the network connection
and then connects to the network. When it
done, highlight OK, and then press
4 7 - English
The Software Upgrade menu allows you to
upgrade the products software for performance 2.
improvements or additional services, 3,
Visit www,
Click SUPPORT on the top right of the page.
Enter the product's model number into the
search field. As vou enter the model number, a
drop down will display products that match the
model number,
4. left dick your product's mode! number in the
drop down list,
5. On the page that appears, scroll down to and
then click Firmware Manuals 8: Downloads,
6. Click Firmware in the center of the page,
7. Click the ZIP icon in the File column on the right
side of the page,
In the Home menu, select Settings, and then 8. Click Send in the first pop-up that appears.
pe Click OK in the second pop-up to download
press the [E button, ;
| Ath … and save the firmware file to your PC,
2. Select support, and then press the 9, Unzip the zip archive to your computer, You
3, Select Software Upgrade, and then press the should have a single folder with the same name
button. as the zip file.
4, Select one of the following methods: 10. Copy the folder to a USB flash drive.
* By Online 11. Make sure no disc is inserted in the product,
e By USB and then insert the USB flash drive into the USB
e Auto Ungrade Notification port of the product.
5, Press the @ button. 12. In the products menu, go to Settings > Support
Directions for each method begin below, > Software Upgrade.
& If you want to cancel the upgrade while the 13. Select By USB,
upgrade software is downloading, press the 14. The home theater searches for the software on
| the USB drive. When it finds the software, the
By Online Update Request pop-up appears.
VU 15. Select OK. The home theater turns off, turns
Your product must be connected to the Internet to on, and then begins the upgrade. When the
use the By Online function. Remove all discs before upgrade is done. the home theater turns off
ou begin.
Y 9 , 16. Press the POWER button to turn on the home
1. Select By Online, and then press the [& button, theater
The Connecting to Server message appears, o
2 8 date о tabl 96 SEP ay, There should be no disc in the product when
y an UNCArE 15 avaladE, a DOPUN MEssade you upgrade the software using the USB Host
appears asking if you want to upgrade. If you jack
select Yes, the product turns off automatically, l
turns on, and then begins the upgrade. ay, When the software upgrade is done, check
3. The update progress popup appears. When
the update is completed, the product turns off
automatically again,
4. Press the POWER button fo turn on the
18- English
the software details in the Software Upgrade
rade Notification
If your product is connected to the network and you
set Auto Upgrade Notification on, the product will
notify vou if a new software version is available with
a pop-up message,
1. Turn on the product.
2. In the Software Upgrade menu, set Auto
Upgrade Notification to On.
If there is a new software version available, the
product will notify you with a pop-up message.
3. To upgrade the firmware, select Yes, The
product turns off automatically, turns on, and
then begins the upgrade,
4. The update progress popup will appear, When
the update is complete, the product will turn
off automatically again.
5, Press the POWER button to turn on the
DLNA enables you to play music, video, and photo
files located in your PC using this product. To use
DLNA, you must connect the product to your PC
via the network (See page 10) and install the
SAMSUNG PC Share Manager on the PC,
To Download the Software
To use DLNA with your PC, you must instali DLNA
software on your PC, You can download the PC
software and get detailed instructions for using
DLNA from the website,
1. Goto www.
2. Click SUPPORT at the top of the page,
3. Enter the product's model number into the
search field. As you enter the model number, a
drop down will display products that match the
model number,
4. left click your product's model number in the
drop down list,
5. On the page that appears, scroll down to and
then click Firmware Manuals & Downloads,
6. Click the Software tab.
7. On the software tab, click the EXE icon on the
right side of the DLNA line,
8. Inthe first pop-up that appears, click Send. In
the second pop-up, click Save File.
9, Find the DINA install file on your disk, and then
double click the file,
10. In the pop-up that appears, dick Run, and
then follow the directions that appear on your
Download the DLNA Installation/Instruction
manual from the same Software Tab by clicking the
corresponding PDF file symbol in the File column
on the right. The file, in PDF format, will download
and open. Follow the directions to install and setup
DLNA. You can view and/or save the file,
ay, To use DLNA with your smart phone, you
need to connect your home theater and smart
phone to the same network,
Y - English
Your home theater can play content located on
Blu-ray/DVD/CD discs, USB devices, PCs, smart
phones, tablets, and in Apps.
To play content located on your PC or a mobile
device, you must connect the PC or mobile device
and the product to your network, To play content on
your PC, vou must also download and instali DLNA
network software or already have DLNA network
software on your PC,
ay, PCs running Windows 7 and Windows 8 have
DLNA software (Play To) built in.
If two or more external devices are connected to the
main unit, you can use any of the three methods
described below to change the source device,
Method 1
From the Home screen, use the 4% 4b buttons to
move to Change Device, and then press 6.
The Change Device popup window will appear, Use
the 4Y buttons to move to the desired device, and
then press
If vou move to Photos, Videos, Music or other file-
based contents, a list of folders and files will appear,
Press the RED (A) button to display the Change
Device popup window, use the 4 Y buttons to move
to the desired device, and then press
When a device is connected for the first time, a
popup window appears on which you can change
the source device by using the 4» buttons,
Press the 4 button to open the disc tray,
Place a disc gently into the disc tray with the
discs label facing up.
3. Press the 4 button to close the disc tray.
Playback starts automatically.
4, If playback does not start automatically, press
the ES button on the remote.
- Fingerprints or scratches on
a disc may reduce sound and
picture quality or cause skipping.
- Avoid touching the surface of a disc where data
has been recorded,
- Hold the disc by the edges so that fingerprints
will not get on the surface,
- Do not stick paper or tape on the disc.
® Cleaning Discs
- If vou get fingerprints or dirt on a
disc, clean it with a mild detergent
diluted in water and wipe with a
soft cloth,
- When cleaning, wipe gently from
the inside to the outside of the disc,
- Disc Storage
« Do not keep in direct sunlight.
» Keep in a cool ventilated area,
» Keep in a clean protective jacket and store
You can play multimedia files you have recorded on
Blu-ray, DVD, or CD discs.
1. Place a user recorded disc into the disc tray with
the discs label facing up, and then dose the
Use the 4b buttons to select the type of
content you want to view or play - Photos,
Videos, or Music - and then press the EE
. Select Play Disc from the Home screen. The Play
Disc screen appears. Use the 4% buttons to
select the desired content type, Photos, Videos,
or Music,
- English
3. A screen appears listing the contents of the
disc. Depending on how the contents are
arranged, you will see either foiders, individual
files, or both.
4, If necessary, use the AY 4 buttons to select
6, Press the RETURN button one or more times to
exit a current screen, exit a folder, or to return
to the Home screen,
Press the EXIT button to return directly to the
Home Screen,
7. Goto pages 22-26 for instructions that
explain how to contro! playback of videos,
music, and pictures on a disc,
There are two methods vou can use to play or view
multimedia files located on a USB device through
your product.
Method 1: If you connect a USB device while
the product is turned on
1. The "New device connected.” pop-up appears.
ay, If the pop-up does not appear, go to Method
2. Use the AW buttons to select Photos, Videos,
or Music and then press the button,
Depending on how the contents are arranged,
you will see either folders, individual files, or
3, If necessary, use the AY 4 buttons to select
a folder, and then press the button,
4, Select a file to view or play, and then press the
5. Press the RETURN button to exit a folder or the
EXIT button to return to the Home screen,
6. Gotopages 22-26 for instructions that
explain how to contro! playback of videos,
music, and pictures on a USE device,
Method 2 : If the product is turned on after
you connect a USB device
1. Turn the product on.
2. Press Change Device and select a USB device,
3, Use the 4p buttons to select Photos, Videos,
4, If necessary, use the 4% 4p buttons to select
a folder, and then press the ET button.
5, Select a file to view or play, and then press the
6. Press the RETURN button to exit a folder or the
EXIT button to return to the Home screen,
7. Go to pages 22-26 for instructions that
explain how to control playback of videos,
music, and pictures on a USB device,
ay, If you insert a disc when playing a USB device
or phone, the device mode changes to "Disc"
ay, If your cellular phone is DLNA compatible, you
can play contents without connecting a USB
cable, (See page 29)
2 1 - English
You can control the playback of video content
located on a Blu-ray/DVD disc, USB device, mobile
device, or PC. Depending on the disc or contents,
some of the functions described in this manual may
not be available,
ote Control used
B uttons on 1 the R
The product does not play sound in Search, Slow,
or Step mode,
® To return to normal speed playback, press the
Starts playback.
Stops playback.
Pauses playback.
Duri ing playback, press the E»
3 button,
Each time you press the 8 ог
button, the playback speed will
In pause mode, press the 8
Each time you press the Es
the playback speed will change,
In pause mode, press the UT
à new frame appears,
E or
During playback, press the
1 button.
Each time you press the BB)
8 button, the disc moves to the
previous or next chapter or file,
During plavback, press this button to display the
Disc menu,
During playback, press this button to display the
Title menu,
e If vour disc has a playlist, press the GREEN (B)
button t to 90 to the je play ylist
During playback, press this button to display the
Popup menu
1. During playback, press the REPEAT button
on the remote control,
2. Press the 4Y buttons to select Off, Title,
Chapter, All or Repeat A-B, and then press
the [El button.
1 Repeat A-B
1. Press the @ button at the point where vou
want repeat play to start (A).
2. Press the @ button at the point where vou
want repeat play to stop (B).
3. Toretum to normal play, press the REPEAT
button again.
4, Press the |
ay, Depending on the disc, the screen may not
display all repeat options.
2, The screen may not display Chapter or
Title immediately. Continue to press the
AY buttons until your choice is inside the
applicable field,
ay, To return to normal play, press the REPEAT
button again, press the AY buttons to
select Off, and then press the
2, The screen may not display Repeat A-B
immediately. Continue to press the AY
buttons until Repeat A-B is inside the
applicable field,
ay, You must set point (B) at least 5 seconds of
playing time after point (A).
Using the TOOLS Menu
During plavback, press the TOOLS button,
Lets you set the desired subtitle language.
If there is more than one title on a disk or device, | To view a scene from another angle. The Angle
lets you move to or select a desired title. option displays the number of angles available to
view (1/1, 1/2, 1/3, etc).
Lets you go to a specific playback point. Use the
numeric buttons to input the playback point. Lets vou set the desired Bonusview option.
lenu selections that appear only while a file
Lets vou repeat a specific title, chapter, or marked plays
section. —
Lets you adjust the audio delay so that the audio Lets you set the desired full screen size. You Е
syncs with the video. You can set the delay from can select Original, Modet (larger), and Mode? A
0 to 300 milliseconds. (largest). o
| =
Lets you set the picture mode, Select 10 view video file information,
@ Mode
ay, Depending on the disc or storage device, the
- User: let djust the Bright . ;
> ES YOU adjust the Brightness, Tools menu may differ. All options may not be
Contrast, Color, and Sharpness functions
manually. displayed.
- Dynamic : Choose this setting to increase : Playlist
sharpness, я : : si
- Normal : Choose this setting for most viewing You can create a playlist of video files in a way that
a ications is nearly identical to the way you create a playlist of
РР! и music files, See page 24 for instructions.
- Movie : This is the best setting for watching
Menu selections that appear only when a
BD/DVD disc plays
1. Insert an Audio CD (CD-DA) or an MP3 Disc
into the disc tray.
e For an Audio CD (CD-DA), the first track will
Lets you move to a chapter that you want to be played automatically. Tracks on a disc
watch. are played in the order in which they were
recorded on the disc.
e For an MP3 disc, press the 4» buttons to
select Music, then press the
Lets you set the desired audio language.
$ - English
Fast Play (Audio CD [CD-DA] only) ©
During playback, press the
Each time vou press the 23 or Ed button,
the playback speed will change.
button : Pauses a track.
button : Plays the currently selected
You can set the roduct to repeat tracks.
2. To piay a particular track, use ne AY buttons р р
on the remote to select the track, and then | During music playback, press the TOOLS
&, For more information about playing music, See 2. Use «» button to select Off, Track or One, АЙ
Controlling Music Playback below or Shuffle in Repeat Mode, and then press the
You can contro! the plavback of music content 1, If playing musi c from a commercial CD or DVD,
located on a DVD, CD, USB, mobile device, or PC, press the EJ or RETURN button, The Music List
Depending on the disc or contents, some of the Screen appears. If you are creating a playlist
functions described in this manual may not be from music on a user created disk or USB
available. device, access the Music list as described on
раде 20 ог 21.
Buttons on the ote Control used for 2. Pressthe AW 4} buttons to move to a desired
usic Playback file, and then press the YELLOW (€) button
to select it, Repeat this procedure to select
additional files,
3, If vou want to select ail files, press the TOOLS
button, use the 4 Y buttons to select Select All,
and then press If vou want to deselect all
files, press the TOOLS button, select Deselect
All, and then press
NUMBER buttons ! During Playlist playback,
press the desired track number, The
selected track is played.
Skip : During playback, press the ES or El
button to move to the previous or next
music track.
EI button : Stops a track.
- English
4. To remove a file from the Playlist, move to the
file, and then press the YELLOW (© button.
5, Press the button to play the selected files,
The Playlist screen appears,
6. To go to the Music List, press the
7. To go back to the Playlist, press the |
& You can create a playlist with up to 99 tracks
on Audio CDs (CD-DA),
ay, If you go to the Music List from the Playlist,
and then return to the Playlist, the Playlist will
start playing again from the beginning.
1, Inserta USB device into the USB jack on the
front of the product.
2. With the Playback screen displayed, use the
4% buttons to select a track, and then press
the YELLOW (C) button, A check appears to the
left of the track.
3. Repeat Step 2 to select and check additional
4. To remove a track from the list, move to the
track, and then press the YELLOW [© button
again. The check on the track is removed,
5, When done, press the TOOLS button,
The Tools menu appears.
6. Use the 4% buttons to select Rip, and then
press the [E button. The Rip screen appears.
7. Use the 4% buttons to select the device to
store the ripped files on, and then press the
ay, Do not disconnect the device while ripping is
in progress,
8. If vou want to cancel ripping, press the |
button, and then select Yes. Select No to
continue ripping.
9. When ripping is complete, the "Ripping is
completed," message appears,
10. Press the button to go back to the Playback
ay, This function is not available for DTS Audio
ay, This function may not be supported by some
ay, Ripping encodes music in the .mp3 format at
ay, On the Track list screen, you can choose Select
All or Deselect All,
- Use Select All to select all tracks, and then
press the button. This cancels your
individual track selections,
- Use Deselect All to deselect all selected tracks
at once,
You can play photo contents located on a DVD, USE,
mobile device, or PC.
Using the Tools Menu
During plavback, press the TOOLS button,
Select to play/pause the slide show,
pe E
ois J
Select to adjust the slide show speed,
Select to listen to music while viewing a slide
Select to enlarge the current picture.
(Enlarge up to 4 times)
Select to rotate a picture, (This will rotate the
picture either clockwise or counter clockwise.)
Shows the picture information including the name
and size, etc,
ay, Depending on the disc or storage device, the
Tools menu may differ. All options may not be
& To enable the background music function, the
photo file must be in the same storage media
as the music file. However, the sound quality
can be affected by the bitrate of the MP3
file, the size of the photo, and the encoding
g a Photo Playlist
You can create a photo playlist in nearly the same
way you create a music playlist. See page 24 for
instructions. Select photo files instead of music files.
Operating the Radi
1. Press the FUNCTION button to select FM.
2. Tune to the desired station,
e Preset Tuning 1: Press the EJ button to
select PRESET, and then press the TUNING
UP, DOWN button to select a preset station.
- Before you can tune to preset stations, you
must add preset stations to the product's
e Manual Tuning : Press the EJ button to select
MANUAL, and then press the TUNING UP,
DOWN button to tune in to a lower or higher
e Automatic Tuning : Press the EJ button to
select MANUAL, and then press and hold the
TUNING UP, DOWN button to automatically
search the band,
Setting Mono/Stereo
Press the MU/ST button,
e Fach time vou press the button, the sound
switches between STEREO and MONO.
e Ín a poor reception area, select MONO for a clear,
interference-free broadcast,
Presetting Stations
Example : Presetting FM 89.10 into memory,
1. Press the FUNCTION button to select FM,
2. Press the TUNING UP, DOWN button to select
3, Press the TUNER MEMORY button,
e NUMBER flashes on the display,
4. Press the TUNER MEMORY button again,
e Press the TUNER MEMORY button before
NUMBER disappears from the display on its
e After you press the TUNER MEMORY button,
NUMBER disappears from the display and the
station is stored in memory,
5. To preset another station, repeat steps 2 10 4.
e To tune in 10 a preset station, press the
You can use a Bluetooth device to enjoy music with
high quality stereo sound, all without wires!
What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a technology that enables Bluetooth-
compliant devices to interconnect with each other
easily using a short, wireless connection,
e A Bluetooth device may hum or malfunction:
- When a part of your body is in contact with the
receiving/transmitting system of the Bluetooth
device or the Home Theater,
- When it is subject to electrical variation from
obstructions caused by a wall, corner, or office
- When it is exposed to electrical interference
from same frequency-band devices including
medical equipment, microwave ovens, and
wireless LANs,
e Pair the Home Theater with the Bluetooth device
while the two are close together,
e The further the distance is between the Home
Theater and the Bluetooth device, the worse the
quality is,
If the distance exceeds the Bluetooth operational
range, the connection is lost,
e In poor reception-sensitivily areas, the Bluetooth
connection may not work properly,
) - English
e The Home Theater has an effective reception
range of up to 32.8 feet in all directions if
there are no obstacles. The connection will be
automatically cut off if the device is out of this
range. Even within this range, the sound quality
may be degraded by obstacies such as walls or
e This wireless device may cause electrical
interference. during its operation,
To Connect the Home Theater to a Bluetooth
LA 2 8
Bluetooth device
Before vou begin, confirm that the Bluetooth device
supports the Bluetooth compliant stereo headset
1, Press the FUNCTION button on the remote
control to display the BT message,
2, Select the Bluetooth menu on the Bluetooth
device you want to connect. For instructions,
refer to the Bluetooth device's manual,
3. Select the Stereo headset menu on the
Bluetooth device,
e You will see a list of devices,
4, “Select "I[HTS]HX)000C" from the searched list.
e When the Home Theater is connected to the
Bluetooth device, the device name of the
connected Bluetooth device, followed by the
name of home theater will appear on the
front display of home theater,
5, Play music on the connected device.
e You can listen to the music playing on the
connected Bluetooth device over the Home
Theater system.
& The Home Theater only supports Middle
Quality SEC data (up to 237kbps@48kHz),
and does not support High Quality SBC data
(328kbps@44 1kHz).
æ The AVRCP feature is supported. It's
functionality will differ, depending on the
specifications of the connected device.
& Connect only to a Bluetooth device that
supports the AZDP Profile.
ay, Only one Bluetooth device can be paired at a
ay, The search or connection functions may not
work properly in the following cases:
- If there a strong electric field near or around
the home theater,
- IT several Bluetooth devices are simultaneously
paired with product,
- IT the Bluetooth device is turned off, not in
place, or malfunctions,
- Note that such devices as microwave ovens,
wireless LAN adapters, fluorescent lights, and =
gas stoves use the same frequency range as че
the Bluetooth device, and can cause electric =
ay, For the good compatibility of Bluetooth ar any =
other devices like Mobile Phone, we recommend
you update the device's lastest version,
To Disconnect the Bluetooth Device from the
Home Theater
You can disconnect the Bluetooth device from
the Home Theater, For instructions, refer to the
Bluetooth device's manual,
e When the Home Theater is disconnected from the
Bluetooth device, the Home Theater will display
DISCONNECTED on the front display.
To Disconnect the Home Theater from the
Bluetooth Device
Press the (2) button on the front panel of the
Home Theater to switch from BT to another mode or
turn off the Home Theater,
e [xcept when you disconnect the Home Theater
by changing functions, the connected Bluetooth
device will wait a certain time for a response
from the Home Theater before terminating the
connection. (Disconnection time may differ,
depending on the Bluetooth device.)
2, In Bluetooth connection mode, the Bluetooth
connection will be lost if the distance between
the Home Theater System and the Bluetooth
device exceeds 32.8 feet. When the Bluetooth
device comes back into effective range or you
restart the Bluetooth device, you have to pair the
device and home theater again to reconnect,
2 7 - English
& In Bluetooth mode, the screen saver will start
if the Bluetooth device stays in the Ready state
for 5 minutes. To reconnect the Bluetooth
device, turn off the screen saver, and then
connect the device. To turn off the screen
saver, press any button on the remote control
(the Volume button, a number button, etc.)
Using the B
When the home heater is turned off connecting
your smart device to the product via a Bluetooth
connection can turn the home theater on,
& Quick Start function is available when AC
Power Cord is connected to ÀC Source.
ay, To use this function, set Settings > System >
Quick Start to On.
ay, To use this function, Bluetooth connection
between the Home theater and your smart
device should have been established before,
In other words, the Home theater should
be found from the list of known Bluetooth
devices of your smart device,
1. Connect your smart device to the product
via Bluetooth, (For information on Bluetooth
connections, refer to your smart device's manual.)
2. Once connected, the home theater will turn
itself on automatically in ВТ тосе,
e Select the desired music to play on your smart
If vou have a TY that supports Anynet+ (HDMI-
CEC), the TV SOUND button lets vou direct the
TV's audio to the Home Theater Speakers or the
TV Speakers. To use, follow these steps:
1. Connect an HDMI cable to the TV and home
theater, (See page 11)
2. Set Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) On in the home
theater and TV,
3. Press the TV SOUND button on the remote
control. TV SOUND ON flashes on the display
on the front panel, and then changes to D, IN.
e When TV SOUND is on, TV audio outputs
through the Home Theater speakers,
4, Press the TV SOUND button again to turn TV
SOUND off,
e When TV SOUND is off, TV audio outputs through
the speakers of the connected Anynet+ TV.
1) When you want to listen to the TV's audio
through the home theater speakers,
2) When you want to listen to the audio from a
USB device plugged into the TV through the
home theater speakers,
2 TY SOUND ON/OFF support specifications:
| Annet + I ET Tn >
LCE) | TV Sound ON TV Sound or
HTS Speaker HTS Speaker
Output Mute
TV Speaker TV Speaker
Mute Output
HTS Speaker HTS Speaker
Output Mute
TV Speaker TV Speaker
Output Output
HTS Speaker HTS Speaker
No Output Mute
Operation TV Speaker TV Speaker
Output Output
You can enjoy various sound mode,
+ DSPOFF : Select for normal listening,
+ CINEMA : Reproduces realistic and powerful
sound for movie sources,
v MUSIC : Suitable for whole music sources,
v GAME : Suited for playing video games and
produces powerful sound.
+ M-STEREO (Multi Stereo) © Produces surround
sound for 2 channel input sources,
+ POWER BASS : Reinforce bass sound effect.
+ LOUD | Improves bass sound characteristics
according to output level,
Y NIGHT: Optim
dynamic range (soft sound).
mizes to night by compress
Once the product is connected to your network, you
can enjoy various movie-related service contents
available on BD-LIVE compliant discs.
1. Attach a USB memory stick to the USB jack on
the front of the product, and then use BD Data
Management to check its remaining memory,
The memory device must have at least 1GB
of free space to accommodate the BD-LIVE
2, Select Settings on the Home screen, and then
press the
5. Select ct Change Device, and then press the
Select USB DISK, and then press the
Insert a Blu-ray Disc that supports BD-LIVE,
8. Select an item from the list of BD-LIVE service
contents provided by the disc manufacturer,
ay, The way you use BD-LIVE and the provided
contents may differ, depending on the disc
DLNA lets you access and play files located on your
PC through your home theater,
Follow the directions in the DLNA user's guide to set
up DLNA on your PC and to tag folders and files you
want to share with the home theater,
To access and play tiles located on your PC after you
have setup DLNA, follow these steps:
1. Turn on vour PC, your TV and the home
2. Make sure the DLNA Shared server is running
on your PC,
3. Onyour home theater, select Change Device,
4. Usethe 4% bution to select your PC in the
Device List,
5. Select the kind of file vou want to view or play,
Photos, Videos, or Music and then press [Eh
6, Lsethe 47 4P button to select the folder
with the kind of files vou selected, and then
press fe. The File List is displayed.
7. Select the file you want to view or play, and
then press
& You can create Playlists from files on your PC
in the same way you create playlists from files
on USB devices and discs.
& With a few exceptions, you can control the
playback of files on your PC in the same
fashion you control the playback of files on
USB devices and discs,
& You can also access files on your PC by first
selecting Photos, Videos, or Music on the
Home screen, and then selecting your PC from
the device list that appears.
Your home theater offers an extensive collection
of news, movies, weather, and other content you
can download directly to and enjoy on your home
theater, First, check the network and make sure the
home theater is connected to the Internet. Your
home theater must be connected to the Internet to
use the Apps feature,
The apps offered through the Apps feature work
much like their on-line versions or, if different, are
easy to use,
The apps require you to create accounts before you
can use them, Although you can create an account at
most of these sites through your home theater itis
easier and quicker to create an account by visiting the
sites on line using a PC, laptop, or tablet with Internet
access, Note that in some cases, you will need to
use the home theater and a PC, laptop, or tablet to
establish an account. The main difference between
the regular on-line versions and the versions you can
access through your home theater is that with the
home theater versions, you use your remote to enter
letters and numbers as opposed to a keyboard,
The first time you access any one of the apps, the home
theater displays two agreements, You must accept both
agreements to download and use any apps.
By default, the home theater displays four popular
apps on the Home screen, You can view more apps
and change the apps the home theater displays on the
Home screen by selecting the More button.
To start an app, highlight the app, double click it, and
then follow the directions displayed on the screen,
- English
Viewing Additional Apps
1. Select the More button on the Home screen,
and then press the E button, The More Apps
screen appears displaying a bank of apps.
2. To view additional apps, move the highlight
to the right or left until another group of apps
3. To exit the More Apps screen, select Close or
press the RETURN bution or EXIT button on
vour remote,
Changing the Apps Displayed on the Home Screen
1. Select the More button, and then press the À
2, Select the Edit button on the More Apps screen,
and then press the ES button.
3. Apps that the home theater displays on the
Home page are marked with a check. Deselect
apps you want to remove from the Home
screen hoy hig ignti ing each app, and then
4, ec apps by highlighting each app, and then
E button, A check mark appears
on each app you select. You can have up to
four apps selected at a time,
5, When done, select OK, and then press the 23
button. The Home screen re-appears,
& To exit an application, press the EXIT button
on your remote,
& To delete the login information for all Apps,
press the £3 button for 5 seconds or more,
At the Opera TV Store, vou will find high-quality
Internet video streaming, social network, and music
streaming services,
To access Ópera TV Store, select the Opera TV Store
button on the Home screen, and then press the
To exit the Opera TV Store screen, press the EXIT or
RETURN button on your remote,
When the Opera TV Store screen appears, it
displays a bank of assorted apps. Use the 47 4p
buttons on your remote to move the highlight
from app to app.
In the pop-up that appears, select OPEN to open the
app immediately or ADD TO MY APPS to add the
app to My Apps. Press the RETURN button on your
remote to go back to the Opera TV Store screen.
To make searching for apps easier, you can view apps
by categories such as Popular, Watch, Listen, Play, etc.
To select a category, use the 4 button on your remote
to move the highlight to the top of the screen.
Then, use the 4 buttons to select a category.
appears displaying Bo apps YOU have saved with
the My Apps designation,
1. High ght the MENU button on the top
My Apps screen, and then press the [E
on your remote,
2. Select REMOVE APPS in the menu, and then
around one of the apps,
3. Move the rectangle to the app you want to
delete, and then press the El
Repeat this process to delete additional apps.
5. When finished, select DONE, and then press
the [E] button.
6. Press the RETURN button to go back to the
Main screen,
2. To search qui ск for popular items, click one of
the popular search tabs at the top of the screen,
3. To search for an app by name, enter the app
name using the onscreen keyboard, Opera TV
Store will search as vou type and display apps
with names that match the letters you enter,
e To cancel a current search, press the RETURN
button on your remote or select BACK on the
screen, and then press [E
e Certain HDMI output resolutions may not work,
depending on your TV.
e You must have an HDMI connection to enjoy
videos with 3D technology.
e A long HDMI cable may cause screen noise, H this
occurs, set HDMI Deep Color to Off in the menu.
30 Settings EE -
e For some 3D discs, to stop a movie during 3D
playback, press the ET button once. The movie
stops and the 3D mode option is de-activated.
To change a 3D option selection when you are
playing a 30 movie, press the EJ button once, The
Blu-ray menu appears. Press the EE button again,
then select 3D Settings in the Blu-ray menu.
e Depending on the content and the position of the
picture on vour TV screen, vou may see vertical
black bars on the left side, rights side, or both sides.
Tv Aspect Ratio WE =
e [Depending on the disc type, some aspect ratios
may not be available
e If you select an aspect ratio and option which is
different than the aspect ratio of your TV screen,
the picture might appear to be distorted.
e If you select 16:9 Original, your TV may display 4:3
Pillarbox (black b bars on the si ides of the pi picture).
e When BD Wise is on, the Resolution setting
automatically defaults to BD Wise and BD Wise
appears in the Resolution menu.
e If the product is connected to a device that does
not support BD Wise, you cannot use the BD Wise
e For proper operation of BD Wise, set the BD Wise
option in both the product and the TY to On.
igital Output - CL o
e Be sure to select the correct Digital Output or you
will hear no sound or just loud noise,
e If the HDMI device (AV receiver, TV) is not
compatible with compressed formats (Dolby
Digital, DTS), the audio signal outputs as PCM.
e Regular DVDs do not have BONUSVIEW audio and
Navigation Sound Effects.
s Some Blu-ray Discs do not have BONUSVIEW audio
and Navigation Sound Effects.
e This Digital Qutput setup does not affect the
analog (L/R) audio or HDMI audio output to your
it affects the optical and HDMI audio output when
your product is connected to an AV receiver,
e If you play MPEG audio soundtracks, the audio
signal outputs as PCM regardless of your Digital
Output selections (PCM or Bitstream).
e Digital Output can be activated when Speaker
Selection is set to TV Speaker.
BD- Live Internet. Connection
e The internet connection may be restricted while
you: are usi nor BD-LIVE contents.
e Depending on your TV certain HDMI output
resolutions may not work. Please refer to the user
manual of your TV,
e This function is not available if the HDMI cable
does not support CEC.
® If your Samsung TV has an Anynet+ logo, then it
supports the e Anynet+ № ‘unct lon.
e Ín the external memory mode, disc playback may
be stopped if you disconnect the USE device in the
middle of playback.
e Only those USB devices formatted in the FAT file
system (DOS 8.3 volume label) are supported.
We recommend you use USB devices that support
the USB 2.0 protocol with 4 MB/sec or faster
read/write speeds.
e The Resume Play function may not work after you
format the storage device.
e The total memory available to BD Data
Management may d fer, depending on conditions.
Speaker бе! ings (ен: =
e When Speaker Selection is set to TV Speaker, audio
is produced by the TV speakers.
3 1 - English
e When HDMI audio is output to the TV speakers, it
is automatically down-mi nixed to 2 channels. , ,
В e [f the home theater is connected to a BD Wise
Usi sing the TOOLS button whi le plavi ing vi ictures п -
Audic lo Return Channel TT TT TT TT - compliant TV that has BD Wise On, the Picture
, . Settings menu will not appear.
® When Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) is Off, the Audio e The Background Music function will not work
Return Channel function is not available. unless the music file and the photo file are located
s Using an HDMI cable not certified for ARC (Audio on the same storage media. Also, sound quality
Return Channel) may cause a compatibility can be impacted by the bitrate of the MP3 music
problem, file, the size of the photos, and the encoding
e The ARC function is only available if an ARC- method.
compliant TV is connected
Disc types and content your Product can
e Video files with high bitrates of 20Mbps or more of
strain the products capabilities and may stop
playin: ing dur ring 3 playback.
BD-ROM or BD-RE/-R disc
e The <P indicator will not appear on the screen Blu-ray Disc
if the BONUSVIFW section does not contain any 3D Blu-ray Disc recorded in the BD-RE
BONUSVIEW audio settings. format.
e The languages available through the Audio DVD-VIDEO recorded
Language function depend on the languages that VIDEO | DVD-VIDEO DVD+RW/DVD-RW(V)/
are encoded on the disc. This function or certain DVD-RW, DVD-R/+R discs that
languages may not be available. DVD-R, have been recorded and
e Some Blu-ray Discs may allow you to select either DVD+RW, | finalized, or a USB storage
the PCM or Dolby Digital audio Englis sh ) soundtrack, DVD+R media containing MKV,
В - MP4 contents.
Selectin ing the Subti tle Language NI CoN
Music recorded on CD-
e Denending on the Blu-ray Disc / DVD, you may be CO-RW/-R RW/-R DVD-RW/-R, BD-
able to change the subtitle language in the Disc MUSIC DVD-RW/-R, RE/-R discs ora USB
e This function depends on the selection of subtitles MP3 or WMA contents.
that are encoded on the disc and may not be
available on all Blu-ray Discs/DVDs. Photos recorded on CD-
e Information about the main feature BONUSVIEW CD-RW/-R, | RW/-R, DVD-RW/-R, BD-
mode will also appear if the Blu-ray Disc has a PHOTO | DVD-RW/-R, | RE/-RdiscsoralsB
BONUSVIEW section. BD-RE/-R storage media containing
e This function changes both the primary and JPEG contents.
secondary subtitles at the same time.
e The total number of primary and secondary
subtitles, respect tively, is is df displayed.
ay, The product may not play certain CD-RW/-R and
DVD-R because of the disc type or recording
В conditions.
Playi ing JPEG fi les io e, Ha DVD-RW/R disc has not been recorded
ВЕ properly in DVD video format, it will not be
® You can't enlarge the subtitle and PG graphics in playable.
the full screen mode.
,- English
ay, Your product will not play content that has been
recorded on a DVD-R at a bitrate that exceeds 10
ay, Your product will not play content that has been
recorded on a BD-R or USB device at a bitrate that
exceeds 30 Mbps.
ay, Playback may not work for some types of discs, or
when you use specific operations, such as angle
change and aspect ratio adjustment. Information
about the discs is written in detail on the disc box.
Please refer to this if necessary,
a, When you play a BD-) title, loading may take
longer than a normal title or some functions may
perform slowly,
sc Types your Product cannot Play
se DVD-ROM/PD/MYV-Disc, e Super Audio CD
etc (except CD layer)
® DVD-RW(VR mode) e 39 GE DVD-R Disc for
e CVD/CD-ROM/CDV/CD- Authoring.
(CD-Gs play audio only,
not graphics.)
a, This product may not respond to all operating
commands because some Blu-ray Disc, DVD, and
CD discs allow specific or limited operation and
provide only certain features during playback,
Please note that this is not a defect in the
ay, Samsung cannot guarantee that this product
will play every disc bearing the Blu-ray Disc,
DVD, or CD logo because disc formats evolve,
and problems and errors may occur during the
creation of Blu-ray Disc, DVD, and CD software
and/or the manufacture of discs,
ay, Please contact the SAMSUNG Customer Care
Center at 1-800-726-7864 if you have questions
or encounter difficulty when playing Blu-ray Discs,
DVD, or CD discs in this product. Also, refer to the
rest of this user manual for additional information
on playback restrictions.
ay, Some commercial discs and DVD discs purchased
outside your region may not play on this product.
Product can Play
“Master Audio | Essential - —
Both products and discs are coded by region. These
regional codes must match for a disc to play. If the codes
do not match, the disc will not play.
The Region Number for this product is displayed on the
rear panel of the product.
North America, Central
America, South America, Korea,
Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and
South East Asia.
Europe, Greenland, French
territories, Middle East, Africa,
Australia and New Zealand.
india, China, Russia, Central
and South Asia.
- English
The US. U.S. territories and
Europe, Japan, the Middle East,
Egypt, Africa, Greenland
Tabwan, Korea, the Philippines,
Indonesia, Hong Kong
ay, Some AVCHD format discs may not play,
depending on the recording conditions,
ay, AVCHD format discs need 1o be finalized.
ay, “xv. Color” otters a wider color range than normal
DVD camcorder discs.
ay, Some MKV and MP4 format discs may not play,
depending on their video resolution and frame
VIDEO Mexico, South America,
Central America, Australia,
New Zealand, Pacific Islands,
Notes on the USB connection
Russia, Eastern Europe, India,
North Korea, Mongolia
ay, If the Region number of a Blu-ray Disc/DVD
does not correspond to the Region number of
this product, the product cannot play the disc.
deo Codec High
e This product can play back AVCHD format discs. These
discs are normally recorded and used in camcorders.
® The AVCHD format is a high definition digital video
camera format.
The MPEG-4 AVC/H 264 format compresses images
with greater efficiency than the conventional image
compressing format.
Some AVCHD discs use the “x.v Color” format. This
product can play back AVCHD discs that use the
“x.v.Color format.
“x.v.Color” is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
“AVCHD” and the AVCHD logo are trademarks of
Matsushita Electronic Industrial Co, Lid. and Sony
e Your product supports USB storage media, MP3
players, digital cameras, and USE card readers.
The product does not support folder or file names
longer than 128 characters.
Some USB/digital camera devices may not be
compatible with the product.
Your product supports the FAT 16, FAT 32, and NTFS
file systems.
Connect USB devices directiy to the products USB
port. Connecting through a USB cable may cause
compatibility problems,
Inserting more than one memory device into a
multi-card reader may cause the reader {0 operate
The product does not support the PTP (Peer to Peer)
Do not disconnect a USE device while it is transferring
or recording data.
The bigger the image resolution, the longer the image
takes to display.
This product cannot play MP3 files with DRM (Digital
Rights Management) downloaded from commercial
Your product only supports video that is under 30fps
(frames per second).
Your product only supports USE Mass Storage Class
(MSC) devices such as thumb drives and USB HDD.
(HUB is not supported.)
Certain USE HDD Devices, multi-card readers and
thumb drives may not be compatible with this
if some USE devices require excessive power, they may
be limited by the circuit safety device.
if playback from a USE HDD is unstable, provide
additional power by plugging the HDD into a wall
socket. If the problem continues, contact the USB
HDD manufacturer,
SAMSUNG is not responsible for any data file damage
or data loss.
- English
Video File Support
«avi AVI MPA MP3, Dolby Digital, DTS,
mkv MEY H 264 ВР/МР/НР MP3, Dolby Digital, DTS
ANY (миту9) VC-1 SM WMA 1920x1080
; MP4 (mpdv)
‚тра MPA H.264 BP/MP/HP AAC
* Moe EE
peg H 264 BP/MP/HP Dolby Digital, DTS
= Limitations
- Even when a file is encoded by a supported codec listed above, the file might not play if its content has à problem.
Normal playback is not guaranteed if the file's container information is wrong or the file itself is corrupted.
Files having a higher bitrate/frame rate than standard may stutter during soundfvideo playback.
- The Seek (skip) function is not available if the file's index table is damaged.
Video decoder
Below 1280 х 720: 60 frames max
Above 1280 x 720 : 30 frames max
- Does not support GMC 2 or higher
Audio decoder
Supports WMA 7, 8,9 and STD
Does not support WMA sampling rate of 22050Hz mono.
Supports up to H 264 Level 4.1 and AVCHD
Does not support H 264 FMO/ASO/RS and VC1 SP/MP/AP LA
- BAC Max sampling rate: 96Khz (8, 11, 12, 16, 22,24, 32 44 1, 48, 64, 88.2, 96) Max bitrate: 320kbps
Music File Support
* mp3
* wma
* Sampling rates (in kHz) - 8, 11, 16, 22, 37, 44.1, 48
* Bitrates - All bitrates from Skbps to 384kbps
Picture File Support
* pg / *.ipeg / *.ipe
- English
Digital Output Selections
PCM Up to PCM 7 1ch PCM
Dolby Digital Dolby Digital
робу 10а Dolby Digital Plus
Audio Dolby TrueHD Dolby TrueHD Re-encoded
Stream on DTS re-encoded Dolby Digital +
Blu-ray Disc DTS Up to PCM 5.1ch DTS olby Digita
DTS-HD High _
Resolution R on HD non
Audio esolution Audio
DTS-HD Master DTS-HD Master
Audio Audio
Audi PCM PCM 2ch
Stream on Dolby Digital Dolby Digital
DVD Up to PCM 5.1ch
Decodes the
main feature
Outputs only the Decodes the main audio and
Decodes the main main feature audio | feature audio and BONUSVIEW
feature audio and stream so that your | BONUSVIEW audio audio stream
A AV receiver can stream together together into
2 o An BONUSVIEW audio decode the audio | into PCM audio and | PCM audio and
DI y y into PCM = dio and bitstream. adds Navigation adds Navigation
* adds Naviaation You will not hear | Sound Effects, then | Sound Effects,
9 BONUSVIEW audio re-encodes the then re-encodes
Sound Effects.
or Navigation
Sound Effects.
PCM audio into DTS
the PCM audio
into Dolby
Digital bitstream
or PCM.
Bl the Source Stream is Zch or mono, “Re-encoded Dolby D' Setting are not applied. Output will be PCM 2ch.
Blu-ray Discs may include three audio streams:
- Main Feature Audio ! The audio soundtrack of the main feature.
- BONUSVIEW audio : An additional soundtrack such as the director or actor's commentary.
- Navigation Sound Effects : When you choose some menu navigation options, Navigation Sound Effects may sound.
Navigation Sound Effects are different on each Blu-ray Disc.
- English
Resolution according to the output mode
E-contents/ HDMI Mode
Digital contents
setup Blu-ray Disc
Resolution of Blu-ray
BD Wise 1080p@60F 4801
Movie Frame ! Auto (24Fs)
Max, Resolution of TV input Max, Resolution of TV input
Refer to the table below when this product does not function properly. if the problem you are experiencing is not
listed below or if the instructions below do not help, turn off the product, disconnect the power cord, and contact
Samsung Electronics at 1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864).
e |s the power cord plugged securely into the outlet?
e Turn off the power, and then turn it back on.
e Check the region number of the Blu-ray/DVD disc.
Blu-ray/DVD disc purchased from abroad may not be playable.
e CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMSs cannot be played on this product.
e Make sure that the rating level is correct.
e Are you using a deformed disc or a disc with scratches on the surface?
e Wipe the disc clean.
e The home theater does not play sound during fast playback, slow playback, and
step motion playback.
e Are the speakers connected properly? Is the speaker setup correctly customized?
® Is the disc severely damaged?
® On certain Blu-ray/DVD discs, sound is output from the front speakers only.
e Check if the speakers are connected properly.
® Adjust the volume.
e ‘When playing audio from a CD, the radio, or a TV, the unit outputs sound to the
front speakers only.
ChecyRemedy > |
Es there "Dolby Digital 5.1 CH" mark on the disc? Dolby Digital 5.1 CH Surround
Sound is produced only if the disc is recorded with 5.1 channel sound.
ls the audio language correctly set to Dolby Digital 5.1-CH in the information
® @
Are you operating the remote within its operational range and within the proper
angle relative to the sensor?
Are the batteries drained?
Have you selected the mode (Tv/BD) functions of the remote control (TV or BD)
8 e & E
ls the TV power on?
Are the video cables connected properly?
ls the disc dirty or damaged?
4 poorly manufactured disc may not be playable.
The Audio Language and subtitle functions will not work if the disc does not
contain multiple language sound tracks or subtitles.
Are you using a disc that does not contain menus?
You can play 16:9 Blu-ray/DVD discs in 16°9 Full mode, 4:3 Letter Box mode,
or 4:3 Pan-Scan mode, but 4:3 Blu-ray/DVD discs are played in 4:3 mode only.
Refer 10 the Blu-ray Disc jacket, and then select the appropriate function.
Press and hold the remote control's £3 button for 5 seconds in STANDBY mode.
This will reset the unit.
- Using the RESET function will erase all stored settings.
Do not use this function unless necessary.
With no disc in the product, press and hold the product's £3 button for longer
than 5 seconds. INIT appears on the display and all settings will their default
- Using the RESET function will erase all stored settings.
Do not use this function unless necessary.
® 8
is the antenna connected property?
H the antenna's input signal is weak, install an external FM antenna in an area
with good reception.
if you press the 4 button while listening to TV audio using the D. IN or AUX
functions, the Blu-ray/DVD disc functions are turned on and the TV audio is
The features or action cannot be completed at this time because:
1. The Blu-ray/DVD disc's software restricts i
2. The Blu-ray/DVD disc's software doesn’t support the feature (e.g., angles)
3. The feature is not available at the moment.
4. You've requested a title or chapter number or search time that is out of range.
- English
e Press and hold the ET button on front panel for more than 5 seconds with no
disc in the product. All settings will revert to their factory settings.
e Check the connection between the TY and the HDMI jack of the product.
e Check if your TV supports 480p/720p/10801/1080p HDMI input resolution.
® | random noise appears on the screen, it means that TV does not support HDCP
High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).
® DLNA shows only Photo, Music, and Movie files, it does not display other kinds
of files.
e Check if the network is stable.
e Check if the network cable is properly connected and if the network is
e IP addresses under the same subnetwork should be unique, otherwise IP collision
can cause an unstable connection.
e Check if you have a firewall enabled.
so, disable the firewall function.
e Test whether the network connection is active by using the Network Status
e Check whether a USB memory device is connected to the product.
e The memory device must have at least 1GB of free space to accommodate the
BD-LIVE service.
You can check the available size in BD Data Management. (See page 31)
e See if the BD-Live Internet Connection option is set to Allow(AIN.
e If all above fails, contact the contents provider or update to the latest firmware.
e The USB memory device must have at least 1GB of free space to accommodate
the BD-LIVE service.
You can check the available size in BD Data Management. (See page 31)
ay, When the tactory default settings are restored, all stored user BD data is deleted,
if you contact us to repair your product, an administration fee may be charged if either:
1. An engineer is called out to your home at your request and there is no defect in the product.
2, You bring the unit to a repair center and there is no defect in the product.
We will provide you with the amount of the administration fee before we make a home visit or begin any work on
your product.
We recommend you read this manually thoroughly, search for a solution on line at www samsung.
com, or contact Samsung Customer Care at 1-800-SAMSUNG (7726-7864) before seeking to repair your product.
- English
PSS SL 16.0 АЛ Y 21 (H) Y 55 (D) inches
Opera ing Temperature Range oo +41°F to +95%
Signal fro ise rato 65 ОВ
Usable sensi sitivity Des 12 dB
Total harmonic distortion 1.0 %
Video Ue 1080p, 10801, 720p, 480p
Audio UU PCM multichanne! audio, Bitstream audio, PCM audio
Front speaker output —- e 80Wx2 39)
Center speaker output - соо 80W 39)
Surround speaker output —- по вом х 2 (38)
Subwoofer speaker output —- - 100W 39)
De - Analog input : 20Hz-20kHz (+3dB)
CEE ES Digital input 20H7> ADkHZ (+48)
AUX) 500mV
| “Speaker “|Output sound| Rated | Maximum | Dimensions \ Ss.
“system — | pressure level | input | “input | (Wx Hx D) (inches) (lbs)
Surround 200Hz ~ 20kHz 8OW | 160W 37х46 х 2.9 0.66
— 38 B4dB/W/M
Subwoofer 50Hz ~ 200Hz 1004 | 200W 61x 118x11.2 6.37
& Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd reserves the right to change the specifications without notice
& Weight and dimensions are approximate,
ay, Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice
y Dispose unwanted electronics through an approved recycler,
o find the nearest recycling location, go to our website: www samsung .com/recyciingdirect or call, (877)
e - English
Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are
trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
A For DTS patents, see Manufactured under license from
A DTS Licensing Limited. DTS, DTSHD, the Symbol, 8: DTS and the Symbol together
Master Audio | Essential are registered trademarks, and DTS-HD Master Audio | Essential is a trademark of
DTS, Inc. © DTS, Inc, All Rights Reserved,
“ DLNA®, the DLNA Logo and DLNA CERTIFIED® are trademarks, service marks, or
certification marks of the Digital Living Network Alliance.
The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are
trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other
<=> Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracie and/or its affiliates, Other names may be trademarks
<== of their respective owners.
This item incorporates copy protection technology that is protected by U.S. patents and other intellectual property
rights of Rovi Corporation. Reverse engineering and disassembly are prohibited.
Blu-ray Disc”, Blu-ray”, and the logos are trademarks of Blu-ray Disc Association.
This product uses Cinavia technology to limit the use of unauthorized copies of some commercially-produced film
and videos and their soundtracks. When a prohibited use of an unauthorized copy is detected, a message will be
displayed and playback or copying will be interrupted.
More information about Cinavia technology is provided at the Cinavia Online Consumer Information Center at
http://www. To request additional information about Cinavia by mail, send a postcard with your mailing
address to: Cinavia Consumer Information Center, PO. Box 86851, San Diego, CA, 92138, USA."
This product incorporates proprietary technology under license from Verance Corporation and is protected by US.
Patent 7,369,677 and other U.S. and worldwide patents issued and pending as well as copyright and trade secret
protection for certain aspects of such technology. Cinavia is a trademark of Verance Corporation. Copyright 2004-
2010 Verance Corporation, All rights reserved by Verance. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited.
- Open Source License Notice
In the case of using open source software, Open Source Licenses are available on the product menu.
This SAMSUNG brand product, as supplied and distributed by SAMSUNG and delivered new, in the original carton
to the original consumer purchaser, is warranted by SAMSUNG against manufacturing defects in materials and
workmanship for a limited warranty period of
One {1) Year Parts and Labor»
(+90 Days Parts and Labor for Commercial Use)
This limited warranty begins on the original date of purchase, and is valid only on products purchased and used in
the United States. To receive warranty service, the purchaser must contact SAMSUNG for problem determination and
service procedures, Warranty service can only be performed by a SAMSUNG authorized service center, The original
dated bill of sale must be presented upon request as proof of purchase to SAMSUNG or SAMSUNG s authorized
service center, Transportation of the product to and from the service center is the responsibility of the purchaser,
SAMSUNG will repair or replace this product, at our option and at no charge as stipulated herein, with new or
reconditioned parts or products if found to be defective during the limited warranty period specified above, Alí
replaced parts and products become the property of SAMSUNG and must be returned fo SAMSUNG, Replacement
parts and products assume the remaining original warranty, or ninety (80) days, whichever is longer,
SAMSUNG's obligations with respect to software products distributed by SAMSUNG under the SAMSUNG brand
name are set forth in the applicable end user license agreement. Non-SAMSUNG hardware and software products, if
provided, are on an AS IS” basis.
Non-SAMSUNG manufacturers, suppliers, pubdishers, and service providers may provide their own warranties,
This limited warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship encountered in normal, and except
to the extent otherwise expressly provided for in this statement, noncommercial use of this product, and shall not
apply to the following, including, but not limited to! damage which occurs in shipment; delivery and installations
applications and uses for which this product was not intended; altered product or serial numbers; cosmetic damage
or exterior finish; accidents, abuse, neglect, fire, water, lightning or otner acts of nature; use of products, equipment,
systems, utilities, services, parts, supplies, accessories, applications, installations, repairs, external wiring or connectors
not supplied and authorized by SAMSUNG, of which ‘damage this product or result in service problems; incorrect
electrical line voltage, fluctuations and surges: customer adjustments and failure to follow operating instructions,
cleaning, maintenance and environmental instructions that are covered and prescribed in the instruction book:
product removal or reinstaliation: reception problems and distortion related to noise, echo, interference or other signal
transmission and delivery problems, SAMSUNG does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of the product.
Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental
or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you
specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
To obtain warranty service, please contact SAMSUNG customer care center,
The benefits of this Limited Warranty extend only 10 the original purchaser of Samsung products from an authonzed
PROHIBITED. For alist of Samsung authorized retailers, please go tor http://www samsung com/us/peaceofminao/
authorized_resellers html,
Samsung Electronics America, inc. 85
Challenger Road Ridgefield Park, NJ
1-200-SAMSUNG | www samsung. com/ius/
IN THE US (726-7864) support
© 2014 Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd, AÏ rights reserved, | RRR |


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