Hasbro Rubiks Tangle Operating instructions

Hasbro Rubiks Tangle Operating instructions
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Match Up The Ropes
To Untangle The Tangle!
Solutions Hints Bookle
“The World's Knottiest Puzzle” . . . . . .
Meet Your Tangle . .............
General Hints . ...............
Tangle Shapes . . ...............
Solution Hints . . .................
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| oclds Unottiost Puzzle”
Tangle™ is a mind-bending jigsaw in which
an one piece will fit in any space and the
ure is unknown.
y ou. ave to do is put the pieces together to make
by 3 square with the colors properly linked.
re only nine pieces, but thousands of
ies—and only one solution.
eed to use your wits to tie up the loose
Г solve the puzzle. Sa be patient, the secret
‘$” Tangle” takes some unraveling.
Meet Your Tangle
RUBIK'S™ Tangle™ has nine pieces.
Each piece has the same interweaving
design of four string shapes on each side.
Each string is a different color: purple,
red, yellow, or green. The colors are
arranged so that no two combinations are
the same, So on the nine pieces, all
eighteen sides are different.
Two strings meet each edge
of each piece. There ace
twelve different color pairs
possible on the edges.
Example: The color pales on this piece
are, in elookwise ocder starting from the top edge:
Red-Green; Purple-Green; Yellow-Red;
Your Tangle
eces with an opposite color pairing will fit
2 one another,
General Hints
First, the bad news—the oaly sure-fire way о С |
Red-Green pair will only fit against Green-Red. RUBIK'S™ Tangle™ is to systematically try differ
arrangements until you solve it. 3
The good news is that by using a little wit a N y
wisdom, some short cuts can be deduced.
The biggest hint would be to give the solution,
then there would be no challange. Short of th
here are some of the short cats.
First get to know the four different string sha 38
that form the pattern, Thay are: 2
| The Curve The Straight The Wiggle Т№е Ho
€ a piece is needed to fit with two others, place
any iece in the space so you can see which shapes
link the colors.
: To fit In
the piece
a Yellow
rve, Red Straight,
« een Wiggle.
bering the names of the shapes makes it
ier to find à piece that will fit when searching
ugh the remaining pieces. If there isn't
that fits, then at least one of the pieces
dy placed Is wrong.
different pieces that will fit. In both casos, |
wiggle will be the same color. |
You may find that you have put 7 pieces together,
but that the last two don't fit. Don't give up!
Check to see if one or both of those pieces can
replace one already in position. If co, you'll have
new possibilities which may allow you to solve
the puzzle. i
эго! Майо — General Hints
Identify the pieces by numbering and marking
rity with the shapes also helps you to spot side (use sticky tabs or a pencil). This hel
piece can fit. solve the puzzle systematically.
Record the pieces by drawing two small table
each one. Mark the color of the shapes and
color pairs on each edge of each side as sh
Piece #1: Front Piece ft: Back
strings In
Using this chart, you can see which pieces he
a certain color pair you may be looking for.
Examining and listing the pieces may help yo
spot anything unusual that might give you a
to the solution. For example, there are n
Yellow Straights.
ral Winte Tangled Shapes
The more familiar you become with the pieces an
the way they fit together, the easier you will find i
to solve the puzzle.
vt i k about the problem. Look at the
mation you have. See what you might be able
r about the solution from this. For example,
| -
For practice, try making various simple shapes : il
as different 2 by 2 squares, 2 by 3 rectangles, an
а ; tral piece connects with four others; the center of the various shapes shown here. You can also try
side with three; and the corners with two. inventing your own shapes.
There are no Yellow Straights. How can the Yellow Hy E
Curves, Wiggles and Hooke be arranged in the |
answer? Tey arranging the pieces by joining
~ the yellow strings and not worrying about the
other colors. dy
3 > ls only one solution. Maybe the plece that goes |
in the center is unique.
The answer ls a 3 by 3 square. This means that the
Na | While making these shapes, don't forget to try
perim int with the pieces using this information. converting them into a 3 by 3 square if they
ere are some practice shapes on the opposite page. promising. You might just solve the puzzle
any more hints!
x = inal hints follow from the information given
€ J d of the General Hints.
olution is » 3 by 3 square. One of the pieces
st fit in the center. Try each piece as the center
fit the others around it. Don't worry
he orientation of the canter piece because it
always surrounded by the other pieces in one way
Solution ints
There are only Yellow Curves, Wiggles and H ks
On the sides needed to solve the puzzle, they divid
evenly. There are three of each in the solutio
de bos fais we slp? e
EN tonos If you hav
recorded the pieces as suggested, you may have
noticed something unique about one of the piece:
e ди is central to the solution.
It you i aot sacerded ths pieces or cannot spo
the unique piece, try to do so before reading !
last hint on the next page.
ution Hints 3 $ EU von 0ddz00
A i only one piece that has two color paírs on
osite edges the came on both cides. The other
0 pairs both reverse if the piece is turned over.
pe | — RUBIK'S” Tangle” is just one of à series c
и exciting puzzles designed to challenge the mind an
ñ capture your Je spb With amazing moveme
It has a Yellow Curve, Purple Straight, Red Wiggle, я |
d Green Hook on one side, and a Green Curve, a e pe RUBICS” y
Straight, Red Wiggle, and Yellow Hook on Eo 4
| agic™The Astier: Folding Puzz
| hinged, оне panels will amaze you
u nd folding action. Flip, fold and roll the
$ Ive the puzzle, this unique piece must be placed |
d panels to connect the rings and solve
enter position.
a le Keep up the fun by creating fasci atine
jo you to discover which side is used for the e O A mystifying, mesmerizing. A
. Happy Untangling! pr |
$” Triamid”—The Pyramid of Puzzling Fun!”
gases, this colorful puzzle offers hours of fun.
” Transformable Suake"—
stable Puzzle of Shapes!”
во! shapes take form with thie twistable
hallenge. Solutions range from existing
2 d figures to your own creations.
KS” Mini-Cube—The Not-So-Litile Challenge!”
prisingly challenging at half the size. Still with
$ of combinations, only one solution.
$ portable of puzzles!
RUBIK'S” Cube'—
The Ultimate Brain Teaser!”
The best selling puzzle in history
continues to fascinate young and
old alike. The unique turning action
and simple color concept make
RUBIK'S™ Cube™ an addictive challenge
that's impossible to put down!
© 1996 Qddz0n Products Inc. Manufactered for and distributed
by Oddz0n Products Ine. RUBIK'S™ jg rk of
Seven Towns Ltd. used under license. All Rights Reserved.
GddzOn Products Inc., Campbell, CA 95009.
Printed in Hong Kong.
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