Hasbro Tiddledy Winks featuring Twenty-One Operating instructions

Hasbro Tiddledy Winks featuring Twenty-One Operating instructions
Tiddiedy Winks
“Bowling “Targot” -“Jwenty -One”
SALEM, Mass, New York Lomeon
Play on a table covered with a thick soft cloth,
|. Each player is provided with a set of counters consisting of one
large and several small ones of corresponding color. The large counter
is used to press the edges of the smaller ones and make them jump into
the cup which should be placed in the center of the playing surface.
Each player places his counters in a row in front of him. Play passes in
turn to the left. If a player succeeds in jumping one of his counters into
the cup he is entitled to another turn. After the game is begun, a player
must jump his counters from where they lie on the table.
The Player who first jumps all of his counters into the cup, WINS
2. Remove the cup from the box and turn it bottom up so the bottom
sets upright through the hole. Set up 9 Pins on the white dots repre-
sented on the playing board, and the 10th pin in the center on top of
the turned down cup. Play in turn, each player snapping three of his
small counters as a turn, endeavoring to knock over as many pins as
possible. Score one for each pin as in regular bowling; ten turns for
each player constitute a game and the one having scored the highest total
WINS THE GAME. The pins knocked down should not be set-up
until 2 player has snapped all three of his counters. |f the center pin
is knc :ked over it counts as a strike and scores 10 points for player knock -
ing it over.
3. Each player places the small counters of his own color in front of
him in a row. The idea of the game is to snap the counters on to the
board to obtain the highest count possible, through landing on the num-
bered circles or in the cup. Play in turn, gach player snapping ALL the
counters of his color, then taking the total count and removing his
counters from the board. Should a counter land on any of the black lines,
separating the circular spaces, score the lowest number on which a
portion of the counter may rest. A Player receives 25 points for each
counter he jumps into the cup.
The Player first scoring 100 points WINE THE GAME.
4. Each Player, on his turn places his small counters on the table at
the end of the box opposite where the 21 spaces are located. He then
endeavors to pop his counters on to the numbered squares in such a
manner that he can get “21” by a total count of his counters, or by
using a partial count of his counters that will total 21. Should any
counters land on any of the black lines separating the various numbered
squares, §core the lowest number on which a portion of the counter
may rest,
The first player to secure a count of 21 in one turn, WINS THE
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