Hasbro States and Cities Operating instructions

Hasbro States and Cities Operating instructions
for. Playing the Game of
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The ‘game consists of 50 cards which may be used to play two different
games. Either game may be played by from 2 to 6 players.
Select one player to act as dealer. Deal the cards map side up, one card
at a time to each player, beginning with the player on the dealer’s left,
until there are not enough cards to complete another round. Place the left-
over cards to one side. These are not used in the game. Each player now
places the cards dealt to him on the table in front of him in a pile being sure
to keep them map side up.
The main point in this game is to get all of your cards into the center of
the table first, by naming each state correctly as your turn comes.
The playing is started by the player at the left of the dealer. He tries
to name the state that is blacked in on the top card of his pile. To see if he has
named the state correctly he turns over the card and reads the name of the
state printed in large black letters on the back of the card.
If he did name the state correctly he throws the card to the center of
‚map side down. know the name, or called an incorrect
name, he must place the card back into his own pile on the bottom, map side
It is then the turn of the next player at the left and so on around the
table. The first one out of cards is Winner of the game NAME THE STATES.
Deal all the cards one at a time to the players. Each player holds his
cards up in his hands, printed side toward him, so that he may read his
questions to the other players.
Having decided that Game No. 1 questions are to be used for the first
game, the dealer starts the game by reading the first question, No. 1, from
his top card. Starting at his left he asks for an answer from each player
around the table. If each one in turn, fails to give the correct answer he
reads the answer aloud from the card and places the card in front of him
on the table as a Scoring Point. But, if any one of the players answers the
question correctly he receives that question card from the Reader and he
places the card on the table in front of himself.
It is then the turn of the player at the left of the starter to read his
No. 1 question from his top card asking for answers around the table from
each player and in case no one answers correctly he must read the answer
to the other players, and may keep the card on the table as a Scoring Point
for himself.
At the end of the game, each player has two types of Scoring Cards,
those of his which no one has answered, and those of other players which
he has answered. He counts these cards all together when the game is over.
The player wno nas the most points Wins.
For a second game the players may choose to play QUESTION 4 GAME.
or any of the others they may select.
Questions will be answered gladly if a stamped addressed
envelope is sent to Parker Brothers, Inc., Salem, Massachusetts.
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