Jumbo Castle Logix Owner's manual

Jumbo Castle Logix Owner's manual
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* The game consists of 4 blocks and 3 towers, each in
different lengths. Each block has one or more holes
to allow you to slide in the towers. But the holes are
in a different place on every block!
* Each block has different prints on its front and
e Each block must be positioned wi
printed sides facing you.
e Although the smallest block has the same red print
on its front and back, the orientation of the prints
around its hole is different! Depending on your
challenge, rotating it enables you to either slide a
tower into the block or stand a tower on top of
Look carefully at your challenge as it is often nc
immediately obvious what you need to build!
e Your castle must be stable and so miict stand on its
own without help.
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UE Belgium. All right
Designer: EAE Pot
| product UTE
WWw,. smartgames.eu
[email protected]
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