Sylvania SDVD8727 User manual

Sylvania SDVD8727 User manual
Important Safety Instructions
Main Features
Monitor View
Unit View
The Remote Control
The Accessories
Powering and Installation
Connecting to The Monitor
Connecting with External Speaker
Connecting with External AV Source
Basic Operation
System Setup
Thank you for choosing our portable DVD player. It includes a 7” wide screen DVD player
anda 7”wide screen monitor. The unit applies the latest state of art electronics and is
designed for use at home, in hotels and in offices etc for relaxation. The compact size
makes carrying easier as well as installation. Please read the manual carefully prior to
use and keep it well for future reference
Warning: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose
this apparatus to rain or moisture.
Caution: Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced.
Replace only with the same or equivalent type.
The light flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral
triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated
“dangerous voltage” within product's enclosure that may be of
sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock.
The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to
alertthe user to the presence of important operation and servicing
Important safety instructions
1) Please read the instruction manual carefully and follow all the requirements of safe
operation to operate the device.
2) Do not use this unit near water. Do not place over the unit any container with liquid
3) Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or
other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.
4) Unplug this unit during lightning storms or when unused for long time.
5) About Cleaning: Unplug the system, use only wet cloth to clean. Do not use liquid
detergent or aerosol.
6) Only use accessories specified by the manufacturer.
7) Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel, servicing is required when the unit
has been damaged in any way, such as power supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid
has been spilled or objects have fallen into the unit, exposed to moisture, does not
operate normally. Don't try to repair the machine by yourself because of the danger
of high voltage and electric shock.
8) Do not use irregular shaped discs such as heart or star-shaped discs as they may
cause the unit to malfunction.
The Main Features
High brightness color 7” LCD screen
Compatible with disc of DVD, VCD, MP3, MP4, CD, JPEG, etc.
The machine only reads Regional 1 Disc.
Built-in stereo speaker
Support PAL or NTSC system
Support Multi-language OSD, speed forward/backward, repeat function
Zoom in/out function
Support AV in/out signal function
Monitor View
7 5 5 SS
a | ON/OFF | h _
7 N
о Do o Do |
Ec тЫ |
1. Power 2. Volume
3. Earphone 4. AV input
5. DC IN 9-12V 6. LCD Monitor
7. Brightness
Unit View
1. OPEN(For insert Disc.)
3. Volume
5. Setup
7. Menu
9.AV <>
11. DC IN 9-12V
2. Earphone
4. Power on/off switch
6. Play/Pause
8. Stop
10. OK
12. DC Out
The Remote Control
a sen
© ©
. Number button
TITLE ( To display title information)
AUDIO (To select audio language)
. SETUP (To go to or exit setup menu)
. Previous/Next button (To go to
previous/next chapter or scene during
. Fast forward/backward button (To
scan forward/backward at 2, 4, 8, 16,
or 32 times)
. OSD ( To display disc information
during playing)
. Play/Pause
. Stop ( First time: Stop at the present
playing point; Press wll to continue to
play; press it again to stop playing)
10. IN/OUT ( To input or output signal)
. Zoom ( To zoom in or zoom out the
scene when playing )
Menu (To enter or exit menu page)
Subtitle (To select subtitle language
when playing DVD disc)
. Angle (To change viewing angle when
playing disc with multi-angle)
. A-B (Repeat a specific portion from
point À to B, press it again to cancel
repeat playing)
. Repeat (To repeat playing title,
chapter or track)
. Return (To return to the main menu)
. Mute (Turn on/off internal speakers)
VOL +/- (To adjust the volume)
Enter ( To confirm)
The use of Remote Control
Please put the battery into the remote control as per below illustration
When using remote control, make sure the
infrared window is pointed to infrared receiving
window of the machine. The distance between
machine and remote control must be within 3
metres. Please refer to the following illustration
1. To avoid falling off or place near damp environment.
2. To avoid infrared receiving window of the unit being under direct sunlight
3. Please use a new battery to replace old one if the remote control doesn't work.
The Accessories
Remote Control with battery 1
Audio/Video Cable 1
DC/AV Cable 1
AC/DC Power Adapter 1
Cigarette Lighter Adapter 1
Instruction Manual 1
Earphones 2
Carrybag 1
Mounting straps 2
Powering and installation
Plug one end of the AC/DC power adaptor into the DC input jack on the right of the main
unit, then plug the other end into the AC power receptacle. Please refer to the
following illustration
gr x
If using car cigarette lighter adaptor to connect to the power:
Plug one end of the cigarette lighter adaptor into the DC input jack on the main unit, plug the
other end into the car cigarette lighter socket. See below illustration.
© ©
O 7 (
1.Car cigarette lighter adaptor can't be used to recharge the battery
2.Car cigarette lighter adaptor is available to use only when the car
power supply is 9-12V Negative grounding.
Connecting to the monitor
The unit can also be connected to the external LCD monitor.
Connect the unit to power by AC/DC adapter or cigarette lighter adapter.
Then connect the main unit DC OUT jack to DC IN 9-12V Jack of the LCD Monitor by a
DC/AV cable. Also use this DC/AV cable to connect the AV IN/OUT jack of the
unit to AV IN jack of the Monitor.
Please refer to the illustration below.
The unit can be connected with external speaker. Please see the following illustration
8 —
5 FA
(Yellow) [HH i E Hl Rea)
LE @w
88822 | ©
Center speaker o
Left front speaker Too Right front speaker
=) 1
| Left rear speaker Right rear speaker —
(Yellow) (White) E reo)
O (R)
1. Press IN/OUT button of remote control to receive external AV signal
2. Use the AV cable to connect the unit and external signal
3. To Exit, press IN/OUT button again on the remote control.
Basic Operation
DVD 54 y УСО” cp P3
Playing disc of DVD, MPEG4, SVCD, VCD, CD, MP3.
1. After connecting power to the unit, turn on the unit with the ON/OFF switch.
2. Open the disc tray and place a disc into the tray with the label side facing up.
3. Close the tray. The unit will load the disc and start playing.
. Press IM to stop playing at the present point; Press »II To continue to play; press
M again to stop playing.
6. During playback press »II to pause; press it again to continue to play.
6. When the playing is finished, please turn off the power.
7. For some DVD disc with Title or Chapter menu, press * MENU” button to enter menu
page, select programm by number buttons or « » wm .
Notice: When at pause, stop, or no disc, in about 3 minutes the unit will be protected.
Press any button to exit.
Title — me amo sm: wee—t—Menu
Direction button —
ose 20
Fast forward and fast backward
/ / / 7
When playing disc of DVD, MPEG4,SVCD, VCD, CD, the unit can speed forward or
backward to search the favorite scene to play.
1. Press », the unit will speed forward. Press it repeatedly ,the unit will play at 2, 4, 8, 16,
32 times of speed
> >> 2] >>
[De] <->] <-> ox]
- speed forward
[- speed backward
2. Press «, the unit will speed backward. Press it repeatedly,
the unit will play at 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 times of speed
| > | >[«x|)>|-« |
aa] <<] <a)
Repeat playing
When playing disc of DVD, MPEG4,SVCD, VCD, CD, user can repeat playing one
chapter, scene or of the whole disc.
For DVD disc, press “repeat” button, user can repeat playing one Chapter; press it
again to repeat playing Title; press it third time to repeat playing the disc,press it
again to cancel repeat function.
> > [Er] > сено
For MP3 disc, press “repeat” to repeat playing present file; press it again to repeat
playing the folder; press it third time to cancel repeat playing.
—> | Repeat folder Repeat off |
When playing disc of DVD, MPEG4, SVCD, VCD, CD, MP3, user can play the
favorite scene or chapter.
During playback, press “A-B” button at a point A, then press
this button again in point B, the unit will automatically repeat
playing the part between A-B
Press it third time, the unit will return to normal playing.
— Number
+ — A-B
— Angle
During playing DVD disc with multi-angle, press “Angle”
button, the followings will be displayed on screen:
Press number buttons to select the angle you desire
To return to normal playing, please press “Angle” again.
The unit will play the disc in the default angle.
The function is available only for discs with multi-angle.
<> AB
aol 14
Je 14
eqs 14
<a 14
/ / 7 C9
When playing disc of DVD, MPEG4, SVCD, VCD,
user can zoom in or zoom out the image .
During playback, press “Zoom in/out” button, the image
will be enlarged; press it again the image will be enlarged
again; press it fourth time, the image will zoom out, press
it repeatedly and the image will return to normal status.
When the image is enlarged, user can press « » to move
the image
7 1/2X
7 1/3X
— Zoom in/out
71 /4X
. Place a JPG disc into the tray, the unit will start reading and play
. Press “MENU” to browse JPG files.
. Press A Y and “OK” button to selecta JPG file.
Note:you can press MENU to return to the folder list. Press pil or“ OK” to preview
the file selected
. To rotate the picture counter-clockwise, press “d“; Press >“ to rotate the picture
Press OSD button when viewing pictures, you can select different refresh mode as
refresh from top to bottom
refresh from bottom to top
refresh from left side to right side
refresh from right side to left side
refresh from left top to right bottom
refresh from right top to left bottom
refresh from left bottom to right top
. refresh from right bottom to left top
refresh from horizontal center to both sides
refresh from vertical center to both sides
refresh from top and bottom to center.
refresh from right and left to center.
. refresh from four window's top side to bottom side.
refresh from four window's left side to right side.
. refresh from four edges to center.
© № —
a +
. During viewing files, “(ly may appear when pressing "Angle" or "Subtitle" or "Audio"
or "Repeat" or "Title" etc; in this situation these options are unavailable to operate.
7. When viewing JPG files, press "mi" , pictures will be displayed in small size, press
Av < >» or "OK" button to select one picture to view
1. Place MP3 disc into the tray
Press“ AY ” or “OK” button to choose a MP3 file; Press “1” or “ OK” button to play the
file selected
00: 36 03: 43 >)
Dir: 001
[Mpa TRACK04
TV Display
TV Type
Angle Mark
OSD Lang
Screen Saver
Press”Setup”button,the main menu will be
displayed on the screen
Press <> button to highlight this item.
Press OK button to access.
Press av button to select the setting.
Press OK button to confirm your selection.
Press « button to exit.
TV Type NTSC Normal/LB
Angle Mark
OSD Lang
Screen Saver
TV display:
Enter this option,user can set screen display
The default is "Wide"
vc The function depends on the display ratio
with which the DVD disc is recorded.
X Please choose “Wide(16:9)"when using a
16:9 wide screen TV set16:9
TV Display
Angle MArk
OSD Lang
Screen Saver
TV Type:
Enter this option to select TV type(PAL,NTSC)
The default is NTSC.
TV Display
TV Type
OSD Lang
Screen Saver
Angle Mark:
When available,a camera symbol will appear on
the screen when various angles are available on
the DVD.Select "OFF"and the camera symbol
will disappear
TV Display Wide
Angle Mark ON English
Screen Saver ON
OSD Language:
In the option user can set OSD menu language
The default:English
Screen Saver:
Select On to activate the screen saver function,
TV Display
TV Type when you activate this function,a moving DVD Audio:
Angle Mark symbol appears on the screen when the unitis Enter this option,user can select your preferred
ooo stopped or when it shows a still picture for audio language for DVDs, The default is English.
several minutes.Select”Off"to cancel this Subtitle French Note:
function.The default is “ON” Disc Menu German vc The audio language depend on the material
parental Italian on each disc.
эх User can also change the audio language
during playback by pressing the Audio button.
: Select your preferred language to show the
Ни English subtitles on the screen. The subtitle languages
French " . .
Disc Menu German depend on the information available on each
Parental Italian disc,You can also change the subtitle language
Default EEE. during playback by press the SUBTITLE button.
Enter this option,user can adjust picture quality
Quality of video output.Four items available
Panel Quality to be adjusted:Brightness,contrast,Hue and
Saturation.For all these four items the default
Disc Menu:
Audio Eras This function allows you to choose the menu
DT — . . . . . Subtitle ENG language stored on the disc.The default is
[== ` FF MES Enter this option,user can adjust picture qualit [вести ЕМС) Сегтап ; à |
7 =. cer nis opliofuss o pads Pl = vailsble to Parental Italian English. The function is only available for DVD
Quality be adjusted:Brightness,contrast,Hue and Default
‘Panel Quality Saturation.For all these items, the default
is 00
Audio Enter this option,user can set child lock to
Subtitle prevent children watching some unsuitable
Disc Menu content in DVD disc. This function is
Default disc-dependent. The defaultis “8 Adult”
Password Enter this option,you can set a password |
(four numbers).All parental Control features = = e — I
are password protected. Audio
The default is 8888. subtile Default:
Parental Select this item and press OK button to reset all
settings to the original factory settings.
16 17
Specification Troubleshooting
Signal system: PAL/NTSC
Panel size: 7 inch PROBLEM SOLUTION
Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Video output: 1 Vp-p/75 Ohm, unbalanced No sound or Make sure the machine is connected properly.
Audio output: 1.4Vrms/10kOhm distorted sound Make sure all cables are securely inserted into
Audio S/N: Better than 80 dB the appropriate jacks.
Dynamic range: Better than 85 dB
; You can't advance through the opening credits
Laser: Semiconductor Laser, Wave Length: 650 nm/795 nm , A. .
Power source: DC 9-12V Can't advance and warning information that appears at the
through a movie beginning of movies because the disc is
Power consumption: 10 W programmed to prohibit that action.
Operating temperature: 5~40°C
Weight: 0.7 kg ;
Dimensions (W x D x H): 255x 146 x 36mm The feature or action cannot be completed at
this time because:
The icon fi 1. The disc's software restricts it.
2. The disc's software doesn't support the
feature (e.g., angles)
3. The feature is not available at the moment.
4. You've requested a title or chapter number
that is out of range.
appears on
The disc might be damaged. Try another disc;
Picture is distorted | tis normal for some distortion to appear during
forward or reverse scan.
Some discs have sections that prohibit rapid
scanning or chapter skip;
If you try to skip through the warning information
and credits at the beginning of a movie, you
won't be able to. This part of the movie is often
programmed to prohibit skipping through it.
No forward or
reverse scan
As continuous improvement, no prior notice will be given regarding changes on
above feature and spec.
18 19
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