Crescendo audio BC2000D, BC3500D, BC5500D Owner's Manual

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Crescendo Audio BC5500D Amplifier Manual | Manualzz

bass clef series


Congratulations and thank you for purchasing your Crescendo amplifier, the logical choice in mobile audio amplification. Your amplifier has been designed and engineered with the highest quality components and top of the line workmanship to help you reach the superior sound you are after. To achieve optimal performance of your system, please take a few moments to read over this operating manual if needed before starting your installation.


1ohm stable Highly efficient and powerful Class D technology

Linkable monoblock technology for strapping 2 amps together.

3oz ( 4oz BC5500D ) pure copper trace red military grade circuit boards.

0 gauge platinum plated power / ground terminals

Hand-wound high grade power transformers

Tiffany style RCA In / Out connectors for best signal connection

Custom designed and tooled 2 piece heatsink for efficient cooling and superb cosmetics.

The most safe protection circuits are applied to protect the amplifiers and audio systems.

* Thermal protection

* DC offset

* Speaker short protection

* Low & High battery voltage protection circuit


1ohm stable digital monoblock amplifiers

Two amplifiers linked to 2ohm

Frequency response : 10Hz ~ 270Hz

Signal to Noise Ratio : 95dB

Damping Factor : 450 <

Input sensitivity : 6V ~ 0.2V

Low pass filter : 35Hz ~ 250Hz @ 24dB / Oct

Subsonic filter : 10Hz ~ 50Hz @ 24dB / Oct

Bass Boost : 0 ~ 9dB @ 45Hz

Phase : 0 ~ 180 degree

Master/slave connection ( Strappable to 2ohm )

Remote level control is included

0 gauge power & ground terminals.

Working Voltage : BC2000D : 8.5V~16V, BC3500D & BC5000D : 8.5V~18V

External fuses rate : BC2000D : 200A ( 400A for linked )

: BC3500D : >300A ( >600A for linked )

: BC5500D : >500A ( >1000A for linked )


BC2000D : 2000Watts at 1ohm RMS or 4000Watts strappable at 2ohm

BC3500D : 3500Watts at 1ohm RMS or 7000Watts strappable at 2ohm

BC5500D : 5500Watts at 1ohm RMS or 11,000Watts strappable at 2ohm.





Connect preamp signal cables from the source or the headunit to RCA input


Output RCA jack to another amplifier.

GAIN ( 6V ~ 0.2V )

Matching the output voltage of the headunit’s

RCA line-outs to amplifier’s input.

Blue-lit shows correct operation.

Red-lit shows general malfunction, faulty connection, or thermal protection.

SUBSONIC FILTER ( 10~50HZ @ 24dB )

Control the high pass frequency for the speaker outputs to eliminate extreme low frequencies

BASS BOOST ( 0 ~ 9dB )

The bass boost boosts frequency centered at 45Hz.


This port is for remote level control.

Plug remote control’s connector for remote level control’s use.

Remote controls level from the driver’s seat.

LOW PASS FILTER ( 35~250HZ @24dB )

Controls the low pass filter frequency for the speaker output.

PHASE ( 0~180 DEGREE )

Controls phase 0~180 degrees for fine tunning your low end staging in your vehicle or fully switching polarity if inverting your woofers.


Link connection makes 2 of same amplifiers linked to 2ohm

Set Output master / input slave switch to output master position for Master amp which is connected to headunit.

Set Output master / input slave switch to input slave position for Slave amplifier

Connect RCA cable from RCA OUT at master amplifier to RCA IN at slave amplifier.


Before mounting amplifiers, disconnect the negative ( - ) cable from your grounded battery to protect any accidential damage to your awesome amplifiers and audio system.

BC amplifiers are designed to use 0 gauge power and ground connection.

Connect the power cables to power terminal + 12V.

BC amplifiers are not equipped with fuses because they do not like to be bossed around.

External fuses should be used.

Connect one end of fuse holder to the power cable going into the amplifiers and the other end of fuse holder to positive battery.

This fuse location will protect the system and the vehicle against the possibility of a short circuit in the power cable.

Be sure to use fuses and fuse holder adequate for the application.


Run a remote turn on cable ( at least 18 gauge ) from the switched + 12V source .

This may be a toggle switch, a relay, your source unit's remote trigger cables, or power antenna trigger cable.

Connect the remote turn on cable to the REM ( remote ) terminal.


Locate a secure grounding connection as close to amplifier as possible.

Make sure the location is clean and provides a direct electrical connection to the frame of the vehicle.

The ground needs to have as low of a resistance as possible.

Connect one end of a short piece of the same size cable as the power cable to the grounding point or to one of your batteries or battery bank.

Run the other end of the 0 gauge cable to the mounting location of the amplifiers for connection to the amplifiers ground terminals and connect the ground cable to the GND ( ground terminal ).


Remote Turn on




This terminal connects the Crescendo BC amplifiers to your speakers . Minimum speaker cable should be

12 gauge or larger since our amplifiers put out epic power.

Connect the speakers by checking the impedance as 1 ohm for single unit or 2 ohm for link connection.



Step 1. Connect the master amplifier to the head-unit and set its output master / input slave switch to output master.

Step 2. Set slave amplifier output master / input slave switch to slave input.

Step 3. Connect RCA cable from the master to slave amplifier as shown in the diagram.



Fully adjusted signal is transferred from master to slave amp via Rca cable



Step 1. Connect speaker cable ( + ) on master amplifier to subwoofer ( + )

Step 2. Connect speaker cable ( + ) on slave amplifier to subwoofer ( - )

Step 3. Connect speaker cable ( - ) on master amplifier to speaker cable ( - ) on slave amplifier


Remote Turn on

8 ~ 2OHMS



@ Please check all connections, cables' rounting, short & voltage

@ Please check the fuses , If they are blown, please replace with new one.

@ Please check whether speakers work well, you can test speakers by connecting to

another amplifier


@ Please check overload, overheat ( thermal ), short and voltage, DC offset.

@ Minimum working impedance is 1 ohm for all BC amplifiers as single unit.

and 2 ohm stable for linked operation.

@ If amplifiers are shut down due to heat, they will be on some minutes later after cooling


Please make better airflow and no obstruction around amplifiers for thermal protection

@ BC2000D’s working voltage is 8.5V ~ 16V

BC3500D & BC5500D’s working voltage is 8.5V ~ 18V.

@ When over 4V DC comes into amplifiers, then, they will be DC protected.

Check whether amplifiers work after removing RCA-Input.

If amplifiers work, then check DC by checking RCA-input .

When DC is over 4V at input, try by replacing +12V source unit .


@ Readjust input level and check the speaker quality at another amplifier

Replace poor quality speakers with good quality ones

@ Check amplifiers and headunit’s ground contact. all grounds should be common.

@ Check Rca Jack, then repalce with new one or reroute Rca Jack.

@ Engine noise is caused by poor grounding of amplifiers, headunit, other components,

battery or alternator, so please check all grounding connection.


@ Please check speaker cables and reverse polarity.

1 Year Limited Warranty

Crescendo Audio strives to satisfy every customer and make absolutely sure that every customer is fairly taken care of in the rare event that your amplifier malfunctions.

Each new Crescendo amplifier is backed by a 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase. A warranty authorized amplifier will be either replaced with a new unit or repaired. Warranty does not cover accidental damage, improper installation/wiring, misuse, abuse, car accident resulting in amplifier failure, failure due to natural disaster, or third party amplifier modifications. This warranty is limited to the amplifier and specifically excludes any incidental or consequential damages connected therewith.

Warranty is non-transferable from original owner provided that new owner can prove date/place of purchase.

All warranty returns must be sent Crescendo Audio or our repair facility. Crescendo

Audio is not responsible for damage of a returned amplifier due to poor packaging not suited for proper shipping. So make sure your amplifier return is packed in its factory box or an equivalent!

For warranty inquiries/RMA requests please email us at [email protected]

or visit our website, and enter your inquiry through the contact us page.

You may also contact us va phone Monday - Friday at ( 941 ) 257 4767


Key Features

  • 1-ohm stable
  • 5500 Watts RMS
  • Linkable monoblocks
  • Class D technology
  • Adjustable bass boost
  • Low pass filter
  • Phase control
  • Protection circuits

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the maximum power output of a single BC5500D amplifier?
The BC5500D can deliver up to 5500 Watts RMS at 1 ohm.
Can I link two BC5500D amplifiers together?
Yes, you can link two BC5500D amplifiers together to achieve a total output of 11,000 Watts RMS at 2 ohms.
What are the protection circuits included in the BC5500D?
The BC5500D includes thermal protection, DC offset protection, speaker short protection, and low & high battery voltage protection.