Universal Remote Control R2-Mini Operating instructions

Universal Remote Control R2-Mini Operating instructions
 Operating Instructions
The R2-MiNi has been designed to
operate the majority of today's current
TV's, satellite and cable boxes.
&) Battery Installation
CE) Remove the battery
compartment cover on the
back of your remote control.
GE) Check battery polarity
= carefully, and install the
batteries as shown in the illustration left.
CU) Replace battery compartment cover.
€) Programming IR Codes to the R2-MiNi
1340 Turn on TV or cable/ satellite box.
111) Press and hold device button
(TV or CBL/SAT) on remote for 3 seconds.
(Device LED will stay on.)
GE Point the remote towards the device
and press CH+ or CH- with single button
presses.(The correct IR code is achieved
when the device shuts off.)
Press the corresponding device
button again to save the code. (The device
LED will blink twice to confirm that the code
is saved.)
€ Reverting Back to TV or CBLISAT Channel Control
The channel control will default
automatically to the CBL/SAT device
when programmed with an IR code.
CIL) Press and hold the CBL/SAT button
for 3 seconds. (The CBL/SAT LED will stay on.)
GL. Press the VOL + button.
GIA) Press the CBL/SAT button for cable
satellite channel control or the TV button
for TY channel control.(The device LED will
blink twice to confirm the change.)
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