Shimpo SRM-1624 User manual

Shimpo SRM-1624 User manual
Mini Portable Slab Roller Operation Manual
For Your Safety
Place the slab roller on a flat surface.
Do not operate with more than 2 people.
This is not a toy.
Children should not operate.
Make sure the handle is secured
properly in place before using.
Do not disassemble.
Do not use with extremely stiff clay
or any other materials.
Do not put your hands in or near the
following parts when in operation; rollers,
roller adjustment area and canvas.
While operating the slab roller
be carefull not to get your
hands or clothes caught in
the rollers.
Thickness Gauge
Clamp lever
Roller plate
Stabilizer bar
1. How to set up the portable mini slab roller
1.1 Pull out the metal stabilizer bars on both sides of the
roller assembly.
3.3. Place the second canvas
on top of the clay.
Stabilizer bar
2. To adjust the thickness of the clay
4. Install the handle into the roller assembly
4.1. Turn the handle clockwise
while guiding the board
through the rollers in the
direction of the arrow.
2.1. P u l l u p o n t h e c l a m p
levers to release the lock
on the rollers.
2.2. Set the rollers to the
desired thickness of
clay by sliding the rollers
up o r do wn, f ol l owin g
the thickness gauge on
the inside of the roller
**A t t e n t i o n : T h e t h i c k n e s s
gauge is just an approximation
of thickness.
3. How to prepare your slab roller to make a clay slab
3.1. Place one canvas on the
board. Then place the
board, with the canvas, on
the left side of the rollers
just between the rollers.
3.2. Place a "cheese wedge
shape " piece of wellmixed, soft, clay on the
canvas covered board.
T h e c l a y should not
exceed 1- 1/2 " i n h e i g h t .
The clay should not
exceed the height of the
top roller.
5. To finish the slab
5.1. Once the board has been
completely rolled through
the rollers and is on the
right side, roll the board
back through(rotating
handle counter-clockwise)
so that it is on the left
side again. This means the
clay will be rolled through
the rollers twice.
5.2. Remove the top canvas to
reveal a completed slab.
***Do not use sharp tools when cutting clay on the
canvas, this can damage the canvas.
Caution in using Portable slab roller
***Do not overload the slab roller with a lot of clay at
once, this can cause damage to the slab roller.
***Clean any leftover clay from canvas.
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