MICRO-EPSILON thermoMETER CS User manual

MICRO-EPSILON thermoMETER CS User manual
Liability for Material Defects
Digital Communication
Software (Optional)
All components of the device have been checked and tested for functionality
at the factory. However, if defects occur despite our careful quality control,
MICRO-EPSILON or your dealer must be notified immediately.
For a digital communication the optional USB programming kit is required.
Insert the installation CD into the according drive on your computer
The liability for material defects is 12 months from delivery.
Within this period, defective parts, except for wearing parts, will be repaired
or replaced free of charge, if the device is returned to MICRO-EPSILON with
shipping costs prepaid. Any damage that is caused by improper handling,
the use of force or by repairs or modifications by third parties is not covered
by the liability for material defects. Repairs are carried out exclusively by
The sensor is offering two ways of digital communication:
-- Bidirectional communication (sending and receiving data)
-- Unidirectional communication (burst mode – the sensor is sending data
If the autorun option is activated the installation wizard will start automatically.
Otherwise please start setup.exe from the CD-ROM. Follow the instructions of the wizard until the installation is finished.
The installation wizard will place a launch icon on the desktop and in the start
If you want to uninstall the software from your system please use the uninstall icon in the start menu.
Further claims can not be made. Claims arising from the purchase contract
remain unaffected. In particular, MICRO-EPSILON shall not be liable for any
consequential, special, indirect or incidental damage. In the interest of further
development, MICRO-EPSILON reserves the right to make design changes
without notification.
Main Features
-- Graphic display for temperature trends and automatic data logging for
analysis and documentation
-- Complete sensor setup and remote controlling
-- Adjustment of signal processing functions
-- Programming of outputs and functional inputs
For translations into other languages, the German version shall prevail.
You will find a detailed software manual on the CD.
Minimum System Requirements
Open Collector Output
You can download a detailed instruction manual as PDF file from our web site
under http://www.micro-epsilon.de/download/manuals/man--thermoMETERCS--com.pdf
The open collector output is an additional alarm output on the thermoMETER
CS and can control an external relay e.g. In addition the analog output can be
used simultaneously.
Direct Connection to an RS232 Interface on the PC
Königbacher Straße 15
94496 Ortenburg / Germany
Tel. +49 8542 / 168-0 / Fax +49 8542 / 168-90
e-mail [email protected]
The thermoMETER CS works with a UART voltage of 3.3 V. For a bidirectional
RS232 connection of the sensor the following interface circuits can be used:
MAX3381E (manufacturer: Maxim), see Chapter Direct Connection to an RS232
Interface on the PC.
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
USB interface
Hard disc with at least 30 MByte free space
At least 128 MByte RAM
CD-ROM drive
Assembly Instructions
thermoMETER CS
The sensors of the CS series are non-contact infrared temperature sensors.
They calculate the surface temperature based on the emitted infrared energy
of objects.
Unpacking, Included in Delivery
1 Sensor thermoMETER CS
1 Connection cable
2 Mounting nuts
1 Assembly instructions
Connect the power supply and the display/output device in accordance with
the safety regulations for electrical equipment.
>> Risk of injury, damage to or destruction of the sensor
Technical Data
Ambient temperature
-20 ... +80 °C (-4 ... +176 °F)
Storage temperature
-40 ... +85 °C (-40 ... +185 °F)
Relative humidity
10 ... 95 %, non condensing
M12x1, 85 mm long
Cable length
1 m (standard), 3 m, 8 m, 15 m
Output impedance
min. 10 kΩ load impedance
Current draw
10 mA
Power supply
5 ... 30 VDC
-40 ... 400 °C (scalable via software) 1
The output impedance must be ≥ 10 kΩ.
8 ... 14 µm
Optical resolution
LED Functions
>> Damage to or destruction of the sensor
Warm-up time
Protect the sensor cable against damage.
>> Destruction of the sensor, failure of the measuring device
Do not kink the sensor cable and bend the sensor cable in tight radius. The
minimum bending radius is 14 mm (static). A dynamic movement is not
>> Damage to the sensor cable, failure of the measuring device
No solvent-based cleaning agents may have an effect on the sensor (neither
for the optics nor the housing)
± 1.5 °C or ± 1.5 % of reading
(whichever is greater)
10 min
1) Optional up to 1030 °C
2) At ambient temperature 23 ± 5 °C and object temperatures > 0 °C
3) Accuracy for thermocouple output ±2.5 °C or ±1 %
Optical Chart (15:1)
Electrical Installation
Please use a stabilized power supply unit with an output voltage in
the range of 5 – 30 VDC which can supply 100 mA. The residual ripple
should be max. 200 mV.
Supply the thermoMETER CS either via USB or externally via power supply and not simultaneously!
- Use shielded cables only. The sensor shield has to be grounded.
- The shield (black) on the CS is not connected to GND (brown).
In any case it is necessary to connect the shield to ground or GND
(whichever works best)!
Analog Device
(mV Output on OUT Pin)
>> Damage to or destruction of the sensor
The measuring system is designed for use in industrial environments and
meets the requirements.
The green LED can be programmed for the following functions. For the
programming the USB adapter cable incl. software (option) is necessary. The
factory default setting for the LED is self diagnostic.
LED Alarm
LED lights up if the object temperature exceeds or deceeds an alarm threshold.
Automatic aiming support
Sighting feature for an accurate aiming of the
CS to hot or cold objects
Self diagnostic
LED is indicating different states of the sensor.
Temperature code indication
Indication of the object temperature via the
LED deactivated.
Factory Settings
The sensor is supplied with factory settings, see also the Chapter Factory
Settings in the Operating Instructions.
The default settings can be changed with the optional USB kit (USB adapter
cable + software).
Notes on CE Marking
The following apply to the thermoMETER CS:
-- EU Directive 2014/30/EU
-- EU-Directive 2011/65/EU, “RoHS“
Analog Device
(Thermocouple Type K Output on OUT t/c K pins /only at Model CSTK Output
on OUT-Pin)
Spectral range
Avoid shocks and impacts to the sensor.
>> Damage to or destruction of the sensor
The thermoMETER CS is equipped with a metric M12x1 thread and can be
installed either directly via the sensor thread or with the help of the both hex
nuts (standard) to the mounting bracket available.
Temperature range
Accuracy 2 3
The supply voltage must not exceed the specified limits.
Mechanical Installation
The output impedance must be ≥ 10 kΩ.
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