Sharper Image Stress Relieving Magnetic Sphere Owner's manual

Sharper Image Stress Relieving Magnetic Sphere Owner's manual
Safety first
Avoid high impact
Keep away from
electronic equipment
Keep away from
medical appliances
Keep away from
measurement devices
Keep away from
mobile phones
Keep away from
Do not consume
Keep away from fire
Get to know your Feel Flux
Feel Flux gets even more exciting if you know what
happens under the hood. It has nothing to do with
the well known attracting or repelling magnetic
force—the underlying principles are based on an
effect called Lenz's law. Here is what happens
when you drop the ball in the tube.
The movement of the falling ball creates a
changing magnetic field inside the metal wall of
the tube.
According to Faraday’s law of induction, the
changing magnetic field induces a voltage
inside the wall of the tube called electromotive
Because the tube is made of well conducting
metals, this voltage creates eletric currents that
flow round-and-round. These are called
According to the law of excitation, the flowing
eddy-currents generate a second magnetic field
that can affect the magnetic field of the ball.
Lenz’s law states that this additional magnetic
field is always directed to oppose the motion
that has generated it: the movement of the ball.
The faster the motion, the stronger the slowing
force gets. When the ball stands still you feel no
attraction at all. This dynamic behavior makes
Feel Flux so satisfying to play with.
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