Terratec SINE SLE 82 Owner's manual

Terratec SINE SLE 82 Owner's manual
Does your keyboarder need a preliminary
mix of his synthesizers on stage? Would
you like to organize your studio mixing
desk by grouping your synthesizers? Does
your guitarist want to get a handle on his
effects devices? And do you want to solve
all of these problems with a device that
takes up as little space as possible? Then
TerraTec's rack mixers are the perfect
And because good racks are expensive
and space in them is always in short
supply, we fit all of these features into a
1U 19" housing. We didn't sacrifice
quality to achieve this, however. With a
signal-to-noise ratio of >97 dB and a
frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 KHz,
noise isn't an issue and signals pass
through the mixer without losses.
• 4 stereo channel pairs with a total of
The model SINE SLE 82 has eight input
channels (or 4 stereo pairs), two outputs,
a master volume control and one volume
and balance control per input pair. In
addition, the SLE 82 features an effects
loop with stereo return — with a rotary
control for each channel, of course.
8 inputs and 2 outputs
Effects loop with stereo return, adjustable for each channel
Volume and balance controls for each
input channel pair
Master volume
Signal-to-noise ratio > 97 dB
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